The Unit

Season 4 Episode 9

Shadow Riders

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Nov 23, 2008 on CBS

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  • Bit of a let down considering the last couple of exciting episodes.

    Jonas, Mack and Charles are in Afghanistan to keep the peace between two warring tribes, they have to deliver a young girl who will become the tribe leaders new bride, but before all this can happen they must deliver the girl on horse back, not any horse but a special horse owned by the daughters father, the horse however is missing, once Jonas and the team track the horse down it's only a matter of getting the bride to be to the tribes village, along the way the horse get's sick and then stolen, the team are chased by Afghan soldiers and have a disgruntled Dutch aid worker.

    Back home Bob and Kim work together to find out more about Kim's employer and his ties with terrorists.

    Fair episode, not much nail-biting action for me in this one and lucky to get a 7.5, hope next weeks is better.
  • ok episode

    After the amazing episode of last week, this one falls short. The team, with exception of Bob, are working on a peace agreement between two tribes. This episode is more comedic than action, which I found pleasantly fresh. Charlie was funny with the horses, Mack was funny with the girls having a crush on him, and Jonas was funny with his frustrations. Back at home, Bob and his wife are working to try to take down Kim's boss. I really don't like this story line. Hopefully, it'll lead somewhere interesting, but as for now, it's boring and stupid. Overall, just an ok episode with some good humor and character development.
  • Bob gets tested by Isaac; Jonas, Mack and Charles must deliver a girl to be married.

    After the incredible two part special Into Hell I did not expect this episode to be as strong as that, but I was slightly disappointed by this installment. The action scenes were still entertaining and the final segment was as intense as we've come to expect from Season 4. But unfortunately this episode took some time to get into and really didn't pick up until the second half hour.

    The thing is that we have done these Arab episodes a dozen times and it is starting to grow tiresome. I do like the fact that they are now incorporating story arcs as opposed to one off episodes, but I still wanted a little more here.