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CBS (ended 2009)





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  • The best Military TV Series

    OK so Mash is the all-time favorite military series, but it was a comedy more then a show about soldiers fighting. I love every aspect of this show. The military is not all about the soldiers and the war or the missions they go on, its about their families as well. This show has it all, from family issues, to what happens to the wives when the soldiers are out, and has so much action packed stuff in each episode. It isn't always about going out to kill some target either. I thought it was great when they had to protect the singer in the one episode this year. These guys are out there in the real world and they are the most under appreciated individuals in the world protecting our freedom and even the freedoms of other countires without the world knowing about it.
    I hope this show goes on for years and years. There is a strong following and there is nothing else on TV like it.