The Unit

Season 1 Episode 8


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Apr 25, 2006 on CBS

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  • Interesting parallel plot where the squad gets some brutal anti-interrogation training: Bob bears the brunt of the harsh tactics while wife Kim come in for some religious indoctrination from Molly et al.

    The training camp story is well done, although stretching credibility to the limit. Meanwhile the wives storyline dribbles along unpromisingly: Kim resists only feebly Molly's latest sordid assimilation strategy centred around getting her to rediscover her religious faith. There I was thinking Kim was going to make the nosey cow understand that not everyone is a Christian or even religious, and that that's just fine 'cos it's the land of the free. But no! The episode ends with Kim having started praying again, while I throw the remote at the TV in frustration. Why can't the writers have the courage to have a character who simply doesn't believe in god? Or at least not to ram this stuff down our throats...
  • intresting to know

    in this episode we see how in some part the us army prepares his men and women to be held captive or prisoner by a forien power. The methos we see here i will asume is only the tip od the isberg when it comes to torture and interrogation tactics. Here we see how they set up a comunication line with the use of sing and mimics. We se how the special forces use trhe weakens of the advesary to gain intel and over come their captives. Since this is a sensitive issue i dought that any personal that has been torture is wiling to unveiled the tactic used on them
  • The Unit udergoes S.E.R.E (Survival-Evasion-Resistance-Escape) training... WOW!!! killer episode

    The Unit goes to SERE training at first lights it all seems as they'll have the upper hand, being guards, however when they get off the truck, they're instructed to remove their clothing, and gear up in POW outfits. This however doesn't appeal to Grey who at first chance takes on of the real gurads! out numbered as they are the attempt is very short lived.

    To spike things up a little, a lady, presumably with some involvement in psi-ops or something of the kind joins the observation team, to help them make the POW's life a misery. Nevertheless Jonas and his crew are a pack, they organize themselves to survive no matter what. During the course of the episode one by one the members of The Unit (T.U. from now on), are set aside from the rest of the group in order to submit them to individual interogations in an attempt to break them, the instructors and the psi-ops lady employ various methods, like moking at Williams the death of his grandpa at the hands of some rednecks, asking why he would fight for a country like that, and just when it seems he's broken, he starts to speak, but only Col. Ryan and Sgt. Cheals (the man in the wheelchair) recognize he's actually telling them the plot of the war flick "The Dirty Dozen". Whgen it comes to Bob's turn, they mock him that the baby Kim is carrying is anyone but his, it might even be Jonas's, but Bob doesn't give in.

    Bob however is a big problem for the rest of T.U. he's got a cold and the SERE instructor are exploiting that in every way they can, still Bob won't break, not even as the instructor lead the rest of T.U. memebers to belive that Bob has actually broke and is leaking intel big time.
    Making use of their forced labour during the day, T.U. members manage to start collecting various item to use to escape, a battery, a piece of electrical wire, an AK-47 mag. None of this makes sense except when they are handed a bucket of water, and instead of drinking it Grey makes everyone rinse in it their sweaty unifroms.

    Bob has yet again been tried to break, but nothing, though the other U memebrs already are making plans on how to take him out to spot the info leak, when Bob is being taken back to his cell, he assaults the guard, koncks him out and takes his AK-47, then goes to find the others, he does so just as mack is unsuccesfully trying to plug the piece of wire into the wall socket, Bob comes along grabs the wire and plugs it in, looks at Mack and says "I'm a fighting man", the other now know he hasn't broken the trust (IOW sold out to the enemy). At last they escape when they use the salty water from the unifrom rinse together with the wire and the battery, to fashion themselves a weilding tool that they use to cut through the bars, they are however caught by surveillance doing this, once they're out with the water they short circuit the prision's electrical system.

    They find Jonas as he's being interrogated by Cheals, they get him out and make a run for it. Once outside the perimeter of the prision they stop, they've made it out. Eventually they're found tby the Sargent running the camp, who asks them what the hell they're doing outside, Jonas responds they've just executed the final phase of SERE, Escape.
  • very telling episode of what some dr's will do to experiment on ppl.

    it is disconcerning that the troops that you rely on to keep your life safe are treated this way by own ppl but then again it shows how bad they will be treated if they are caught. it also i guess supposed to open the eyes of ppl that are thinking of joining the army. Showing them what they may have to go thru. as if the bombing and the death on the news isnt enough but i do have to say i really like this show alot and dont mean to put down the army i am an army brat just in my mind this tells me soo much ... that is all for this rant sorry
  • Very cool

    This episode was pretty good. The episode starts out with the unit going to guard the sere training yard. But as soon as they get off the bus it becomes harder than they could ever think. The team goes through hell testing their physical and menial strength. And to make things better one of the team members (Brown) is coming down with sickness that begins the team leader to his knees. It was a good episode with few scenes with the house wives, which was good. I say this is probably the best episode this season so far. It can only get better.
  • Taking it to the max.

