The Unit

CBS (ended 2009)





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  • Man, oh man...why did this show have to go?

    Are you a Tom Clancy fan? Are you addicted to Thomas Harris caliber thrillers like the classic novel and film 'Black Sunday'? Do you like your brutally honest, military thrillers that pull absolutely no punches and run at a machine gun pace? By God this was the show for you...and it breaks my heart to see it go. This review on my part was long overdue, and I'm ashamed to admit, a little late. With it's in your face honesty as to the ruthless nature of the world of covert ops and the unbelievable and blood chilling things that are done on our behalf (in real life) so that we can all rest easy and safe in the night, The Unit was one of the most unique and well made television shows of it's genre. Yes, it was an intensely violent show and definitely NOT for children, the violence was not glamorized, glorified or choreographed as if it were some perverse kind of ballet. This was, in my opinion, the best show on television of it's kind. It will be missed.