The Unit

Season 1 Episode 6


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Apr 11, 2006 on CBS
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The Unit must try to get a listening device to an agent inside the Iranian embassy where U.S., Iranian, and Russian diplomats are meeting. Many are speculating that the Russians are attempting to sell the Iranians material to make a nuclear weapon. Meanwhile at the base, Tom tries to end his affair with Tiffy but she won't listen to him and Kim notices Tiffy at a motel room and does not know what she should do.moreless

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  • The Unit attends a Iran-Russia-US tri-party conference as asecurity detail, but not all is as it seems...

    WOW!!! an american series that doesn't satanize arabs WOW!!!

    Jonas, Mack and Bob are point in a security detachment for a govt. envoyee to assist to a tri-party talk at an Iranian embassy to discuss the aqcuisition of nuclear power plants. The CIA of course doesn't trust any one, not even Jonas's men, when they are tasked to place a bug on the Iranian ambassador, to keep a tap on his conversations.

    On the "Home Front" Col Ryan, is making an example out of a Unit member's wife who apparently because of her big mouth, got some other Spec Forces troops killed. Ryan blames the death of all these soldiers of the soldiers wife, and dismisses the soldier from the Unit. He then gives the wives a speech on how because of talking too much they could get their husbands killed.

    Jonas's and his crew arrive at the embassy, and talk are under way. Bob is in the last minute left outside guarding perimiter, because his passport, has way too many customs stamps from Israel, so the US Envoyee fearing a bad reaction from the Iranians tells Jonas to post him outisde. Inside Jonas sits and chats, in a very profesional way with the embassy's senior security officer, who offers him coffee, a cigar, and talks about "the good old days", emphazising their roles as soldiers and men of honour despite their religion or country.

    Back at home Tiffy meets Col. Ryan at an old motel, Kim who's doing some shopping across the street sees this and becomes alarmed after that morning's speech about info containment. Ryan tell Tiffy that their affair has to end, but she can't do that, coz he's the only one who doesn't treat her as a "hobby". Later that evening a worried Kim she tells Col. Ryan about seeing Tiffy in a strange motel, Ryan tells her to keep it quiet, while he investigates.

    Back at the mebassy Bob is outside also with another Iranian who happens to be a gentleman, who feels sorry that his own people made him stay outside because if his religion. After the Iranian officer outside catches eye of an open padlock, he rounds up security and begin a search, for intruders and suspisious devices, Bob had swiped his walkie, and placed it under the amabassador's car as a decoy, meanwhile he voluntereed to help with the search, he places the bug inside the car, then calls the officer and tells him about the "suspicious walkie" the Iranian security officer thanks him for saving from a sure embarrasment, and offers a persian dagger as a thanking gift. The talks are now over, and everyone is going home.

    Back at home the base women are having a party, Kim uses the ocassion to tell Molly about Tiffy's odd behaviour, Molly putting a lid on the situation, tells her she goes there to see "a lady friend who is abused by her husband", and that the motel gives her the cover to keep it from the abussing husband. After this Molly goes ballistic on Tiffy, about how she lied about ending her affair with the Col. she says she'll do it tonight. Later that evening Tiffy's on the phone with Molly telling her that she's done it, it's over, she hangs up, the doorbell rings, it's the Col.

    I really like dthe epi bacuase it showed that not every arab is a bomb-strapped-terrorist, specially Jonas and Bob's counterparts, who actually where very polite to them, unlike them who were really out on a spying mission. Great episode, I’m liking this series everyday a lot more .moreless
  • I like this tyoes of show but this one can get better and better

    this show has some good and young actors, in this episode the writers used the religious card to create a conflict within the mission but at the end they do their job 100%. I hope that they do not cut this show for a next seasson because it gives us a diferent view of military life for the families and units members
  • I am beginning to love this show more and more!

    No wonder that I am beginning to love this show

    More and more! Again led by the great Dennis Haysbert

    As the lead character. The way he shows his voice of

    Authority around there. Knowing that you better not mess with him or else there will be you know what to pay IMO!

    Meanwhile, Kim catches Tiffy having an affair and doesn't know what to do!
  • This episode did not bug me very much

    This was a pretty good episode. Very cleverly written, well-acted, and well-shot.

    The whole thing about how the listening device is planted is really good. The blowup over at the team that the unit was doing the mission for is tense to watch at first. Then it winds up being funny.

    This episode shows that the unit really goes its homework. They don't just strap on guns and load up ammunition to prepare for a mission.

    One on-going disappointment is that Tiffy's character has gone from being a straying spouse to showing full-on addictive behavior.

    Her husband is a pretty cool guy and it seems really unfair to him. He is willing to go through just about anything to accomplish a mission. He really loves her too. I guess the lesson is that not all is fair in love and war but it is kind of hard to watch.moreless
  • As good as the first episode.

    This episode was a great one compared with some of the slower moving ones (such as the second and third). This is why I watch the show. It doesn't have to have things blow up or people killed. I really like the one liners and humility of the actors. They don't get angry, but they will prove other characters wrong in their own way (ie completing the mission or paying the embassy for their room and board out of their own pocket).moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Goof: Colonel Ryan states, "It's in the Bible. Gossip kills three. The one who talks, the one who listens, and the one who's spoken of."

      This statement does not actually occur in the Bible. It does however occur in the Jewish writings, the Talmud (Arachin 15b).

    • The sign posted on the American Embassy's CIA secure room reads:
      Is your desk secure?
      Have all materials been returned to the vault?
      Have you logged out?

  • QUOTES (7)

    • (Molly confronts Tiffy about her affair with Colonel Ryan)
      Molly: If your husband finds out, do you know what he's going to do? Now tell me, how does this end without gunfire?

    • Jonas: I could use a cup of coffee. Who do I have to shoot to get a cup of coffee?

    • (Jonas declines an offer of a cigar)
      Iranian Security Agent: What's permitted to others is not permitted to you.
      Jonas: The injunction of the Roman Legionnaire.
      Iranian Security Agent: Ah! I see I've found a fellow scholar.
      Jonas: No, just another old soldier.
      Iranian Security Agent: Well it's better than civilian life.
      Jonas: As what is not?

    • Jonas: And what precaution have we ever found unnecessary?
      Iranian Security Agent: Which is why we two old soldiers may be fated to die in bed
      Jonas: Now wouldn't that be a hell of a thing.

    • CIA Agent: Was your mission accomplished?
      Jonas: Stay away from me son or I will put you in the dirt.

    • Iranian Security Agent (talking to Jonas): Goodbye my friend. I trust we kept you occupied. It was hard to distract an old warrior, but I succeeded. I enjoyed our time together. Sometimes you win. Sometimes you lose.

    • CIA Agent: Is your man really a Jew?
      Jonas: What possible concern is that of yours?

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