The Unit

Season 4 Episode 4

The Conduit

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Oct 19, 2008 on CBS

Episode Recap

A woman approaches an office door that reads Professor Trotter and walks in; Bob turns around and identifies himself as the professor. She asks if he has read her letter and he states that he is unable to go with her because he has a lecture. She pleads with him to come and states that there is a flight today. As they are leaving the building, she states that they can get to his apartment and to the flight in time. Bob questions how she knows where he lives. Two armed men approach them and the next thing seen is Bob in the Columbian jungle. Bob is unconscious and the two men are joined by a third man, who orders them to wake Bob up. The third man, the leader explains that they need him to turn cocaine into paint and if he helps them, he will be given two million dollars and allowed to go home.

In Cartagena, Columbia, Mack is fighting in the street being watched by a well-dressed man. He at first seems to be losing the fight and then easily takes out his opponent. The well-dressed man appears pleased.

Back at the jungle compound, Bob is brought to a table and given breakfast and again they offer him his freedom to help. He states he is only a theatrical chemist. He states that he is worried that they will not let him leave. They state that they not only want him to turn cocaine into paint, but into a specific kind of paint; a high polymer airplane paint. They stated that if he does not help he and his friends will be killed. They named his friends as Dr. Scott and Dr. Haboren.

Back in Cartagena, Mack is cleaning up after the fight in a kind of locker room, when the well-dressed man enters. He greets Mr. Findley (Mack) and offers him a chance to fight for real money. Mack asks what he means by real money and he states that he will have enough to pay off his debts and go back home to Australia. Mack asks who would he have to kill and then the man explains that he will need to fight to the death. He explains a knife fight. Mack wants assurances that his opponent will be skilled with a knife. The man assures him that he will and Mack declines the offer. The man states that he has taken Mack's passport and Mack states "Where do you want me to fight".

Guards are escorting Jonas and Charles dressed as academicians from their hotel. Jonas is asking for his personal belongings and making mild demands. They are brought to the compound and put into a room with Bob. Bob shares the situation with his colleagues and Jonas does not want to be part of this plan. He tries to rationalize with their kidnappers and when that fails he tries to run for it. The guards easily capture him and hit him several times. They are told either agree to help or be killed.

Back at the Unit's headquarters, Sullivan briefs Colonel Ryan on the extraction plans and explains that Congress wants a full report before they will sign off. She explains they do not understand why there are two extraction points and they will not release the submarine until they do. Ryan tells her to find him someone that can sign off on this now. She tracks down Congressman Morton in Washington and Ryan tells her to get a plane ready.

Back in Cartagena, Mack is watching two men fighting with knives and the winner killed the loser.

Colonel Ryan is in the Washington and heads to Morton's office. The aide greets him and attempts to inquire of his business. Ryan walks right past him into the main office to find Morton is not there. He questions the aide, Jeremy about Morton's whereabouts. Sullivan calls and reports that the sun is going to back down if they do not get the orders soon. Jeremy tells Ryan the Congressman is on personal business and Ryan explains that he needs him now. He tells Jeremy that he is not leaving until he gets the signature he needs.

Bob and Charles are trying to work on the problem, but Jonas is acting stubborn and depressed and is not helping. AS Bob explains the procedure, Charles demonstrates. Jonas keeps stating that they are only going to kill us all. Bob goes over to Jonas and tries to convince him to help. Jonas asks the guards for his bible. Once Charles is finished turning the paint back into cocaine, the man in charge orders him to smoke it. Charles hesitates and they realize it is poison. He then orders his men to soften Charles up. He wants success by tonight or Charles dies.

Mack is preparing for his fight and the well-dressed man wants Mack to meet a big better. Mack wants his passport and his money now. He agrees but reminds Mack he will kill him if he tries to leave.

In Washington, Ryan enters a hotel and knocks on one of the doors. A woman opens the door and Ryan demands to see Morton. She states he is not there. Ryan tells her he does not care what is going on there, he just needs Morton. She again states he is not there; Ryan pushes his way in and sees for himself that Morton is not there. He leaves.

Back at home, Lissy is in the principle's office, being question about guns. She apparently knew the difference between two guns. Lissy is defensive and Tiffy comes in. The principal explains that Lissy associates with students who brought a gun to school. The principal continues to question Lissy and she finally blows up and states, 'I wish everybody in this school would just"…. The principal interrupts, "Just what"? Later at home, Tiffy explains to Molly and Kim what happened. Lissy has been suspended because she knew too much information about a rifle. Molly states that they will check out the principal and Tiffy states their next step is to bring in a psychiatrist. Molly so we need to bring in our own. Kim questions, "Who?' Molly states. "That would have to you."

Charles again demonstrates the process and this time when asked to smoke it, he does. Then the leader has one of his men smoke it and he confirms that it is cocaine. As the leader makes a phone call to his father, Jonas moves a butane torch near a large flask of liquid. The liquid explodes cause the leader to be severely burned. One of the men takes the phone and tells his father what happened. He orders the men to hold the scientists and he will kill them when he arrives at the compound.

The big better Ortiz) shows up to meet Mack and Mack convinces him to meet alone. As soon as the guards are gone, Mack takes him out. He grabs his bag, with his gun and gives Ortiz a shot with a syringe.

Back at home, Kim is practicing her cover of Kate Logan with Molly. One of the main points is that Kate attended George Washington University. Tiffy is at her home meeting with the principle and Kim arrives. Principle question Kim about Lissy's behaviors. Tiffy explains that Lissy was the victim of a sexual assault last year. Molly waiting at her home receives a call informing her the GWU cover is bad. Molly tries to call Kim, but she does not answer her phone. Principle states that her husband attended GWU and mentions a Professor Bill Nelson. Kim tries to fake it and the principle catches her. She threatens to call the police as she heads toward the door. As she opens the door, Molly greets her, telling her she is Tamaris Twillingins, an FBI agent. She explains that Tiffy and her daughters are part of the witness protection program. She tells her that no one will corroborate her story because no one can know that she knows.

Once the father arrives at the compound, Jonas and the guys spring into action. Putting together guns from pieces in the lab, they are ready and take aim at the guards as the father enters. As the exit the compound they shoot the son and engage in gunfire with other guards. As they get to the car, they realize the father was killed by a stray bullet.

At his extraction point with Ortiz, Mac waits for his ride home. He checks the ocean for any signs. He turns on a flashing red light around his neck.

Back at home, Molly and the principle shake hands and the principle promise to let Molly know if anyone is inquiring about Tiffy or her girls.

In Virginia, Ryan heads to the Congressman's home and is shown into his bedroom. He readily agrees to sign the necessary documents, just as he receives word that the Navy was not able to hold. They concluded that Dirt Diver will need to find his own way home, without his prisoner.

Back on the beach, now daylight, Mack realizes people are starting to arrive. He quietly turns his light off, kills his prisoner and walks away from his vehicle.