The Unit

Season 4 Episode 4

The Conduit

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Oct 19, 2008 on CBS

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  • Needed a little more work, like Mack's Australian accent.

    This weeks episode starts with Bob posing as a chemist professor and is 'kidnapped' by a drugs cartel to help them convert cocaine to paint then back again so it can be smuggled across the boarder on planes, the cartel bring in Bob's partners who happen to be Jonas and Charles, Mack on the other hand is posing as an Australian bare knuckle fighter ( with a bad Aussie accent I might add ) in order to kidnap an associate of the drugs cartel who Bob, Jonas & Charles are working for, this three are trying to kidnap the main man of the cartel the only problem is there is only one pick up and Col Ryan must get a senior staff member of congress to sign off so he can get the sub to pick up both teams.

    On the home front Lissy is in trouble again with the school who see her as some sort of threat or suicide victim because of her strange acting and knowledge in guns, to stop the head principle from snooping too much Molly devise's a plan for Kim to play Tiffy and Lissy's psychiatrist however when they are caught out by the principle Molly comes to the rescue.

    The episode was good but not the best we've had this season and I think if memory serve's me correct this is the first time a mission has failed, I know we've had missions that don't go exactly to plan and have to be changed at the last minute but never a failed one, so it was comforting to actually see an episode where this happened. Was'nt too keen on the home front situation with the females, for me it seemed as if the writers put this in at the last minute just to give the girls some air time, what happened to Kim Brown going back to her employers to snoop in his office regarding the leaflet she found last week…. Oh well next weeks looks exciting.