The United States Steel Hour

ABC (ended 1963)




Episode Guide

  • Season 10
    • The Old Lady Shows Her Medals
      U. S. Steel Hour concludes with this restaging of the J. M. Barrie comedy.
      An old lady becomes friends with a group of mothers who have sons fighting overseas during World War I. She feels left out since she has no child serving the war effort. After seeing a photo in the newspaper of a soldier with her last name, she tells the other ladies that he is her son, even though she's never even met the man. A meeting between the two is inevitable.moreless
    • Don't Shake the Family Tree
      In this comedy, a man running for a position in an Irish organization decides to research his family's heritage. While searching his ancestors, he sees his chance of becoming president destroyed when discovering that he's actually Scottish.
    • The Many Ways of Heaven
      Russell Hampshire hasn't spent much time with his son Teddy during summer vacation, but the youngster has found a substitute--Captain Walker, a retired airline pilot.
    • The Soldier Ran Away
      Twelve-year-old Jeff Wheeler, whose father is an Army doctor stationed in Germany, wants to prove to the old man that he is self-reliant so he sneaks into the attic at night to make a pipe rack for him.
    • Mission of Fear
      Mission of Fear
      Episode 16
      A blackmailer approaches a young couple with a secret from the wife's past. The blackmailer is found dead and there's a witness to the killing--except she also turns up dead. Circumstantial evidence points to the couple as the murderers.
    • The Secrets of Stella Crozier
      Stella Crozier is the type who like to manipulate those around her. Her victims include several male admirers and her cousin Lucy. Stella even tries to break up the romance between her father and an opera singer. Finally fed up, her victims gang up on her and return the favors.
    • Moment of Rage
      Moment of Rage
      Episode 14
      Paul Gardiner, Latin teacher at a private school, was an adopted child who never bothered to inquire who his real parents were. But now his snobbish future mother-in-law insists that he learn their identities before he gets married.
    • Night Run to the West
      Caring for her elderly invalid husband is a lonely task for Francie Broderick, and when a truck driver named Charlie Williams barges into her life, she sees him as her salvation.
    • The Troubled Heart
      The Troubled Heart
      Episode 12
      The mother of two has been diagnosed with a threatening heart defect that even surgery may not be able to correct.
    • Fair Young Ghost
      Fair Young Ghost
      Episode 11
      On a stormy night during World War II, American officer Brock James and Alison MacLauren, a Scottish lass, take refuge in an old inn during an air raid. After some flirting, Brock reveals that he has a fiance at home. Upset, the woman storms out and is killed by a buzz bomb. All these years later, he returns to the inn with his wife and learns the establishment is haunted by a fair young ghost.moreless
    • The Young Avengers
      The Young Avengers
      Episode 10
      A young lawyer comes into contact with a broken-hearted little boy who wants to murder the man he believed killed his beloved dog. The lawyer convinces the child that truth is always more important than angry revenge.
    • The Duchess and the Smugs
      Penelope is a 14-year-old whose father owns a hotel on the French Riviera. She has great freedom to mingle with the visitors, yet longs for a more formalized life like that of a standard British family that is visiting.
    • Big Day for a Scrambler
      A older golf pro is suffering from "golfer's back" and doctors say it could leave him crippled if he doesn't give up the game. Determined to play one last tournament, he's in the lead for the big cash prize, until his caddy notices an error in the scoring.
    • Farewell To Innocence
      Unable to connect with his uncommunicative parents, a thoughtful 12-year-old boy goes to live with his aunt and dying grandfather. He searches for truth in the lives of his lively aunt and very ill grandparent.
    • Marriage Marks the Spot
      Wally Evans is a show off, fast-talking computer salesman who also considers himself quite the ladies man. Brains is his assuming assistant. They both are interested in the same woman, a receptionist of a client.
    • A Break in the Weather
      Working at the bank doesn't provide Henry Marshall with enough money to satisfy his wife and daughter. A vice-president's position is open, but the competition for the job is formidable.
    • Wanted: Someone Innocent
      Scheming to gain a divorce from her sick husband, an unfaithful wife hires a sexy nurse to attend to him, doing everything she can to encourage a romance. The nurse finally figures it out and threatens to quit. Livid, the wife decided the way of getting rid of her problem involves poisoning.moreless
    • The White Lie
      The White Lie
      Episode 3
      In the season premiere, a small town lumber dealer has his world turned upside down because of white lie his wife told when goaded by a local socialite. By the time it's repeated and exaggerated several times, their bland life is scandalous.
    • The Inner Panic
      The Inner Panic
      Episode 2
      A young man with a speech impediment and having a hard time landing his first job gets hired in the mailroom of a big company through his mother's intervention. He quickly gains confidence, loses his stutter, and finds love with a young woman who works at the same company.
    • Dry Rain
      Dry Rain
      Episode 1
      Jo and her boyfriend Paul both work at a Las Vegas casino. Paul tells Jo that they can't marry until he finishes school and can support them. Angry, she sarcastically suggests he should just rob the casino if he needs money and proceeds to detail it could be done. Though they have no intention of really staging a heist, a confidence man who overhears the conversation does, and seeks out Jo for more details on the guards' schedules at the gaming house.moreless
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