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CBS (ended 2009)





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  • Why was the plug pulled without any conclusion?

    "The Unit" is as close as we can get to the realities and fantasies in war. The first episode ignited all the episodes to follow and from then on everything was just fireworks...It's a case of being put to a slumber where the best of what the world has to give and should not all come together. So much complexity and so deep plots that the people behind it would have viewers not wanting to wake up from the absorption of it. The ride until the conclusion is a long one yet it is so much appreciated that there is no choice for us but to hang on until the end...Sadly, there is a need to let go because there won't be any conclusion after all. It getting to the middle of an ice cream tub knowing that there is a chocolate truffle at the bottom yet for some reasons you can't afford you just miss the bottom. If it's not possible to conclude everything on tv, why not put the grand finish on the big screen? It should have a good following given that there is no time slot factor to consider. After all, those of the many who are into it and find the work a masterpiece would still like know, "The truffles at the bottom, where is did go?"