The Unit

Season 1 Episode 8


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Apr 25, 2006 on CBS



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  • Quotes

    • (Talking to a guard he just knocked unconscious)
      Bob: Tell your mom I'll drop by around eight.

    • Sarge: (Taunting Bob during his interrogation) I've seen your file, soldier, you have no brothers. Your father had no brothers. Your mother had no brothers. Your wife has no brothers, but she's carrying a son. Who's the father? What color will your son be? Will they call the boy, "boy"? Little Charles? Little Hector? Jonas' son? Or yours, just to be kind?

    • Bob: (at a party at his house) Ahh, I've an announcement... mmm... it's a boy (rubbing Kim's belly)
      Molly: You guys drop a bomb on a Unit that never has boys.
      Bob: Yeah, why is that?
      Tiffy: Natural selection?
      Jonas: Well us men, have a different theory.
      Molly: Yes and it's not appropriate to be shared in here.
      Kim: Let me guess, it has something to do with the famed sexual prowess of the Special Forces soldiers.
      Jonas: You said it.

    • (Hector imitates Colonel Ryan's directions to survive SERE school)
      Hector: You will deprive them of sleep, you will make fun of their genitalia.
      Jonas: Oh, we can do that Sir.
      Hector: But you will not touch their genitalia.
      Jonas: You heard the man.

    • Tiffy: You're dating someone named "Puffy"?!
      Charles: (laughing) Not anymore, apparently.

    • Col. Ryan: Mr. Williams...
      Williams: Sir?
      Col. Ryan: You in the habit of imitating your betters?
      Williams: Only those, sir, I admire unreservedly.

    • Col. Ryan: (to Morrison about Brown) You don't kill that boy, or you do kill him and any of his mates lives, we better take a head count of our family members 'cause my men, motivated and angry, will not be deterred.

    • Dr. Morrison: Your men are extraordinary. Don't you want to know why?
      Col. Ryan: I don't give a rat's ass why.

    • Cheals: Do not mock the ways of the past they were born on the backs of the men and women who were there.

    • Col. Ryan: I'm pulling Brown.
      Dr. Morrison: Absolutely not. They break here, they're out. They break in Iraq, Afghanistan, they're traitors.

    • (seeing the team escaping)
      Dr. Morrison: You find this amusing colonel?
      Col. Ryan: Ma'am I find this nothing short of hilarious.

    • Dr. Morrison: (putting Brown to sleep) He won't remember.
      Cheals: He dies and they'll remember.

    • Col. Ryan: I finally figured you out lady. You're not here to train these men you're here to test some theory.
      Dr. Morrison: It's not a theory. The Algerians...
      Cheals: We do not follow in the footsteps of those who raise torture to an art form.
      Col. Ryan: They're not our teachers.

    • Sgt. Ron Cheals: Alpha Team, welcome to SERE. You have been captured. You are now prisoners of war.

    • Jonas: You can't catch me. I'm the gingerbread man!

    • Jonas: You swore on our friendship!
      Ron: I had to prove her wrong.
      Jonas: Yeah-all's fair.

    • Kim: (Seeing Bob in the hospital) What did you do to him?
      Col. Ryan: Too much.

    • Sarge: SERE ain't over; breakout's not on the approved list of activities.
      Jonas: And I thought SERE meant Survival, Evasion, Resistance, Escape?

    • Brown: I am an American fighting man.

    • Col. Ryan: Should these soldiers break in SERE what's in their Christmas stocking?
      Grey: Demotion, to civilian.

  • Notes

    • Ratings: This episode was seen by 13.75 million people, finishing 4th for the night and 2nd in it's time slot.

  • Allusions

    • Glen Campbell
      (Mack is singing "Wichita Lineman" to keep what Jonas is saying from the speakers.)
      Dr. Rhea Morrison: Now, what do you want to do with Glen Campbell?

      Campbell is an American pop-country singer, known for a series of hits in the 1960s and '70s and for hosting a television variety show. "Wichita Lineman" reached number one on the country charts for two weeks in December 1968.

    • The Dirty Dozen
      Williams pretends to break while being interrogated by Sarge, but is actually telling the plot to the 1967 movie The Dirty Dozen.