The Unit

Season 1 Episode 13

The Wall

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM May 16, 2006 on CBS
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The Unit detains a former Yugoslav general who is wanted for war crimes and then allows the U.N. take credit for their capture. However, the criminal escapes U.N. custody and seeks vengeance against Jonas. On the home front, Tiffy is convinced that Mack has decided to re-enlist with the Unit and considers divorcing him. Kim is the recipient of some disturbing news.moreless

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  • pretty offensive behaviour by "heroes"

    This episode left me with a stale taste in my mouth. The French bashing in it is disgusting. I'm a German so I don't care personally but give we are talking the French Foreign Legion to portray one of the best special forces units outside the US as incompetent weaklings really tops it.

    Involved in this you see the Unit members behave like thugs thinking - and for some reason succeeding - in battering their colleagues in an international mission into submission and stealing personal and highly valuable property of a man who died in his line of duty.

    So he was an idiot but nothing of this excuses this level of behaviour by any soldier of any army.

    Other than that: The plot was barely there for the mission and the finale pretty dumb and I really feel that the army wives is a hen house of bickering and whining. It's pretty sexist if you ask me but anyhow.

    Thought i give this show a chance but there really seems nothing behind the conversativism and flag waving to the tunes "We are the best". That was already bad enough when the Unit was portraying all the other US agencies as incompetent cowards and so small thingies like the non deployment of military forces in domestic environment was handwaved away.

    If that's the world the screenwriters want to have we are back in feudal times.

    Not impressedmoreless
  • badly directed, horrible season finale

    I have loved this series for shying away from the cliche and cheesy story lines. It usually walks the fine line between interesting and mediocre and does it well. This episode was a travesty to that, I thought. The episode felt rushed and I felt like I wasn't getting genuine personal touch that most of the Unit's episodes give. Don't even get me started on the final 10 minutes...very hard to watch. There isn't any other word for it other than bad, bad, bad. So forced and flat and everything I watch the show to get away from. I am watching on dvd and hopefully things will get better in the beginning of next season. My wife and I were just getting into a tv drama together for the first time in a while. I'll keep my fingers crossed. PS: by the way, what happened to the Mack character for the last four episodes? He was hardly in them at all. I feel like something must of come up in real life for the actor or something...very strange.moreless
  • Silly is not a proper adjective to describe this episode, pathetic would be the proper term. It is a shame that a show as good The Unit would stoop to such depths.moreless

    What really surprised and revolted me was the level of French bashing in this episode, it was not subliminal and subtle but rather blatant and in your face. To think that a show on national television could attack a people in such a way is shameful. I know the anti defamation league would be raising all sorts of hell if they made these types of comments about Jews and could one not imagine the uproar if they had made these sort of reflection about Arabs or Muslim, ,my god CAIR would be calling for a boycott. The level of vitriol and venom this episode directed toward the French was absurd and left me with a bad feeling about a series which I had previously enjoyed. This feeling however was not solely due to the "Frog-bashing" but also the unrealistic nature of the episode. For one the French Foreign Legion is not "bent over" as some believe the rest of the French Army is, after all it is comprised of for the most part foreigners, for another it is one of the most renown units in the world(if you do not believe me simply wiki it). I know others have raised this issue, but how the heck did a rag tag group get from Eastern Europe to the U.S. and infiltrate a top secret Army unit to avenge his wife? Come on, that is just pathetic, it is a real shame for a show of this quality to end it's season with not a bang but with a whimper.moreless
  • The pointless and open french-bashing was ridiculous. The last scene was a disgrace. This tells alot on the political views of the story writers and I'm done with this show.

    This episode was particularly painful to watch. The rest of the show isn't that good, but with this final episode we've really touched the bottom.

    Too many goofs and pointless dialogues. All the negative aspects of the show come in full scale in this last episode of season 1.

    Let me tell you I was not proud of being American when I watched this episode. The pointless and open french-bashing was ridiculous. The last scene was a disgrace. This tells alot on the political views of the story writers and I'm done with this show.

    Better luck next time! Maybe I'll go back to some good old 24.moreless
  • The Unit's mission sucks; The Homefront part of the episode WOW!!!

