The Unit

Season 4 Episode 14

The Last Nazi

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Feb 15, 2009 on CBS

Episode Recap

Charles is seen pushing a room service cart in a high-class hotel. As he exits the elevator, two armed guards search the cart and him. As he heads towards the door, the guards stop him, taking the cart themselves and pushing him back into the elevator. The guards take the cart to their boss, Ali, knocking on the inside door, telling him that they are there. Charles leaves the hotel and meets Mack and Bob, who are waiting in a truck outside. The three of them drive away. Back in the room, the guards and Ali walk away from the cart. Inside the cart, Jonas removes the false wall and quietly climbs out. He easily shoots Ali and his guards. He checks the room and then looks under the bed. He finds a little boy hiding there. He tells the little boy that he is there to rescue him and the boy comes out. Jonas takes out earplugs and a safety harness. He instructs the boy to put in the earplugs and helps him into the harness. He clips the harness to himself. Outside the guards are getting nervous, as they cannot make contact with their boss. Jonas shoots the window out and jumps out with the boy strapped to him. He opens his parachute and unclips the chute over the truck, landing safely in the back of the truck.

Back home, Jonas is walking down a dark flight of stairs and meets with men who take him into a closed bowling alley. There Jonas meets with President Castillo, who informs him that the last living Nazi is in danger. He explains that his friend and a big supporter of his campaign has sent his own team of men into an allied country for the purpose of killing this "Nazi". He wants Jonas to find him and bring him in safely. Jonas states his team is due for a vacation and they understand each other, his team will go and get this man. The President leaves and his men give Jonas pictures of the man from the 40s and a computer rendition of what he may look like today. They also give him passports for himself and his men and money. He tells Jonas not to get caught.

In Washington DC, Ryan is in a hotel room, thinking back on a conversation with General Hayes, in which he was offered his star. He asks for time to consider, as this promotion would take him away from the Unit. As he returns to the present, it is revealed that Charlotte is in the hotel room with him. She offers him her cigarette and he shakes his head, no. He lifts his glass of alcohol and notes that he was raised on this and he sees no reason to change now. Ryan is thinking about his life and remembers a time when he was 15 in 1979. His stepfather was taunting him about his father and his mother intervened. They began fighting as he as in the background watching and Ryan is back in the present.

In Fravenfeld, Switzerland, Bridget tells Jonas that heir covers are TV reporters and states she is sorry about their covers names Jonas tells her that ninety nine times if you muffle the name, people will come back to you with a name. They head for the house. Mack and Bob meeting them at the home and the home has been destroyed by fire. Later, they are discussing the situation and Mack notes that he feels naked without the weapons. Jonas is trying to think his way through the situation and Bob comes in with a report from the local fire department. Bridget knocks; she has found the doctor that might know their man. He is at the free clinic today. Charles calls, he is watching the house and reports another news van has shown up. As they get out of the truck, Charles sees one of them is carrying a gun and reports that they are not real.

In Washington, Ryan and Charlotte are discussing whether or not she had anything to do with this offer. She states no, she is not as powerful as he may think. He questions if he takes the star and Charlotte finishes, you have to leave home, The Unit. Ryan remembers the day he walked into an Army recruiting office and joined the Army. He had a black eye and the recruiter explains that he will never have to go home again. He will learn to shoot a gun and if he ever runs into the man that did this to him; well the man will look at him with fear. He remembers the officer telling him that if he does get killed, blown to bits by your own men or stabbed by a whore he could be General one day. Back in the present, Ryan takes another drink.

In Switzerland, Jonas and Bridget head to Saint Benedict Pflegeheim, Bridget waits in the waiting room as Jonas looks around the hospital. A nurse begins watching Jonas as he walks around. Jonas stops a lady in the hallway, pulls her aside and examines her eyes. He states that it may not be his place as he is not her doctor and tells her she has cancer. Shocked the woman questions, 'What?" He reassures her that they caught it early and as the nurse approaches asks for her charts. The woman Frau Bergen is taken back to her room and the nurse hands the chart to Jonas, who looks around.

Molly is working at Aerodyne when Carson shows up. He begins questioning her about airplanes and why is she in this business. He wants to buy the company. She explains that the business is not for sale. This confuses him and he expresses that is she is in business to make money or for a different reason. He questions her about if she is married and asks to speak to her husband. Molly explains he is out of town on business. He suggests that maybe she could surprise him and make all of his dreams come true. She explains he dreams of his career in aviation. He asks Molly about the man that works for her and if he had mentioned his name. Molly states he has not. Carson tells Molly a story about when he was placed in front of a firing squad. He states that he brought this up because she had the same expression as the man who put him in front of the firing squad. She asks him to leave. He explains, "I am not your enemy", but this place here is make believe. He states he has his suspicious as to why. He states there are only two reasons to get into this business to make money, although this is foolish. And number two is a love of airplanes, but they have no airplanes. He hands her a blank check to fill in the amount, "I'm paying you to go away".

