The Unit

Season 2 Episode 11

Silver Star

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Dec 12, 2006 on CBS
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Jonas and Molly go home to celebrate the overdue presentation of George Blane with the Silver Star for his service in Korea. The celebration is interrupted by the discovery that their nephew is beating his wife. Jonas attempts to remedy his nephew's behavior by sharing memories of his father after he returned from war.

Meanwhile, Mack offers help to a jet that needs assistance to land after the pilot dies in mid flight and the jet flies into a restricted area. Piloting the jet is a former Ranger, with an alcohol problem and Mack calls Bob in to help out.moreless

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  • Superb episode of an outstanding series

    I loved this episode, from the way Jonas handled his nephew, to the extraordinary appearance of Ed O'Neil as Bill. Ed is one of those actors you think you know so well, then you watch a whole episode of something and never, once, twig it is him. His character seemed in so much pain and a state of regret that it hurt that we didn't find out more about him and that it ended the way it did. Which I guess was the writers way of making us feel the same as Bob and Mack, who both were invested in his story and finding out what was going on.

    And yet again Haysbert has shown himself to be a terrific (well chosen word as he can be, in an instant, terrifying). The flashbacks were also superb, and served multiple purposes beautifully.

    I am kinda new to The Unit, but I cannot help but respect writing, acting and direction like this.

    Superb. and I hope for even better, because I just might be an optimist if this contiues.moreless
  • great episode

    this is a really nice episode. jonas visit his dad's house for a private silver star awarding ceremony. this episode shows a couple of flashback scenes. though they are short, they are very well made. the korea scene and the mississippi scenes were well made. the sets, the costumes, even the acting looked great. but this episode also shows something at the present. bob and mack deal with a business jet that got to close to the fort griffith air space. it's a really exciting episode, the business jet scenes were awesome. the writers surely came up with a really good episode.moreless
  • Jonas really took the time to explain to his nephew that his actions were not acceptable. He is an outstanding performer. He brings you into the situation as if you were really there.moreless

    I have to say this was a great episode. I didn't even move during the commercials. I enjoyed the interaction with Jonas and his family. I like the way the team continues their work without him. Molly is a strong woman who has a nose for trouble. She tolerates nothing and she helps those around her to be as strong. The team work so well with each other. It's great to watch a show that is extremely different from what's on. I have watched this show from the beginning and will watch until it ends. They have a great cast assembled.moreless
  • Exceptional episode.

    When I first started watching the unit I thought this is going to be all gung-ho action, bullets galore people dieing all over the place, BUT with each episode it surprise’s me as this wonderful series progresses. This episode flowed and never got stale, I love Jonas’s way of dealing with his nephew’s beating of his wife and the story he told about his father/grandfather with the surprising ending when Jonas’s daughter asked the truth, then we had Mack and Bob trying to land a plane entering restricted airspace with what seemed part of a conspiracy situation.

    For me Dennis Haysbet make’s this show, he has such a very natural presence on screen and is a very cool guy, his storylines could not be played by anyone else and when the storywriters first thought up his character they must have had Dennis as first cast member for the part, the rest of the cast then fall into place and are well suited to there roles, I love Molly with her compassion and understanding to her husband.moreless
  • Jonas we get a different side of

    I like Jonas and though he may not show his sensitive side that much. We get to see a side of him that we rarely get to see at all. As his dad is getting a long overdue award for his service from the Korean War, his nephew is beating up his wife a lot. You can really tell that Jonas didn't like that at all and intervene in this situatin.moreless

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