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  • LOVE IT ... until ..

    I absolutely love this show. Especially seasons 1-4.. thank you Hulu for bringing this show back to life.. the show went down hill when they added the girl. Her character didn't fit.
  • Highly enjoyable show, plenty of fun, action, drama, and the occasional laugh.

    I'd missed this show entirely when it aired, probably because I'm not really into military shows or movies, but one rainy afternoon I decided to click on an episode on Netflix and see what it was all about. Initially I was expecting some silly mixture of exaggerated family drama with minimal cuts of low budget action but it turned out to be a high quality action packed show that somehow tied in the soldier's interpersonal lives seamlessly, without disrupting the action. A couple of the wives annoyed me but I was cool with this as a couple of my friend's wives annoy me too.

    While I have plenty of criticisms for the shows I enjoy that are airing today, I have nothing bad to say about any episode of this series - I enjoyed them all thoroughly and couldn't wait to see the next episode. I enjoyed even the little nuances of the script, where a character would throw out a minor quip or comment in a very natural way and some of them I found hilarious.

    Best show bring it back
  • Such potential, ultimately squandered.

    This show has such potential. A clandestine unit, obviously based on Delta Force, since Eric L. Haney has a producer credit for he show, who is the author of "Inside Delta Most of the actors are very believable as Operators and really sell their characters. I've read reviews where people bash Scott Foley for not being believable as a special operations member, but I don't agree, he's the new guy, so he's supposed to seem a bit "green", which he does.

    The problem with The Unit, and what I believe ultimately killed the ratings for this show, were the wives of The Unit. Oh dear God, they are so annoying, preachy, stupid and ultimately terrible characters who are meant to show us the other side of being in a combat deployed group, but wind up ruining the show and grind interesting story lines to a complete stop. I find Jonas' wife Molly to be the most annoying of the group. Her preachy, poorly delivered diatribes are painful to watch and I don't believe for a second that any of the wives would give two craps what she has to say. The other idiot wives and their story lines just beg to be fast-forwarded through on the DVR.

    If the distributor could release a Blu-ray edition with the wives and their B-story lines removed and edited out all together, it would make the show more watchable and worth the purchase. Otherwise, I'd skip this show. It fails to live up to it's potential and build dramatic tension because it tries to hard to skip around between parallel stories and weave around the dramatic tension, which is completely counterproductive to what they're trying to accomplish. It should have been one, maybe two plot lines max. That would allow the viewer to be immersed in the tension and actually care about the outcome. But with The Unit, one second we're on a mission and guns are blazing, then the next you're in the middle of a lunch date with the wives. It really breaks up the pace. I wish I could rate the show higher, but I can't because of the plot jumping and the awful wives and their terrible acting and story lines. With the jumping plots, executed so poorly, really make it hard to focus on what's going on and the dramatic tension is completely lost. Such a waste, as this show had such potential.
  • Why did CBS cancell this show

    ,This was one of the best shows CBS ever produced. I can't figure out why it was cancelled.
  • The Unit

    My husband and I LOVE this show. He likes the missions for the men and I like the relational part of the women and children at home. How do we get this show back on television???
  • Awesome Show it was

    wish it'd come back was to awesome mayne
  • What i thought of the show

    Ive seen The Unit plenty of times on reruns over the past couple years. in my humble opinion, the show got quite a bit right, and a couple things absolutely wrong.

    the right - Dennis Haysbert, Max Martini, Robert Patrick

    the wrong - Scott Foley, the entire B storyline involving every single second of the "wives"

    felt like the wives were filler, a cheap way to have non action scenes. unfortunately, i did not care a single bit about any of their idiotic storylines. completely unbelievable, forced, and what can only be described as low quality soap opera acting. the storyline with Mack going to the bars and having secondary girlfriends (potentially) gave a small window into what could have been. ditch all of the wife characters and replace them with a rotating number of guest actresses. one night stands that lead into temporary empty relationships, mission girlfriends that appear to us the way they appear to the soldiers! the women they meet while operating (the south american girlfriend, the insurgent lady, etc) are FAR more interesting and mysterious. we dont know their motives and we dont trust them yet they make great strong characters! OR some wives that i could possibly care about. less is more! showing them every 5 minutes takes away from the idea that the men dont see them very much. we see them too much, and we dont feel they are important except as mediocre eye candy and plot convenience. think how the godfather would have been if they had shown the wives and mothers half the movie? terrible, thats what. we only needed to see them occasionally and only as they related to the lead males in the movie. if you are like me, you are tempted to change the channel or mute the show whenever you have to endure the B storylines. you are watching a really cool bomb diffusal scene, then 2 seconds later you get shoved into some annoying fake domestic problem/argument between two characters that dont even act like they like each other? thats what killed the show.

