The Unit

Season 4 Episode 22

Unknown Soldier

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM May 10, 2009 on CBS

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  • Unknown Soldier

    Not the most satisfying ending, you never like when there are questions left unanswered in a finale, but it did have some excitement with the bomb, and a payoff wedding for an often unheralded member of The Unit. This was a good show, but probably the right time to end it.
  • what a waste

    This site is a waste of my time
  • Snake Doc and his men saved american lives once again!

    I have to say this is not one of the most explosive episodes in the series but it ties the end well enough and left not much of a mission cliffhanger. On the other hand, Jonas' wife Molly is leaving him for good underlies a lot of uncertainties not just for Jonas but also for Bob's wife Kim. It would be interesting to see how are the couples going to sort this out. Great new additional casts (Sam, Bridget) this season. CBS has to renew this great show for season 5. On the top of that, change the formula of the show back to its original. I bet some more ex-fans will come back and have a blast. Thanks The Unit. You made my day easier bit by bit.
  • Holy this Episode started kind of slow but what an awesome Ending , This series is so good , I hope and believe it keeps going

    This is the most realistic military life drama and action show ever, Dealing with real relationships and real life issues , I hope and believe the new season will continue to bring such awesome and life changing episodes as this season 4 was the best I have seen since its beginning , season 3 dealt with to many sexual issue but this season was really diverse and dealt with both relationships and a spiritual aspect which is so important especially in these last days we r living in. The mission about the spear of Christ or the sword that pierced Christ side was the most amazing eposide also the double header was so intense, can't wait for next season
  • Season Finale, hopefully NOT the Series Finale.

    Well all good things must come to an end, and so do The Unit with this season end finale, all loose ends are tied up along with it.

    Leon Drake has distributed three nuclear bombs to three different states in America, Sam (Whiplash) who's still undercover and working along Leon is trying to find what his motives are and where the three bombs are heading, when he gets the information he needs he manages to pass it on to the team who put out singer operations to intercept the bombs.

    Mack and Grey intercept the first and it's not long before Jonas and Bob get to the second, working together the two man teams disable the bombs only to find there dud's ( shock horror ) so it's a race against time to track the third which is suspected as the real macoy, Bob, Mack and Grey go after that only to find once again it's a dud and it's up to Jonas with the help of an ex-KGB Russian to track the live one and Drake.

    Naturally all works out well, the last bomb is found and disarmed, Drake is shot dead, Col Ryan is made a 1 star general ( hope I've got that correct ) and Charles and Joss get married, the only down side is we see Molly walking away with suitcase packed.

    Now this leaves us wondering, is that it for the Unit??, the team are together, all are happy, Tiff and Mack have made amends to there turbulent marriage, Charles Grey has found his 'one' in Joss, the terrorist strike and the mastermind behind it stopped and killed, but then we have Molly and Jonas splitting, I say splitting as I didn't hear any mention of divorce, Kim is also having second thoughts in regards to being a Unit wife, Col Ryan has accepted his star and thus will not be allow to command the Unit anymore. So where doe's that leave us with regards to a fifth season? The writers could just say that's that and leave us to make our own minds up with Jonas and Molly, or they could bring back a fifth series with Jonas being made commander of the Unit, this way he would not have to go on missions and this would maybe get Molly to stay, the team would still have four members plus Bridget ( Redcap ) and us Unit fans would be happy.
  • One of the best shows i have seen...

    I have been in the military for almost 7 years now, a few deployments and doing some other stuff in the military right now. This show started to go from good to great this season and it is a huge disappointment when i read that this was the last season. I want more and im sure everyone else does also. The development of the plot this season and really allowing the terror to hit home has a realistic side to what could happen if we were not out fighting on the front lines. It is obvious that these characters do not represent many soldiers in todays military; however, everyone who serves would love to have the opportunity to operate in an environment like CAG.