The United States Steel Hour - Season 3

ABC (ended 1963)




Episode Guide

  • The Five Fathers of Pepi
    Five men in an Italian village informally adopt an orphaned boy. They're doing a good job with the child's upbringing when an American couple shows up and wants to legally adopt the lad. The five "fathers" do everything possible to keep this from happening.
  • Stopover at Sublimity
    A young couple in the rural Northwest live with the husband's parents. When the husband is called away from the farm for a few days, a young salesman visits and begins romancing the wife. The mother-in-law steps in before things get out of hand.
  • The Partners
    The Partners
    Episode 29
    Sidney West has sucessfully operated a tailor's shop for 30 years. With plans to grow the business with additional locations, he invites his son to join him as a partner after graduating college. The two clash when the son institutes rigid policies that totally remove the human touch--the very thing that has made Sidney a success.moreless
  • Operation Three R's
    Operation Three R's
    Episode 28
    During World War II, Corporal Neville, a young man awaiting appointment to Officer Candidate School, is asked to become an instructor to illiterates.
  • The Boarding House
    The Boarding House
    Episode 25
    As the proprietor of a Dublin boarding house, Mrs. Mooney goes to great lengths to keep her daughter away from the male boarders. But when a nice, shy young man moves in, Mrs. Mooney sets her matrimonial trap. The poor young man is putty in her scheming hands as she tries to get the two youngsters to fall in love.moreless
  • The Old Lady Shows Her Medals
    An old lady becomes friends with a group of mothers who have sons fighting overseas during World War I. She feels left out since she has no child serving the war effort. After seeing a photo in the newspaper of a soldier with her last name, she tells the other ladies that he is her son, even though she's never even met the man.moreless
  • Honest in the Rain
    Honest in the Rain
    Episode 23
    Having finally found love, Libby Marks tries to fight her urge to gamble. But when she gets a tip on a horse, Libby withdraws money from the joint account she and her fiance had set up for their life together.
  • Noon on Doomsday
    Noon on Doomsday
    Episode 22
    When the narrow-minded citizens of a community acquit a psychopathic bully for the murder of an immigrant shopkeeper, a retired judge tries to persuade the community to rectify this miscarriage of justice.
  • The Funny Heart
    The Funny Heart
    Episode 21
    A comedy star signs to do a TV series with her husband producing and writing. All is well until the show's opportunistic director tries to increase his power at their expense. He begins insinuating to the high-strung star that her husband married her for professional reasons. Soon, the couple is on the verge of divorce.moreless
  • Thirty Year Man
    Thirty Year Man
    Episode 20
    After thirty years in the Army, Jim Cahill is ready to retire, but wishes he had a wife and home waiting for him. The thought of civilian loneliness saddens him. A married buddy invites him to spend a weekend with him and his wife.
  • The Candidate
    The Candidate
    Episode 19
    Two candidates are running for the nomination at a national political convention. The behind-the-scenes maneuvering and deal-making allows one of the men to get the party's nod. Senator Masterson has tried for the nomination before and believes this is his last chance. Senator Hastings believes the people want him and refuses to release any delegates.moreless
  • Moment of Courage
    Moment of Courage
    Episode 18
    A New York publicity agent returns to his hometown, now a Western "ghost town", with the goal of turning the village into a tourist destination. With big celebration plans underway, a pair of criminals plan to rob the local bank using the agent's wife as "security".
  • Command
    Episode 17
    During the final stages of World War II, the captain of a minesweeper in the South Pacific is pre-occupied with his pregnant wife and a battle-weary crew. He receives horrible personal news during a brief shore leave, turning his mood sour. The captain becomes tyrannical, leading his crew to revolt.
  • A Fair Shake
    A Fair Shake
    Episode 16
    A law official is sent to escort a murder suspect who needs protection; a lynch mob is out to kill him. When the two are involved in a car wreck, the prisoner saves the lawman's life by carrying him six miles to a doctor's house. The blood-thirsty lynch mob finally catches up with the pair but is confused as to which man is which.moreless
  • The Great Adventure