    also bad, Scott Foley is a horrible cast as his character. no one buys that this guy is a manly sniper. the badass we have to be constantly reminded and told he is supposed to be? no. completely unbelievable, completely embarrassing next to the rest of the well cast Unit's male characters. his character is all over the place, ranging from some supposed hardcore survivalist to a quivering heap of emotional jelly. in the end he just doesnt look the part. he has no chemistry with any of the females that are supposed to be into him, we dont believe for a minute he is capable of anything we are supposed to believe. and oh yeah, hes a bomb expert, an air traffic controller, etc. he never pulled it off or sold us on it, it was just weak plot convenience

    Just bought all 4 seasons of the Unit even though I watched them all when they were on CBS. Please someone bring back The Unit. How can we get this great show back? I usually don't watch military showes but this one was so revitting. I put it right up there with all the CSI's if not better! It needs to come TNT or another cable station can have the guts to get it back on the just the reruns...
  • Really Liked the Show

    Wish they would continue The Unit. I can't believe they left us viewers hanging with the last episode of the series. At least finish it, or start it up again and keep it going. There are alot of fans out here.
  • Unite The Unit!!!

    Having just watched all four seasons back to back, I am gobsmacked that the show was cancelled. Why was it cancelled? It was full of well developed characters, plotlines, action, morality and had a formidable cast. It was doing better than many other shows of the time and could have had a long future on our screens! How very disappointing that The Unit was not deemed good enough to stay... If they could resurrect the show, 3-4yrs after it ended, I would be one of the first infront of my TV screen to watch it!
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  • The unit

    I'm from South Africa and recently watched The Unit for the first time on dvd. It's currently showing on a tv channel that nobody watches anymore at past ten on a Saterday evening. It was never shown on the popular channels at prime time. Someone mentioned at a bbq that I must hire the dvd The Unit. I was hooked from the first episode! I'm now confused , because the series is fantastic and I'm watching other Tv series that isn't half as good at prime time on the most popular channels. Someone needs to explain this!! Is it still possible for the show to go on?
  • Season Five

    I would love to see more seasons of The Unit! They did a great job developing the characters, good actors, clever storylines, and it stayed fresh over four seasons. I'm about to watch the final episode; so sad.
  • The unit

    This is not watching the unit? This is a bullshit, who gives a shit review???? Wtf man, I've lost valuable minutes of life, I could be watching you tube ffffark
  • The BEST action TV series ever!

    I love it!! Please bring it back, wanna watch new season !!!
  • Bring It Back!!

    For whatever reason I was never able to stay a steady viewer. I just spent the past three months recuperating from surgery and God bless UPN for running the series almost daily. whate quality writing, acting, directing and editing. Never a hokie storyline or outrageous scenario.

    This is one series that should never have left the line-up andneeds to be resurrected. Please bring it back!!!!!
  • Bring it Back!!!

    I need a quality show like The Unit back. Please, all you loyal followers, let's get together on this. This was a great show and even though I've seen each episode countless times, I can't get enough of the cast and the story lines. Bring it back! Wi th the exact same cast! It is time for them to return!.I watch the reruns on the weekends and have fallen in love with the show.. but 2 times a week at wee hours of the morning is rough!! This is quality TV ! I've been watching for 50+ years and I know excellent writing and acting when I see it and this is it!!!!
  • The unit!

    My husband and I love this show! PLEASE BRING IT BACK!
  • The best Military TV Series

    OK so Mash is the all-time favorite military series, but it was a comedy more then a show about soldiers fighting. I love every aspect of this show. The military is not all about the soldiers and the war or the missions they go on, its about their families as well. This show has it all, from family issues, to what happens to the wives when the soldiers are out, and has so much action packed stuff in each episode. It isn't always about going out to kill some target either. I thought it was great when they had to protect the singer in the one episode this year. These guys are out there in the real world and they are the most under appreciated individuals in the world protecting our freedom and even the freedoms of other countires without the world knowing about it.
    I hope this show goes on for years and years. There is a strong following and there is nothing else on TV like it.
  • SideStepper

    This was absolute brilliance through all four seasons. It was a show we made a real connection with unlike many of the "plastic" shows they keep renewing. CBS, there is no shame in backtracking and bringing this masterpiece back to our screens: i will keep my fingers crossed
  • Bring back The Unit, please!

    With a new reality show popping up every time I change my channel, I need a quality show like The Unit back. Please, all you loyal followers, let's get together on this. This was a great show and even though I've seen each episode countless times, I can't get enough of the cast and the story lines. Bring it back!
  • Please

    Please bring The Unit back, I just found this show and love it! I never write reviews.