    As controverial as it may sound tasking Delta soldiers to capture a yugoslav general wanted by the UN, at first it sounds ok, but then when we see that the only ones up to the task are T.U. memebers it's like watching again, the episodes were T.U. at home does the work wich would normally fall into the hands of agencies speciallized in those affairs (taking back a hijacked plane, disarm a nuclear bomb). Plus it also makes it pretty clear that no other army in the world is up to any task other than the US Army, I think this time the producers pushed the envelope a bit too much. As for the french Foreign Legion soldiers dressed in US camouflage, wielding US made M-16 rifles and driving US Hummers, well I'm not even going to talk about that, I'0m just going to say unacceptable.

    The homefront on the other hand makes quite a few shocking revelations. While babysitting for Tiffy's girls, Kim finds a photograph of Tiffy and Col. Ryan, it's clear to her what Tiffy was doing that day Kim saw her going into a motel, after a confrontation with Molly and Tiffy, she storms out with a "I never want to talk to you again".

    Also we learn that Col. Ryan is getting married, to a woman no one had ever seen before, however the woman knows everything about Tiffy and the Col.'s affair. Kim herslef is attacked by a sex offender at the radio station, her boss a declared pacifist saves her by threatening the rapist with Kim's gun.

    Later at Col. Ryan's engagement party the yugoslav terrorist T.U. was sent to capture, storms into the party and starts shooting everything. T.U. memebrs however were all packing and make short work of the bad guys.

    Definitely the best action in this episode happened on the home front, and may I add it kind'a sucked for a season finalemoreless
Sebastian Roché

Sebastian Roché

Colonel Leclerq

Guest Star

Michele Greene

Michele Greene

Cynthia Burdett

Guest Star

Yasen Peyankov

Yasen Peyankov

Razlan Dragovich

Guest Star

Rebecca Pidgeon

Rebecca Pidgeon

Charlotte Canning Ryan

Recurring Role

Danielle Hanratty

Danielle Hanratty

Lissy Gerhardt

Recurring Role

Alyssa Shafer

Alyssa Shafer

Serena Brown

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • Goof: The gas in the rubber balloons would have dissolved the rubber and end up leaking out.

    • Goof: The letter about Mac reenlisting, flashed by his wife Tiffy for Col. Ryan's eyes only in the bar is not related to reenlisting, is about leaving the Army. At closer look one discovers that is about an unrelated individual that enlisted in the Army Delayed Entry Program in the past and now is seeking separation from such program due to family hardship.

    • Goof: French soldiers are shown wearing British style DPM uniforms, they are also seen driving American Humvees. The French Foriegn Legion is a part of the Regular French Army and as such are given French Uniforms and French vehicles. Also another mistake is that the UN mission in Bosnia and Serbia ended in December of 2002.

  • QUOTES (9)

    • Brown: When you see Indians be careful. When you don't see Indians be twice as careful.
      Jonas: Who said that?
      Grey: Helen Keller.

    • Mack: (waiting with his sniper rifle) Avon calling. Come out and play.

    • Charlotte Canning Ryan: The secrets of marriage are private. The secrets of combat are private. We women can't know them. We can only be close to them by being close to you. And as in a marriage you men honor us by trusting us not only to keep your secrets, but to respect them.

    • Mack: Oh no. Oh man. I am going to yet again miss my wife's birthday.
      Williams: What'd you get her?
      Mack: Oh man I'm gonna miss her birthday. Stuck with a bunch of froggies.
      Grey: Yeah, yeah you should have stayed in school and got your doctorate in nuclear physics.

    • Grey: I'd take Sacagawea out on a scout, but you stand out in this neighborhood.
      Williams: I stand out in any neighborhood.
      Grey: Yeah, but you're supposed to blend in.

    • Brown: You fellas seem to get along, boss, you and the colonel.
      Jonas: Oh we had a lot in common.
      Brown: Oh, what was that?
      Grey: You guys go to high school together?
      Jonas: No, seemed we both seen Lawrence of Arabia.

    • Yugoslav General: You killed my wife.

    • Charles: Top, you're shot. Give me your gun--you're bleeding.
      (Jonas notices that he took a hit.)
      Jonas: Well how 'bout that.

    • Jonas: How's Mack?
      Charles: He's still shot.

  • NOTES (1)


    • This episode contains a reference to the film Glengarry Glen Ross, written by David Mamet in 1992, writer and creator of The Unit; exactly when one character orders a cup of coffee and the answer given by another character is "coffee is for closers".

    • Sacagawea

      A Shoshone woman who accompanied the Corps of Discovery with Meriwether Lewis and William Clark as an interpreter.

    • Lawrence of Arabia
      A 1962 film starring Peter O'Toole about Lawrence's life during World War I in Arabia.