The Unit

Season 4 Episode 11


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Dec 21, 2008 on CBS
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Jonas, Mack and Bob are saddled with Metz on a mission to rescue a president from his own country. Back home, a mysterious woman shows up at Aerodyne headquarters and develops a relationship with Charles, which may end up blowing his cover. Kim and Tiffy head to the beach for a much need vacation, only to find a surprise waiting.moreless

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  • The Unit searches for a President.

    Barry Corbin on The Unit. It seems like such a perfect fit yet I was surpised when I saw him pop up as the driver for Charles.

    This episode was respectable, but certainly not of the quality of some of the other classics we've seen this season. The scenes with Kim and Tiffy were pretty brutal and just not my cup of tea, but the field stuff with Jonas, Bob, Mack and Dr. Metz was great as usual.

    I can see why The Unit feels the need to incorporate females into the show to maintain that gender's viewership, but the show would just produce such a stronger product if they were excluded. I don't mean to hate on the show though because it's still superior to the laggard FOX action show 24.moreless
  • Intense episode with interesting storylines.

    The episode started off with a few intense and, at the same time, funny (in a sense) scenes of the team gaining access to the embassy. The politician learns his lesson good in this episode which is as I'm sure what everybody was rooting for.

    Betty Blue in the meantime has an encounter with a special woman with a very strange story, you get the feeling something isn't right and that feeling appears to be correct.

    And the wives are nicely written in and without excessive drama, Kim is reunited with her children. Nicely done.

    Overall this episode was a fine example of what The Unit has to offer; action, mixed with related and realistic drama.moreless
  • The episode had it's good and bad points.

    I was happy to see Kim finally meet up with her children, didn't realise Col. Ryan was a softy LOL. I have to admit I did think at first the mission the team were sent on was a Unit special, all set up to teach ' Dr Death ' a lesson after the previous 'botched' mission & getting Charles wounded, as for the Calito storyline I'm not sure what to make of it, at first I did think the girl was trouble and why travel to that particular aerodynamics business run by the team, my mind was changed when she and Charles got closer after the bar incident but when Charles got picked up by the girls ;ate fathers best friend and he acknowledged the guy who picked up Greys water bottle I knew there was something going on, also why was that room so secretive with all the monitors and keycode to the door.

    Hopefully it's not left as a dead storyline and get's picked up in the next episode or two as I'm intrigued to know who this girl really is and if she is bad news doe's Molly and Grey know and trying to set her up.moreless
  • Dr. Death's 'I don't know','What's going on' continued. Additional storyline was drawn out for Carlito after getting injured from last mission.

    Bob was all over dr. death in any matters. Bob was so pissed to have dr. death around. He felt like babysitting a problem kid.

    It's true that i didn't know one of those guys in the kitchen was the president. It was quite a surprise at the end. They really need to add one or few more members to the team. Look, Carlito got shot and relieved. Alpha team was down to 3 shooters if you don't count dr. death. Mack was overwatching one side of the building only. They were totally outnumbered.

    Carlito has a HUGE part on this one. I do have a feeling that he is spying on something. Maybe that's why Col. Ryan was in town too? A huge hint that he's not revealing his real identity to the old man Carson. That old man scared the crap out of me! :O

    I think the bigger story behind what Carlito stepped into is not what it seemed. I bet there's more to it. I think Carlito will stay on that storyline for a few episodes like what Kim did. Unless there's a magical healer fall down from heaven Good job getting us hooked anyway.

    At the end of the mission when a white sedan approached slowly I believe that guy came out of that toyota sedan wanted to reach in his pocket for a camera but not a gun. dr. death got so scared and had to spray his m-4. That's the funniest scene ever. Remember the look on jonas, bob and mack on the plane? hehe..

    I do think that the title of this episode has nothing to do with the show. 'Into a trap' fits better on this one. LOL

    This episode has a good mix of everything like I said. Now the storylines go 3 ways. More things/twists to keep us interested.moreless
Michael McKean

Michael McKean

Dr. Donald Metz

Guest Star

Bre Blair

Bre Blair

Joss Morgan

Guest Star

Andrew Rothenberg

Andrew Rothenberg

Pool Player

Guest Star

Brian D. Johnson

Brian D. Johnson

Transport Pilot

Recurring Role

Alyssa Shafer

Alyssa Shafer

Serena Brown

Recurring Role

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    • Colonel Tom Ryan: War, Ms. Brown is waste and chaos. That's what it is. It's the most profound waste of life, time and spirit; treasure known to man. War is an obscenity and we say however that it is preferable to subjugation. And it is. Time and place and the cause of war however we may characterize it is; is most times beyond our control. And they are most certainly beyond the control of a soldier. All soldiers suffer in war and their families suffer equally.