  • I knew that a black man in a leading drama/action series wouldn't last long

    I always fantasized about a leading black man in a series and when I noticed The Unit, I said, "it will not last long - remember Taye Diggs back in 2006 when DAYBREAK on ABC was first aired - that lasted only 4 episodes before they took if off the air. They never allowed it to air the entire 13 episodes and I ended up watching the remaining episodes over the internet. So I never even tried to watch THE UNIT it when it was in prime time because I didn't want to be teased. i do not count crime dramas with black males such as Criminal Minds or NCIS with LL Cool J because they are formulaic and predictable. When one goes on a military mission undercover, now that is special and unique, unpredictable and unconventional in the MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE mode.

    Now I am a former Army Ranger AND U.S. Marine who trained with Seal Team VI who used to watch JAG on syndication because I never believed that military style dramas could stay on the air for long. You see, I left prime time TV watching when The Cosby Show left the airwaves because I found nothing relevant or worth watching on television except Documentaries which is all I ever watch, other than the NBA games.

    Once DVRs came out, I started recording JAG but kind of lost interest after a few years because of the creation of Free Speech TV, LinkTV and The Documentary Channel, all on DirecTV. Therefore there was never any reason for me to come out of my documentary cave and venture into prime time TV. I never understood the fascination with CSI unless a viewer is a criminal looking for ways to not get caught.

    So along comes THE UNIT. First, for me, it started with David Mamet. I love his writing, and always have and always will. My fascination with action movies or shows is all aligned with the fact that I am a martial artist for over 35 years and get bored with gun play in action dramas. Unless the plot or story line comes at me ala Jason Bourne style, then I am not interested - I love HONG KONG styled action movies with great fight choreography. I would always say that American movies with guns are boring because it takes discipline to kick someone's ass and look good doing it (Donnie Yen movies or just watch ANY of the Jackie Chan POLICE STORY movies especially SUPERCOP with Michelle Yeoh).

    Now back to David Mamet. Watch his movie Red Belt. Ok now watch his great movie SPARTAN with Val Kilmer. Now THAT is how I remember my military experience and that is what moved me to finally watch THE UNIT from the first time I watched an entire episode which was only this week. SPARTAN was excellent - the dialogue, the characters. I love it because that is how these special forces operatives work. Intensity. A take no prisoners attitude by a bunch of real bad asses.

    After finally watching full episodes earlier this week, I realize that I really should have been watching this show and miss it already. THE UNIT is so similar to Mamet's SPARTAN that I was literally ready for another mission myself. It made me feel proud to have served in the Armed Forces to see what we and my band of brothers were doing in serving our country. I couldn't believe that it was on prime time TV. I never would have imagined the NSA or the Pentagon would allow such a show to be on, especially with Al-Queda running able to see just how U.S. anti-terrorist operatives perform.

    Now back to the black thing. I hate the fact that black men in leading roles in dramas/action series are absent. Why are black minstrels "cooning" (as Richard Pryor's comedy writer and comedian Paul Mooney called) so dominant on television? And yes, seeing another black man in a dress (yes, I am calling you out Tyler Perry) is not the type of black male character role model that I want to see in movies or television either.

    Want to know who my role model was as a youth? BRUCE LEE and JIM KELLY. Never the character Mr. Brown from MEET THE BROWNS or any of those other minstrels. The only black positive role model on TV I even gave time to was Bernie Mac - I love the fact that there was no insulting laugh track on his series - because he portrayed himself from his comedian persona - see THE KINGS OF COMEDY. He kept it real.

    It angers me that we finally have a cool, calm and mature black strong male (and female with Regina Taylor) character on TV so that I can show future generation of how to handle stress under pressure only to have them taken off television. I couldn't believe that it lasted 4 seasons. I have seen and heard series come and go and this one was excellent with such realism (except the Vice President being killed, but then again there was John Grishman's novel THE PELICAN BRIEF with Supreme Court Justices being killed).

    I hope one day that a cable or satellite channel will be devoted to taking excellent series that are canceled on network TV and continuing them because this one should be the first. Yes, this was a violent show, but its violence was related to real world events like 9/11 and that is understandable. I loved the first and 2nd Bourne movies, but the third one was a little unrealistic (2 auto accidents in one day?????). Yes, some of what happened was a little unrealistic like a handcuffed Sam (Wes Chatham - glad to see he got work after his Showtime BARBERSHOP got cancelled) beating up two cops and leaving the scene but again, they can be forgiven. But again, like BARBERSHOP, why couldn't there be an ending?

    Will there ever be a black man as a lead in a drama series instead of stupid comedic sitcoms? What is there to laugh about these days in the age of global warming, terrorism, hydrofracking, genetic engineering of our foods, economic collapse, high unemployment - add me to that list, which is the only reason I had time to view THE UNIT in the first place, and the coming apocalypse?