In Washington, Charlotte states that you need to be careful what you wish for. Ryan states we need to be careful about everything. Ryan tells her that everything he every wished for was a ruse and everything he ever worked for was a lie. He flashes to 1972, as a young boy watching ht clock, fixing himself something to eat, although the milk is spoiled. He leaves his home and goes to a local bar, to find his mother. He sees her flirting with men and watches from a distance. He watches leave with one of the men.

In Switzerland, Charles is following the other men and Mack & Bob are stationed outside the hospital. Bridget is still in the waiting room as another man sits down next to her. Bridget gets up. Jonas is in back talking with the nurse, stating he has an appointment with another doctor. Outside, Mack and Bob cause an accident with the men Charles was following. Charles radios Jonas that they are buying him some time. Inside the nurse tells him it will be just another minute, Jonas notes that they were suppose to meet in the community room and she gives him directions. As he turns around, a priest asks him, "Who are you? "They head to he chapel together. He cautions Jonas against lying and states that he is a solider, obviously. Jonas, 'Why is that obvious?" He explains he was a solder and Jonas shows him a picture of the man he is looking for. Jonas explains that he is here to save him and that they are others that want to kill him. Jonas shows him the computer rendition and the father states that is not how he looks. Jonas asks, "You know where he is?" and father replies, "Yes, he is down the hall." Bridget has gotten some forms from the main desk and stands over by her old seat, looking at her watch. Outside Mack and the men are arguing over whose fault, as the police pull up, Mack pushes the other man. Bob steps in and the police pull Mack and Bob and put them in the back of the squad car. Charles informs Bridget that the others are heading to jail and asks if she can talk. She states no and the man asks her "What"? She states she was speaking to her self and continues explaining she does not know how much longer. The man asks if her communications are faulty?" He then asks if she is armed, with no answer from Bridget. Jonas is still with the father, who leads him into a room stating the man he searches for does not have long to live. As they enter the room, the father hits him from behind with his cane, knocking Jonas out and then grabs his wallet and passport.

Carson is still questioning Molly about the nature of her business and explains that he is trying to protect Joss. He tells her, "Your mister Charles Garza wants to marry a woman I care very much about". Just then Joss walks in and backs up the story that they are an airplane company. Carson doesn't buy it and Molly walks away. She heads to the surveillance room. He tells Joss that they are not in the aviation business and follows Molly to the surveillance room. He tells her he wants to keep his girl safe as he sees her on the monitor, he asks Molly, 'Just tell me what you want".

In Washington, Ryan is sitting on the bed and Charlotte explains to him that she does not love him for "His beautiful act", but because of who he is". He tells her that he loves her and she states no, you only loved me when you thought I was the bad girl. As they are talking, Ryan remembers back at the bar when he was 9, following his mother into the back and seeing silhouettes from behind a sheet, hearing the sounds of her having sex. He closes the door and leaves.

In Switzerland, Bridget and the stronger are sitting next to each other and he asks, "Your man is inside?" She responds, 'I don't know what you are talking about." He tells her that her man is in trouble and she asks if he is part of the opposition and he answers, "No". He takes her up to a surveillance monitor and points out that the father is the man they are looking for and he has got her friend. She has Charles follow the priest and she meets up with Charles at a home where the priest went and she has brought her friend. Charles grills him and he agrees to help them rescue Jonas, he shows Charles that he is armed. Charles has the old man ram the gate and he easily takes out the guard. The old man frees Jonas who joins Charles inside and they capture the father, who has changed his clothes. They take him out the back way.

Molly has called Kim and they are watching Carson and Joss on the surveillance cameras. Molly explains that Joss ids a debutant, billionaire & daredevil and that William Carson was her father's crew chief in two wars. Joss is the owner of Morgan Air and Carson is protecting her from their Charlie like a father would. Molly tells Kim that he wants to buy the business and shows her the blank check. Kim asks, "Why don't we sell it to him?" Both Kim and Molly laugh.

In Washington, Ryan and Charlotte are lying in bed; Tom tells her he is sorry about everything he is done. He asks Charlotte if that makes him a fool and she tells him no, just a man who is tired. Tom begins kissing Charlotte and as she pulls back, he sees Tiffy. As she snuggles back into him, Charlotte is back.

Back in Switzerland, they are heading outside the old man asks where they are taking him. Jonas responds "The Hague". He questions whether or not he will make it alive and Jonas states that "He will not die on my watch". As they round the corner, shoots ring out and the father falls. A young woman puts the gun down and holds up her hands. The old man helping the team gets into a car and drives off. She slowly walks over to the body and begins laying old pictures on it. As the sirens get closer, Charles lays down his gun and he and Jonas walk away in opposite directions.