The Unit

Season 2 Episode 18

Two Coins

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Mar 20, 2007 on CBS

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  • The same ironic side of two different coins

    Two stories with the same theme, live, love and conflict around two very different coins.

    With the team out in Israel from training exercise, Charles fall for an Israeli female sgt. She has a special coin which has sentimental value because her family died in a terroist attack.

    Tiffys coin is found when an the widow of a WW2 vet gives her some old clothing for a charity show. Should have seen the sign of something not meant to be.

    The main story was excellently crafted, a personal one, where soldiers must grab what they can when they can, due to the nature of their jobs. This is clearly illustrated in a simple yet powerful plot arc with a strong overtone of irony. The Tiffy storyline is just a lesser platform for irony, which lets face it plays a strong hand in the life of every soldier on the planet.

    What I loved about this episode is the constrast between each story. The main story swings from good emotion to bad and cranks up the intensity levels when the terrorist unit gets on screen. With both Charles and the sergeant in mortal danger, you just know that it wont end good. The other story though just in for light relief, starts benign and sees the hapless Tiffy screw up another good piece of fortune. Id hate to think that all forces wives are that dim or prone to cons.

    Still both stories complement each other and make this episode one of my favs.