    • (Bob adjusting Metz's hand on the gun)
      Bob: Swing the muzzle towards the enemy and pull the trigger. You pull the trigger on one of us, it's not called friendly fire; it's called murder. For which we will kill you.

    • Jonas: (to Metz) Ah. Those would be shots fired in anger. So you can, from this point forward, inform your grandchildren you heard shots fired in anger.

    • Dr. Metz: How long do they want us to wait?
      Bob: What? You've had enough of the deep camaraderie of arms? You done already? What about combat? You don't want to miss combat.

    • Joss: You want me to show you something you ain't seen before?
      Charles: (laughs) Sure.
      Joss: Okay, then.
      Charles: Are you comin' on to me?
      Joss: Well, I might, given some time, but that was not my intention.

    • Pool Player: But I want you to go in your pocket and show me the money against which we were betting, or small and crippled as he is, I'd be glad to ask the question of your sweet little companion.
      Charles: Hey, hey. Okay. I was gonna pay.
      Pool Player: No, I wanna see what's in her pants.
      Charles: No pal, look, why don't we just stop this right here, huh?
      Pool Player: Oh, I'm sorry. I meant what's in her pocket.
      Joss: Mister, I got to go in my pocket, and you ain't gonna like what I come out with. (Charles gets up) Hold on, cowboy, I got the floor. Now, all of you just bet against me once and lost. I told you the new bet. The new bet is what's in my pocket. You want to call, you go right ahead. If not, my friend and I bid you good day.

    • Tiffy: What's your problem, soldier?
      Kim: My life has gone off the tracks. I miss my children, I miss my husband, I miss my home, and I want to go back.
      Tiffy: You burned-out? Is that your problem, Bucky?
      Kim: That's right. I'm sick of duplicity, and (sighs) I want my life back or some superior approximation. I miss my children, and I hate everything I've ever done. I hate the frickin' Army. I hate war and I hate sacrifice and I want to go home.
      Tiffy: Well, it sounds like you need a vacation.

    • (Bob and Metz drag dead bodies into the room)
      Bob: All right. Set him up behind cover. Use your artistic talents. What?
      Dr. Metz: They're dead.
      Bob: Well, yeah. The good things in life don't change.

    • (Bob looks back at the two staged dead bodies)
      Bob: Well, ain't that postmodern?

    • Dr. Metz: What are we …
      Bob: Well, it's cowboys and Indians, pal, and we're throwing the Indians a surprise party.
      Dr. Metz: Are we going to be attacked?
      Bob: (laughs) Yeah, we're gonna be attacked. What do you want to do, hit them with your doctorial thesis?
      Dr. Metz: But what are we gonna do?
      Bob: We're gonna kill them. And you, you're gonna keep your mouth shut and do as you're told, and perhaps, we'll get out of this alive.

    • (Jonas calls Mack for a situation report)
      Jonas: Dirt Diver, how are we doing?
      Mack: (shouting) I'll tell you when to start worrying. (He fires, killing two, but more rush in) You can start worrying now!

    • Molly: Who the hell is this girl?
      Charles: Well, she... uh... (laughs)
      Molly: Child, you are in love.
      Charles: I'm gonna marry her.
      Molly: Charles, do you think this is a little sudden?
      Charles: You know how your mother always said... you'll just know?
      Molly: Yes, I see.
      Charles: I just know.

    • Bob: (to Metz) When you're out of everything but the enemy, you're in combat. In combat there is no status. There's just two things. There's the mission and there's the men.

    • Dr. Metz: Your team leader trusts me.
      Bob: Is that what you see?
      Dr. Metz: He trusted me to stand watch.
      Bob: Thus?
      Dr. Metz: Isn't that some sort of acknowledgement?
      Bob: Of what? Oh, he thinks you're lower than Jane Fonda. It doesn't mean you can't take a watch.

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    • International Air Dates:
      United Kingdom: May 27, 2009 on Virgin1
      Norway: July 20, 2009 on Viasat 4
      Australia: November 17, 2009 on 7TWO
      Slovakia: May 21, 2010 on JOJ