The Unit

Season 1 Episode 8


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Apr 25, 2006 on CBS

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  • The Unit udergoes S.E.R.E (Survival-Evasion-Resistance-Escape) training... WOW!!! killer episode

    The Unit goes to SERE training at first lights it all seems as they'll have the upper hand, being guards, however when they get off the truck, they're instructed to remove their clothing, and gear up in POW outfits. This however doesn't appeal to Grey who at first chance takes on of the real gurads! out numbered as they are the attempt is very short lived.

    To spike things up a little, a lady, presumably with some involvement in psi-ops or something of the kind joins the observation team, to help them make the POW's life a misery. Nevertheless Jonas and his crew are a pack, they organize themselves to survive no matter what. During the course of the episode one by one the members of The Unit (T.U. from now on), are set aside from the rest of the group in order to submit them to individual interogations in an attempt to break them, the instructors and the psi-ops lady employ various methods, like moking at Williams the death of his grandpa at the hands of some rednecks, asking why he would fight for a country like that, and just when it seems he's broken, he starts to speak, but only Col. Ryan and Sgt. Cheals (the man in the wheelchair) recognize he's actually telling them the plot of the war flick "The Dirty Dozen". Whgen it comes to Bob's turn, they mock him that the baby Kim is carrying is anyone but his, it might even be Jonas's, but Bob doesn't give in.

    Bob however is a big problem for the rest of T.U. he's got a cold and the SERE instructor are exploiting that in every way they can, still Bob won't break, not even as the instructor lead the rest of T.U. memebers to belive that Bob has actually broke and is leaking intel big time.
    Making use of their forced labour during the day, T.U. members manage to start collecting various item to use to escape, a battery, a piece of electrical wire, an AK-47 mag. None of this makes sense except when they are handed a bucket of water, and instead of drinking it Grey makes everyone rinse in it their sweaty unifroms.

    Bob has yet again been tried to break, but nothing, though the other U memebrs already are making plans on how to take him out to spot the info leak, when Bob is being taken back to his cell, he assaults the guard, koncks him out and takes his AK-47, then goes to find the others, he does so just as mack is unsuccesfully trying to plug the piece of wire into the wall socket, Bob comes along grabs the wire and plugs it in, looks at Mack and says "I'm a fighting man", the other now know he hasn't broken the trust (IOW sold out to the enemy). At last they escape when they use the salty water from the unifrom rinse together with the wire and the battery, to fashion themselves a weilding tool that they use to cut through the bars, they are however caught by surveillance doing this, once they're out with the water they short circuit the prision's electrical system.

    They find Jonas as he's being interrogated by Cheals, they get him out and make a run for it. Once outside the perimeter of the prision they stop, they've made it out. Eventually they're found tby the Sargent running the camp, who asks them what the hell they're doing outside, Jonas responds they've just executed the final phase of SERE, Escape.
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