The Unit

Season 4 Episode 2

Sudden Flight

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Oct 05, 2008 on CBS

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  • The team are out to find who gave the order to assassinate the president elect, the women are given new identity's and a new home life to protect them.

    I have to admit the episode was a real corker, it had suspense all the way and even has given the women of the unit there own suspenseful situation, I love the way how Mack now knows about Tiffy's affair with Col Ryan but wont confront her directly but drops snide remarks to the effect and it looks as if the eldest daughter could become a handful but again that's probably due to the effects of Mack and Tiff.

    The only problem I had with the episode and they were only minor problems was the shoot out with the terrorists on board the plane was over just a little too quickly ( maybe I've watched too many films like Delta Force or Executive Decision ) and also Kim Brown was acting like a spoilt child, yes I know she's missing her children and yes I know her baby was in hospital but she seems to like putting the rest of the women including her husband and the unit in grave danger at the drop of a hat. You can now see the way this series is going to pan out, each episode the Unit will track down some person who's some how connected to these assassinations until the finale episode, also I think one or all the women will become involved in an hostage situation with the husbands rescuing them…. This is my opinion only.
  • Really a great show!

    Think that the way the women are being treated aka the wives, is just like horrible. Sure that their husbands are put in harm's way. But that they shouldn't be treated like prisoners. They are human beings. The attack on the airplane. It was very intense. And that the men were putting not just their lives. But the lives of others on that plane. In order to ensure each other's safety. Tom Ryan is making me mad and that he really is being nothing but a jerk. It will end with Mac and Ryan eventually going one on one with one another. Want to bet!
  • A plane is hijacked.

    It looks like Season 4 of The Unit only knows how to give us one type of episode: a highly intense thrill ride. Sure, we're only two weeks in but the show is just on a roll. They've made things fresh since we last saw it as the missions are both exciting and original, unlike last year where it was something you could not understand happening in Africa.

    The storylines with the women are not particularly exciting, but luckily the male plot was impactful enough to make up for that. We're seeing a slow build toward the eventual clash between Tom Ryan and Mac, which should be incredible.

    Another fine installment and I cannot wait to see the next episode.
  • good episode

    Jonas, Charlie, and Bob go on a plane to locate a man that could be a target. However, terrorists hijack the plane and Jonas and his team scramble to save the passengers and themselves. Meanwhile, the women are having trouble adjusting. Kim is frantic about seeing her kids and Tiffy is having problems controlling her daughter. Overall, both stories were interesting. I've seen plane hijacking stories in different movies and shows, but this one was interesting because the three could not communicate with one another and had to figure out how to take control of the plane without conversing. I also liked the wife story line - it'll be interesting to see how they continue to adjust. Overall, another great episode of the Unit.
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