The Unit

Season 2 Episode 18

Two Coins

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Mar 20, 2007 on CBS

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  • Reality check

    Grey gets a girl killed by asking her to do something stupid and dangerous just because he wanted to have sex with her.

    Tiffy has a problem using a coin worth over $80k to take care of her family and give her daughters a life kick start.

    That's right -the women who lied and cheated on her husband (and was willing to continue to cheat after Tom got married) for a really long time had a problem with keeping money that she didn't have to lie, cheat or steal for.

    Totally believable and realistic.
  • The same ironic side of two different coins

    Two stories with the same theme, live, love and conflict around two very different coins.

    With the team out in Israel from training exercise, Charles fall for an Israeli female sgt. She has a special coin which has sentimental value because her family died in a terroist attack.

    Tiffys coin is found when an the widow of a WW2 vet gives her some old clothing for a charity show. Should have seen the sign of something not meant to be.

    The main story was excellently crafted, a personal one, where soldiers must grab what they can when they can, due to the nature of their jobs. This is clearly illustrated in a simple yet powerful plot arc with a strong overtone of irony. The Tiffy storyline is just a lesser platform for irony, which lets face it plays a strong hand in the life of every soldier on the planet.

    What I loved about this episode is the constrast between each story. The main story swings from good emotion to bad and cranks up the intensity levels when the terrorist unit gets on screen. With both Charles and the sergeant in mortal danger, you just know that it wont end good. The other story though just in for light relief, starts benign and sees the hapless Tiffy screw up another good piece of fortune. Id hate to think that all forces wives are that dim or prone to cons.

    Still both stories complement each other and make this episode one of my favs.
  • Grey sneaks off with a female Israeli solider and Tiffy finds a valuable coin.

    This is my favourite episode. I loved the way they switched from the mission to the homefront by using the coins. I also really enjoyed how this episode focused on Grey, and especially the fact he was shirtless. But beyond that this episode showed us a more romantic side of Grey, not the side we see on missions or even the ladies' man/ one night stand side we normally see. It was sad when she died but it was not unexpected. Tiffy was an idiot not to check to make sure she got her coin back from that total stranger, I knew he had stold it but at least she found it funny even if Hector didn't understand why she was laughing.
  • great episode

    The unit goes to israel to learn new defense techniques from the israeli army. Charles falls in love with an israeli soldier. When Charles and the israeli soldier go to the west bank for a tour, they encounter hamas terrorists who are plotting to mass murder israeli civilians. Tiffy gets hold of a 1920s coin and learns that it costs a lot of money. This is a really exciting episode. The israel scene looks really good. The costumes, actors and the sets looks believable. The story itself had a decent amount of action in it. I can't wait for the next episode.
  • An interesting episode.

    The team minus Hector are sent on a training program to learn techniques on suicide bombers in Israel but when Charles and an Israeli female sergeant who he falls for visit’s an old ruined castle in the west bank, but they are visited by a group of Hamas soldiers planning a suicide mission and have no escape, it’s up to Jonas’s team and the Israeli’s Commander to come to the rescue with dire consequences.

    At home Tiffy comes across an old World War 2 coin, it‘s no ordinary coin and she finds out it‘s valued at $100,000, because of the way it came in her procession she is torn on moral ground on what to do with the money however she soon learns that she wont have any problems deciding on how to divide the money. Not a bad episode, compared to the previous episode Dark of the Moon not much action however the episode was seen more as a romantic story line.
  • While on assignment, Charles falls in love with an Israeli Sergeant. Tiffy thinks she's hit the jackpot when a giveaway war memorabilia contains a hidden valuable coin.

    The Unit team didn't do much in this episode. Instead this episode was more about a love story of two people in war and the heartbreak that war brings to them.

    Charles falls for an Israeli girl and the two quickly become fond of each other (as seen in the brief love making scene). However, the two made a dumb decision by deciding to do it near a battlefield area that will be used by a couple of suicide bombers. Charles and the girl are stuck where they are. When Blaine and others realize Charles is missing they go out to look for him but the Israeli commander is in charge of the situation.

    Like I said the Unit team didn't much. This was more a Charles oriented episode. Blaine and the others really were spectators. Tiffy got lucky by finding a special coin. However, by the end of the episode we see her once again committing a dumb mistake.

    Anyhow, great acting by the character playing the Israeli girl. The whole episode was acted well. The ending was tragic and predictable but it's an episode that shows even in war you can make an intimate connection with someone that will stay you for a long time.
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