    The Great Adventure
    Episode 15
    A famous British artist returns to London following a tour of the world. When his personal valet dies, the artist decides to assume the identiy of the dearly departed, freeing himself of the crowds and publicity that came with fame. Many years later after marrying and enjoying a quiet life, the valet's widow shows up.moreless
  • Bring Me a Dream
    Bring Me a Dream
    Episode 14
    A young veteran has turned bitter after a Korean war injury robbed him of his dream. Now working as a boxing instructor for the parks department, his hopes for a fight career ended when a metal plate was put in his head. A young woman solicits his help in guiding her younger brother, hoping he can steer the boy on the right path.moreless
  • White Gloves
    White Gloves
    Episode 13
    A middle-aged actress has neglected most of her motherly duties in pursuit of her career. Now, with her grown-up son arriving with his new wife in tow, she must choose between building a new future with the couple or trying to destroy their relationship.
  • Edward, My Son
    Edward, My Son
    Episode 12
    Sir Arnold Holt's business is failing and his beloved son needs surgery. Once turning to dishonest methods to raise the funds, Holt soon has built a fortune. He throws away all pretense of decency in his business dealings, dedicating his life to the success of his son. Not surprisingly, the boy has grown into a spoiled, self-centered jerk. Eventually, Holt's wife is driven to drunkeness to escape all of the ugliness that permeates their lives.moreless
  • Incident in an Alley
    Walking home from the movies with his wife, a rookie cop hears glass breaking in an alley and a person running from the scene. He leaps into action firing three warning shots into the air before taking dead aim at the boy. During the cop's manslaughter trial, the quesion of whether the police use their guns to liberally is discussed.moreless
  • Outcast
    Episode 10
    A once-successful Hollywood screenwriter has turned to alcohol. Unable to get past the death of her daughter and the cheating of her husband, she feels that attempting a recovery is pointless. After a young woman with a small child come to work for her, she experiences a change of heart and engages in rehabilitation.moreless
  • Shoot It Again
    Shoot It Again
    Episode 9
    A Hollywood star tries to introduce her cowboy husband to the glitzy world of Hollywood and show business. Though she wants him to be an actor, he, and the movie crew, would be happier if he didn't try.
  • Obsession
    Episode 8
    A young wife, under the thumb of a domineering husband and older sister, finally asserts her independence. Instructed to buy a dress for a wedding, she takes to the attic and makes one herself. Her husband becomes enraged, fearing the dress will look like a homemade monstrosity.
  • Ashton Buys a Horse
    Yiddish stage star Menasha Skulnik plays an honest barber who thinks he can reform a crowd of horse-betting gamblers who meet in the back of his shop. He talks them into going "legit" and buying a racehorse, but the bookies, cut out of their steady stream of cash, don't like the idea.moreless
  • A Wind from the South
    A 30-year-old Irish country woman who has watched life pass her by finally experiences her first love. It happens when a tourist visits the inn she runs with her brother.
  • Counterfeit
    Episode 5
    A happy couple leads a quiet, uneventful life in the suburbs. Their daughter, however, despises this staid and easy-going lifestyle. To escape, she elopes, giving the locals a scandal to gossip about that eventually involves Scotland Yard.
  • The Bride Cried
    The Bride Cried
    Episode 4
    In this comedy/romance, a family devotes all of its efforts to finding a husband for the youngest daughter so she won't turn out like her spinster aunt.
  • The Seventh Veil
    The Seventh Veil
    Episode 3
    A doctor uses drugs to probe into the emotional problems of a talented concert pianist. Through a series of flashbacks, it's revealed that she was relentless driven to fame and success by her guardian who treated her as a virtual prisoner.
  • The Gambler
    The Gambler
    Episode 2
    A one-time nightclub owner and professional gambler is now broke and on the verge of losing his wife. In desperation, he turns to his old gambling pals hoping they'll financially back one last stab at winning big.
  • The Meanest Man in the World
    In this farce, a stone-hearted lawyer wants to foreclose on the mortgage of a batty old lady. The lawyer's assistant is a sentimental man who teams up with a friend of the old lady (and a mouse) to halt the proceedings.