The Unit

Season 2 Episode 15

The Water is Wide

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Feb 13, 2007 on CBS
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Episode Summary

The team goes to New York to protect a foreign dignitary at the United Nations building. A bomb is discovered and they must diffuse it.

Molly and Tiffy travel to Vietnam to attend a War Memorial Service. A mother of a POW asks them to look for her missing son.

On the home front, Mack rejects Crystal's advances and she threatens to tell Tiffy.moreless

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  • 2/13

    The Unit was a good show, a great military program, but this episode was just not that good. The scene with Molly going to the ranch just felt so out of place. I understand that this show tried to empower women with how well they were used, David Mamet cares about things like that, but this just was not a good of use of them.

    But the bomb scenes were great. When Hector was explaining how to get the guy off the bomb, that was great television, but one good storyline does not make an episode, it takes two to tango.moreless
  • No more cake for me!

    For me the shows strength is seeing the team unravel their current mission and face up to the challenges encountered.

    In this episode, even though the mission isnt fast paced their is enough drama, conflict, intensity and dire consequences to make this another high quality outing. This time Hector is placed in harms way by taking over the pressure plate of a bomb where the UN general sec is standing on.

    The team must battle other possible booby traps while trying to discover the identity of the terrorist and find him in the vicinity.

    The sub-plot that takes Molly and Tiff to Vietnam is a good distraction from the mission, paint the issues of dealing with lost ones particularly the Vietnam war that the loved ones of US personnel may face. Even though this isnt that relevant today I found it to be mildy interesting.

    As ever the dialogue is very good and the tension created by the closeknit group in a hostile environment is a true asset of this show.

    Definitely watch it.moreless
  • Don't Panic. It's just a Bomb!!

    This was quite a tense Unit episode. The Unit finds themselves in a booby-trapped U.N. building with elevators crashing and a bomb about to explode. The Secretary General accidentally activates a pressure bomb and is forced to remain still while the Unit figures out just exactly what it is and how to defuse it. Hector shows his bravery and in a slick move, replaces the Secretary General's weight with his own. I felt this was good for his character seeing how a lot of the times he is in the background. Molly and Tiffy go to Vietnam to search for a POW and I felt that part of the story was boring and unrealistic. The drama with Crystal is getting more interesting as Mack is rejecting her advances and she threatens to expose him to Tiffy as a cheater. It'll be interesting to see how things play out with her because so far she is not bringing the Unit and their wives anything but trouble.moreless
  • good episode

    the team flies to new york to protect a foreign diplomat at the UN headquarters. A diplomat goes to work in the UN building and finds himself getting trapped in his office with a bomb. The unit's job changes when they deal with this bomb threat that wasn't supposed to be their problem, but they are the experts on site so they deal with the bomb threat. Molly and Tiffy fly to Vietnam to attend a ceremony, but they also help out a mom who thinks her son who went MIA in vietnam is still alive. this is a really good episode. the action is moderate, but the suspense is high. the molly storyline is also very interesting.moreless
  • Great episode, nice to see all the Unit members featured and Ryan getting involved.

    Usually in an episode we’ll have 3 maybe 4 of the team taking on a mission or being involved somehow so what a joy it was to see Jonas, Bob, Mack, Hector and Charles star in the same episode, okay Mack was left home having some RnR after his thematic episode in Johnny B Good but surprise surprise we had Col Ryan getting his hands dirty and taking orders from Jonas after a bomb is left in the UN and the team have to defuse it whilst escorting a foreign dignitary, funny how the bomb turned up on the same day the dignitary and the Unit were there even though neither was connected.

    Nice to see Tom Ryan having a laugh with his team instead of always having a rod up his backside and being demanding.

    I have to admit I was glad that Mack didn’t succumb to Crystals advance's at the end ( yes I‘m a guy ), not sure if she'll go ahead with her threat to tell Tiffy but if she doe's i think it will back fire on her and not Mack. At least we know Mack's a caring family man and one night of passion doe's not make him anything less. The parts where Molly and Tiffy going to Vietnam to track down a POW was not really needed and I think a waste of time in this episode but again I suppose the writers needed to give some air time to the females.moreless
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