The Unit

Season 2 Episode 13

Sub Conscious

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Feb 06, 2007 on CBS

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  • Great episode, different than all the others. A great twist to the regular spec-ops, shoot um up, fly by the seat of your pants which would be a normal episode. Variety of plots makes this show fun to watch.

    Great episode, different than all the others. A great twist to the regular spec-ops, shoot um up, fly by the seat of your pants which would be a normal episode. Starts off with Kim having a dream. turns out she is dreaming of an actual mission going down now. The commander gets wind of this dream and takes it out on Brown thinking he put the lives of his fellow Unit members in jeopardy. Brown is monitoring the mission in North Korean waters from his base in Fort Brag. They are trying to get a North Korean defector to safety. There are the usual wrench in the works as the team does their job, but meanwhile Kim and her husband are being interrogated for treason. The variety of plots makes this show fun to watch.
  • Not one of the best episodes but still good!

    This is not one of the best episodes of the show. But still, it was pretty good. Think that Kim was only saying stuff in a dream. The Coloniel is only protecting his men. But still, think that he needed to back down and let Bob do his job. And not try to interrogate Kim or even their daughter for that matter. Jonas, Blaine, and Mac I think, despite being in charge. Really shouldn't had shot down the South Korean commander. Because that would be a charge of treason and murder. Linda Hunt was good in the show. As she is an underrated actress. Hope that she can come on back.
  • Not perfect, but almost a classic.

    Its difficult for me not to give this a 10. Its one of my favourite episodes as Kim is one of the main protaganists. Having her totting a H&K SMG would normally warrant such a mark!

    As it is, its well written having two strong plotlines intertwining. Kims performance makes her apparent sixth sense feelings for the ongoing mission very credible. While the col. does a great job of being the foil of conflict for Bob and Kim. Meanwhile, even if the actual mission is low key, the close confines of the sub provide more adhesive to keep a viewer watching as the N Koreans and the sub-captain do their best to twart Jonas and the others.

    What I loved most about this episode is the way Kim manages to turn things around and have the Col believe her, with the help of the army intell. medium. Especially poignant is the end scene where the ambulance and raven are such up a tree as Jonas and the rest of the unit bring their package to the pick up point. Those images, apparently surreal in the context of Kims dream are brought into perspective by that scene.

    Definitely a great installment that should be watched.
  • great episode

    Kim dreams about herself inside a submarine and with members of the unit being in it. At the same time, Jonas and the unit is are taking part in a mission that involves an old ww2 submarine. Col. Ryan tries to figure out how Kim is able to pick up details about his husband's planned mission over north korea. it's a really exciting episode. bob's mission might get scrap when ryan figures out that the mission is compromised. the underwater scenes were awesome. the paranormal link examined in the show looked really entertaining and mind boggling at the same time. it's a good episode.
  • One of the better episodes on The Unit.

    This had to be one of the better episodes that has been aired. A little bit spooky with the old woman, but kept me hooked the entire episode never the less. The best part had to be when the Korean commander of the sub threatned Jonas and Charlie, and Mack shot him dead from the side. Another good part was the part of Kim's dream where she is killing all those guys on the submarine. Unreal, but still fun to watch. But, maybe the best part was at the end where the car is in the tree and the raven flies off of it, signaling hope. Great episode.
  • Best episode of the series.

    I have a problem with the Unit. I love the missions, but most of the time I couldn't care less about the stories at home. This season has done a better job than last, but it still feels mostly like filler and largely disconnected from the men's storyline.

    I must admit, it's a difficult task, since the women don't know about the missions and the writers choices are to either show a relatively normal home-life or show them worrying about their husband. As a result, it's difficult to write stories where the home story is relevant to the main story.

    Nevertheless, with "Sub Conscious," the writers did it with aplomb and that makes it the best episode of the series for this viewer.
  • Perspicacious. The finest episode of the UNIT ever written, produced, and presented.

    This episode utilized the military format to explore ideas and concepts, while related to the military, extended beyond the limits of military protocol and understanding.

    The episode led the viewer into modes of thinking uncommon to standard t.v. offerings. Reaching toward the Matrix and 2001 A Space Odyssey the t.v. viewer is required to travel into a spectrum not common for military or civilian life.

    If the writers can create more episodes with this flavor, the program will pick up Trek fans and also those that see a strong connection between the discipline of the military as it demands both formal infrastructure and at the same time the ability to think beyond fox-hole mentality.

    I commend the writers and producers for going where this program has not gone before. Seeing the reaction of other viewers, you know you have shifted you line of presentation. Good for you. The program is usually good. This episode was great.
  • Ummm a very strange episode.

    To be honest i'm not sure how to take this episode, personally i think the writers must have had one of those ' i cannot be bothered to come up with anything exciting for an episode ' so they gave Kim the starring episode of a dreamscape scenario that put her husbands career and the unit's team members life’s in jeopardy. The episode is set up that Kim has this dream involving Bob and the rest of the Unit team aboard a submarine, it was so strange she tells Molly and Tiff, the only problem is that she’s overheard by an undercover agent working for Col Ryan, immediately pulled in it’s found she’s just told her friends the latest top secret mission that’s underway putting Jonas, Mack and Charles at risk, naturally Bob’s the suspect and told his wife all about the mission or talked in his sleep however as the episode go’s on it’s found that as the title suggests that due to Sub-conscious Kim has somehow seen the latest mission. As I said at the beginning I’m a little unsure how to take the episode, maybe it was trying to get across how much pressure is put on wifes and girlfriends of serving special forces members to keep mission plans secret, to be honest I would have much preferred a shoot-um up episode.
  • this one was a little weird

    this was a goood episode but definatly not up to par with the other episodes this season this one was just plain weird this one was more supernatural then the unit as far as it goes i think this episode jumped the shark a little bit but I still love the show and I will still watch but i hope the stick to what they knowe and stay away from the supernatural things and stick to the family stories and the army stuff. I really hope that this is not a show of what is to come in the futre
  • Blaine, Mack, and Grey embark on a submarine to rendezvous with a North Korean defector. Back home, Bob comes under suspicion when his wife reveals a dream that containts many elements of the mission he is leading. A psychic warfare expert investigates.

    This was the episode where The Unit--which had such promise--jumped the shark. As a former USAF historian, I am admittedly more demanding in military realism than most viewers. But I could not take Blaine--an Army soldier-- giving naval commands to the ROK sub crew. (It was worse that they accepted them!) Nor could I take Brown, a Sergeant, responsible for commanding the mission back home. And let's not even get started on the whole "unconscious transference" plot with dreams and Don Rickles. It's time for an Article 15 for this series Mr. Mamet and CSGT MAJ Haney!