The Unit

Season 2 Episode 19

The Outsiders

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Apr 03, 2007 on CBS
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Bob and Hector head to New Guinea to retrieve a black box from an Army aircraft that was shot down. The wreckage is located on sacred grounds and they need to permission of the local tribes to retrieve the item. They both must face their own battles to gain the acceptance of the tribe in order to succeed with the mission.

On the home front, Crystal tells a reporter about Mack to get even with him for rejecting her. This action endangers the entire team as well as the National Security of the country. Mack must enlist the aid of the other Unit members to neutralize this threat.


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  • great episode

    Bob and Hector head to New Guinea to recover a black box from an army aircraft that crashed. The aircraft fell right in the heart of a sacred grounds. Asking permission from the locals to enter the holy site is a lot harder than they thought. Back at the base, Mack finds himself being observed by someone he finds suspicious. When he tracks down the guy, it turns out that Crystal has something to do with it. Crystal's revenge just doesn't endanger Mack's marriage but the safety of the unit. Jonas helps him out eliminating the threat. It's an exciting episode. I can't wait for the next one.moreless
  • Good episode where personal conflict and conscience are also players within each one of them and US. As we sit in our living rooms we escape into the scenario and also become involved and share in some of the guilt. GREAT PROGRAMmoreless

    Our heros combat the egos-alter egos- and ids within us to find out what we are made of. Some of the missions are heart warming while others leave is spell bound and cold. Our escape from reality forces us to become involved and/or share in some of the guilt. Each mission someone alws takes the chance of getting hurt or hurting someone else. We the viewer take a special evaluation or unappreciation when children become involved. Our society treats our little ones like precious beings whereas other societies treat little people as expendable and without need of feelings. Terrorists will play on our taught emotions because we are a different culture - and a different victim. We do not appreciate the possibility of children being hurt.moreless
  • Lacklustre

    A below par episode. Below par subject matter. Maybe a decent idea to introduce the spiritual element and the tribes people - but the plot just had no real intenisty. Recovery of lost equipment isnt interesting and the location while novel, was unexciting.

    Frankly Hector on the brink of death seemed unerealistic, at least the way in which it was done. The homefront portion of the plot was better than usual. Infighting between previous team mates/partners is always going to peak at some level esp. if there is a certain likeability of that character - like Summer Glau has!

    Locations of the New Guinea jungle was a highlight, but generic. Though getting a sense of being there was very good and added to the plot. However, the few scenes of conflict really didnt spike beyond a 5-6/10. And therelies the problem. The only real jeopardy was to hector as there was no rival to get the sat equp. Maybe if there had been more in the way of competition, it would have rated higher. As for Hector getting married and joining the native's religious ceremonies.... what was that about! If the writers intend to use it in another episode - fair enough, but the ending was very poor. A real lack of explosiveness to a lacklustre episode.moreless
  • Get the action back!

    I just watched it today. I found the story of Papua to be very confusing. What did they do there? Some machinery fell out of the sky, and the had to collect it? Hector seems to speak the native language (how conveniant), and he turns out to be a "believer". A believer of what? So he gets poisoned and has to sleep with the daughter of the village "elder". To proof his manhood, HUH??!?! Sorry, but this episode didn't quite do it for me. There was no action at all. And the story of Mack and Jeremy's girl... stupid! She called a reporter who is making some inquiries about the Unit's presence in Iran (a few episoded back). That was the only part I liked about the show.moreless
  • As usual, The Unit presents a terribly conservative, poorly researched fantasy view on the world and the army.

    The Unit is a product not fit for consumption outside the US. I'm not in the US, so keep that in mind when reading the rest of the review.

    So two of the members on The Unit are out in some nondescript tribal zone trying to get some nondescript McGuffin, which serves for some traditional defense of spiritualism as opposed to reason, which is supposed to make you feel good, though I'm not entirely sure how. The worst offender to common sense, though, is the pseudofascist plot thread in which a journalist investigates The Unit's black ops, which leads to the group setting him up, threatening him with sending him to Guantanamo in order to make him give up his investigation. All the while, mind you, we're supposed to cheer for the guys.

    I'm not against anti-heroes and tough moral choices in fiction, but that's not what "The Unit" is. This series merely presents anything the heroes are told to do as heroism by default, even when anybody in their right mind would see it as abuse, torture and downright criminal behaviour. I'd actually be more interested in the version of The Unit in which a brave civilian lawyer fights to dismantle what is obviously a terrorist group under the orders of US government and he has to fight the moral issues of stopping people who are above the law, which is bad, but get the job done, which is presumably good.

    Instead, all the moral conflic in any given episode of the series we sadly have to endure is resolved with the same sentence "I'm just a soldier".

    Not that the rest of the world could get too angry, because whenever The Unit tries to depict anywhere but the US it fails miserably. In The Unit's universe, the world is a crazy place where nobody is civilized except for the US. Those who aren't living in total chaos are weaklings who don't dare do what's needed to stop the bad guys. Not even in the 80s has such a simplistic and conservative view been presented as the only possible truth. It's positively scary.moreless

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    • Jonas: Nothing is ever as bad as it seems.
      Mack: Sometimes it's worse.
      Jonas: Hmmph. Yeah, that's right.

    • Tiffy: What you thinking—chicken or ribs?
      Kim: How 'bout pasta? Then you'll have some left over.
      Tiffy: Mack, Jonas and Charles? They're the seven-year locusts.

    • Hector: It was definitely worth the pain.
      Bob: Hum says the church goer.
      Hector: I was talking about completing the mission.
      Bob: Ah.
      Jonas: Even a spiritual man recognizes God's gifts.
      Hector: Well he certainly didn't make me blind.
      (Laughter from the other unit members)
      Charles: You fellows sure tell the tale.
      Bob: Look, alls I know is that I've been on some strange missions but this one, this one's the mint on the pillow.
      Charles: So you got lucky in the badlands bro?
      Hector: It was one night, but honestly, I'd trade it all in for a good wife.
      Bob: Hah! Hah!
      Charles: Ain't that sweet.
      Bob: I can assure you of this much, the hottest babe I've ever seen aside from my wife walks out of the hut with Hector and her look, her look says thank you daddy.
      Jonas: Oh after hearing all the evidence of pertinent testimony, I officially declare this worthy of the wall of fame.
      (Holds up teeth necklace given to Hector by witch doctor)
      Bob: Second it.
      Charles: I still remain dubious.
      Bob: Ah ah, you want to see the knife marks on his back?
      Charles: Yes.
      Hector: Dream on.

    • Mack: I will eat the gun before I let this kill the team.
      Jonas: Hmmph. And what will you do for an encore? You got a family to take care of. I got a girl in college and I ain't lookin' to take on two more.

    • (After Hector, high on the chieftain's potion, causes Bob to crash the jeep.)
      Bob: Hector. Okay. You with me? (no response except a goofy grin) Hey, hey!
      Hector: Here I am.
      Bob: What's my name?
      Hector: Look on your driver's license.

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