    Ron - "I'm Talking to you as your oldest best friend and im tellin you, your the only person who can save that kid"

    Blaine - My old friend

    Ron - yes...................................................
    and i swear on our friendship, tha the only thing that will save brown is by breaking your faith and signing her confession.

    The deception, is to much to handle. How dare he!! It was a training op, you don't do thing that way.

    I love the pay back, though, breaking out and then waiting out side the walls. As the Colonel said "Hilarious". It makes you wonder if it was real life would the guards have been so relaxed!!
  • Go Americans

    MAn if the US this this good in this show why are we still having troops lost in the war right this sec..

    any way this ep is great ( broken record ) this is asome this is asome this is asome this is asome this is asome this is asome this is asome this is asome this is asome this is asome this is asome this is asome this is asome this is asome this is asome this is asome this is asome this is asome this is asome this is asome this is asome this is asome
  • Intense

    This episode reminded me of GI Jane. That DOD woman was horrible, kind of heartless but I guess that was her job. (and Cheals wants her job?). Anyway, it was revealing in the sense that we get to see what kind of training and the tests / trials men in the special forces has to go through. All in all another good installment for The Unit.
  • Finally a good episode!

    Well, they finally did it. The Unit came up with an exciting, workable episode that had enough "depth" in it to justify an hour in front of the TV. Of course, it's no coincidence that the air time for the gals back home was reduced to a minimum. Just enough to remind you that they were there, in fact. But that is what it's going to take to make this series work. Jumping back and forth and giving "equal time" to the adventure plot and the "homefront" each week will fail. Concentrate on the action, if keeping viewers watching is the idea. If they must, give an episode over to the gals every fifth week or so.
  • 5 is better than 3. Incredible!

    Exciting, thrilling, keeps you hooked till the end! David Mamet is on a roll, two excellent episodes in a row! I have to say though they would be wise to continue to write shows with all five of the Unit in the show together, afterall the title is the UNIT. It seems weird and somewhat weak when the other two are there. Especially seeing on how much Keenan's character added tonight, being able to add fun mimicking colonel O'ryan and then show extreme emotion lateron or was he just pretending? It was brilliant in my opinion. I am now looking forward to next week again, and just hope the writers dont let us down!
  • The "code is broken" as Jonas, Bob, Mac and other get sent to survival school which is basically a simulation for a POW camp.

    Great episode, episode had to be done in order to test how strong the members are when they are captured.
    It was obvious this wasn’t going to be a summer vacation. The team goes to SERE training but really they are there to capture the full POW experience from torture, beatings and of course betrayal.

    Bob’s high fever set up the angle for “traitor” part of the episode. Jonas is smart enough to see what’s going
    and doesn’t’ fall for any tricks (i.e. signing away for medical attention, really is essentially signing away a confession for enemy).

    We also learn that William’s dad was lynched and murdered at an early age. The whole episode was very realistic and very powerful with great acting. I think overall this was one of the best episodes ever. From a military standpoint it’s evident that these sort of procedures are used in training.

    Meanwhile Bob’s wife is approached into joining a church to keep herself occupied but she rejects the offer citing the death of her first child.
  • Great but a bit harsh

    Again a great show but a bit harsh for me
    To stomach IMO as the unit went and were POW
    In an exercise but the guards that were supposed to be
    The ones that did the torture were a bit harsh as
    They forgot that they were on the same side and it
    Really went overboard as I thought that the Colonel would haul off and hit that woman from the DOD running the show!
    I was really hoping that would happen! Very badly!
  • Something different and not "run of the mill"

    This was a very interesting episode, the most unique of them to date. It was more about "The Unit" and not the housewives, which I liked. I also felt that the plot was well scripted and thought out. It was one of those things that I have never seen done before and I was impressed by it. It was hilarious when Williams was telling the interogattor about one of the missions and then the guy in the wheelchair says to the interogattor "He just described the plot of the Dirty Dozen". Everyone running this drill seemed a bit cold and harsh, especially the lady from DOD. Even Blane's friend in the wheelchair played him.