    I have programmed my DVR to record every episode of this great series and what I watch, I burn to DVD with my DVD recorder. I loved the Sopranos because writers were able to show the human side of real gangsters, some of who I know in real life, along with contemporary issues of the day. The same I could see in THE UNIT and I have only watched 4 episodes total. Black people really needed a counterpoint to the series THE WIRE and THE UNIT was it. When I visit brothers watching THE WIRE, I always turned them on to THE UNIT to show real teamwork where members were violent for A CAUSE and not killing rival gang members or each other.

    So it doesn't surprise me that, again, another great series was taken off the air - it was all part of the dumbing down of America for stupid (non) reality TV.

    Jonas Blane, you are my friend and I would fight with you on the front lines anywhere. I know you Jonas. You were my Drill Sergeant during my Army days and my first officer when I was in the Marine Corp. I salute you, my fallen comrade in arms - a casualty of modern contemporary PSY-OPS called cultural illiteracy that has taken over our public schools and the corporatization of them. I will now watch your missions as training exercises and share with my children to show them that we as a people are great in many ways that are rarely seen. I miss your leadership Jonas and I was never a member of your immediate UNIT but heard your reputation to get the job done with maximum efficiency and minimal collateral damage.

    May THE UNIT be reassembled - much better than any MISSION IMPOSSIBLE movie, and continue it operations because we need to see more black men in control leading the way for others, motivating brothers who wear sagging pants (wonder what MLK would say) to ship up or shape out and get with a team that will take them to the promised land called peace, prosperity, compassion and victory over mediocrity.


  • in my opinion, the best show on television of it's kind. It will be missed.

    in my opinion, the best show on television of it's kind. It will be missed.
  • Why was the plug pulled without any conclusion?

    "The Unit" is as close as we can get to the realities and fantasies in war. The first episode ignited all the episodes to follow and from then on everything was just fireworks...It's a case of being put to a slumber where the best of what the world has to give and should not all come together. So much complexity and so deep plots that the people behind it would have viewers not wanting to wake up from the absorption of it. The ride until the conclusion is a long one yet it is so much appreciated that there is no choice for us but to hang on until the end...Sadly, there is a need to let go because there won't be any conclusion after all. It getting to the middle of an ice cream tub knowing that there is a chocolate truffle at the bottom yet for some reasons you can't afford you just miss the bottom. If it's not possible to conclude everything on tv, why not put the grand finish on the big screen? It should have a good following given that there is no time slot factor to consider. After all, those of the many who are into it and find the work a masterpiece would still like know, "The truffles at the bottom, where is did go?"
  • Man, oh man...why did this show have to go?

    Are you a Tom Clancy fan? Are you addicted to Thomas Harris caliber thrillers like the classic novel and film 'Black Sunday'? Do you like your brutally honest, military thrillers that pull absolutely no punches and run at a machine gun pace? By God this was the show for you...and it breaks my heart to see it go. This review on my part was long overdue, and I'm ashamed to admit, a little late. With it's in your face honesty as to the ruthless nature of the world of covert ops and the unbelievable and blood chilling things that are done on our behalf (in real life) so that we can all rest easy and safe in the night, The Unit was one of the most unique and well made television shows of it's genre. Yes, it was an intensely violent show and definitely NOT for children, the violence was not glamorized, glorified or choreographed as if it were some perverse kind of ballet. This was, in my opinion, the best show on television of it's kind. It will be missed.
  • Good mixture of what you need...

    The Unit isn't a high brow drama by any means. The plot is relatively simplistic and there is never any major tension or real threat to our heroes, but it doesn't make any difference to the entertainment value of the show.

    The show follows an elite military unit cleverly called "The Unit" as they go on various missions and fight the bad guys. We get to delve into how the job effects their lives and the lives of their families and there are some nice story lines there. It is fairly formulaic until the end of the second season in which the first significant story is given to us. The Unit is disbanded and the soldiers have to go on the run and fight to clear their names. It works very nicely and delivers good drama for the few episodes until it is resolved (a bit too quickly to be honest). The third season is sadly cut short due to the writers strike, but it does seem that this break allowed the writers to come up with their best work for the fourth and final season. The introduction of new characters is refreshing and changes up the game a little bit, and the finale sadly leaves the show with so many places to go. However, like most good things on American TV, the show was cancelled and that is that.

    Overall, this is a good action packed drama that at times goes a little off the deep end (psychics and such) but it delivers quality entertainment throughout most episodes and is definitely worth investing your time into if you aren't looking for anything too heavy.
  • The Unit...Gone?!?

    I can't believe that CBS canceled this show. This show is/was well writen,with great storylines and plot, and unbelievable actors who made you feel asthough they were real. It has to be one of CBS better shows so why was it canceled? It was great in the Sunday 10pm time slot after Cold Case. Now I am reduced to watching reruns on BET which is a network I have never watched. I think it is stupid CBS would cancel this show and not cancel their other shows that were terrible or atleast had poor rating. Will another network pick it up? I hope so..