The United States Steel Hour - Season 4

ABC (ended 1963)




Episode Guide

  • Up Above the World So High
    This fantasy tells of a low-paid shipping clerk who's father to a seven-year-old boy. To distract themselves from their dull lives, the two entertain each other with outrageous and fanciful stories. The tales take on a life of their own when the son begins to believe that his father truly can fly.moreless
  • A Loud Laugh
    A Loud Laugh
    Episode 26
    A young woman returns to teaching and is assigned a high school class full of rowdies. She becomes especially unpopular when she fails the biggest troublemaker: the captain of the football team.
  • The Change in Chester
    Chester Brown is the mild-mannered sort of person that you tend to overlook. That changes when the boss' secretary enrolls him in a "personality project" to bring him out of his shell. The more aggressive side of Chester takes over with comic results.
  • Victim
    Episode 24
    A good kid suffers because of the bad reputation earned by other teenagers. After being involved in an innocent, minor car accident, the cops and his parents declare him a "hot rod killer".
  • Sideshow
    Episode 23
    Against the backdrop of a traveling carnival, a father and son relationship develops between the giant wrestler and smaller his helper. (The younger man always "volunteers" from the crowd to wrestle the big man.) Their friendship is almost destroyed when a gorgeous woman comes between the two.
  • Upbeat
    Episode 22
    A vocalist who became briefly popular is regarded in the music business as a "one hit wonder". She hasn't had a follow-up hit because she only records tunes written by her husband, a lousy songwriter. Her label desperately needs a hit record so she agrees to attempt a comeback, however her selfish husband stands in the way.moreless
  • The Little Bullfighter
    A Tiajuana shoeshine boy wants to follow in his father's footsteps as a bullfighter even though the man was killed in the rink. He gets to meet the matador he idolizes but before pursuing his dream he must deal with his conscience.
  • Shadow in the Sky
    Shadow in the Sky
    Episode 20
    Three people attempt a daring escape from behind the Iron Curtain. The trio commandeers an airplane once it's in flight, demanding that the pilot take them to freedom. Complications arise when a secret agent smashes the control instruments so there's no way of knowing what direction they're flying.
  • A Drum is a Woman
    A Drum is a Woman
    Episode 19
    Duke Ellington narrates and conducts this original musical fantasy about the development of modern jazz. Stretching from the early days of New Orleans through contemporary calypso, the love story of Madam Zajj, a symbol representing jazz, and Carribee Joe is told through dance and song. Zajj becomes restless and travels to the Big Easy to experience Marti Gras and swanky nightclubs. Though it all, she cannot forget her first love.moreless
  • A Matter of Pride
    A Matter of Pride
    Episode 18
    For his graduation, a high schooler needs a blue serge suit. His parents, unfortunately, cannot afford one, so they brush off the suit his grandfather wore to his wedding. The boy fears the reaction his antique outfit will get from his schoolmates.
  • The Hill Wife
    The Hill Wife
    Episode 17
    Three poems by Robert Frost are woven together to paint a lyrical picture of New England life in 1915. A census taker gives viewers a look at the residents of a small New Hampshire community. Spotlighted is Estelle, a woman who keeps house for a man she loves. After he hurts her, she turns to the arms of a young farmer, Joel.moreless
  • Hidden Fury
    Hidden Fury
    Episode 16
    Three incompetent criminals break into a factory to steal its payroll. In the process, they make off with a highly radioactive colbalt bomb. The town is in terror as authorities try to recover the dangerous device.
  • The Bottle Imp
    The Bottle Imp
    Episode 15
    A sailor, Philip, meets Haiti's wealthiest inhabitant, Andre, who's selling a magic bottle containing the powerful imp that brought him his great fortune. Phillip isn't interested in the bottle until he meets a girl he wants to marry and doesn't have the wealth that the girl's father demands.
  • Shadow of Evil
    Shadow of Evil
    Episode 14
    The sheriff of Bannack City has an irrational hatred of outlaws. In one gun battle he kills a young cowhand, claiming that the youngster had made an attempt on his life. The dead boy's sister is determined to put a stop to the sheriff, bringing a gunman with her for a showdown.moreless
  • Inspired Alibi
    Inspired Alibi
    Episode 13
    A wealthy old woman who hides her money in her house employs an young woman as her maid. The girl has the misfortune of falling in love with an unscrupulous salesman.
  • They Never Forget
    They Never Forget
    Episode 12
    Sgt. Walt Stebbins is a soldier suffering from battle fatigue. While awaiting a return to the front, he's staying with a widow, her son and father in their home in a small Belgian town. Their love and understanding gives him the strength to continue.
  • To Die Alone
    To Die Alone
    Episode 11
    A husband moves his wife and son to Dakota following the Civil War. His vocal his hatred of Northerners isolates the family from all of their neighbors, leaving them alone to fight off an Indian attack.
  • The Human Pattern
    The Human Pattern
    Episode 10
    A mother has been prodding her son to enter into a "good" marriage with a woman with social stature. He meets the woman he truly loves but she doesn't fit mother's criteria, leading to mother to ruin the romance.
  • The Old Lady Shows Her Medals
    An old lady becomes friends with a group of mothers who have sons fighting overseas during World War I. She feels left out since she has no child serving the war effort. After seeing a photo in the newspaper of a soldier with her last name, she tells the other ladies that he is her son, even though she's never even met the man. An uncomfortable meeting between the two is inevitable.moreless
  • Hunted
    Episode 7
    Grigor Dimitrovski escapes from Russia and tries to keep a low profile, living in a nondescript boarding house in the U. S. This doesn't keep him from being the target of threats to take him back to the Soviet Union and make an example of him. A fellow boarder, a hard-as-nails burlesque performer, takes him under her wing and helps him achieve permanant freedom.moreless
  • Tom Sawyer
    Tom Sawyer
    Episode 6
    Original tunes have been composed for this musical adaptation of Mark Twain's classic. Scenes included from the book are Huck and Tom attending their own funeral, the incident in the cemetary, and the gang getting lost in a cave.
  • Survival
    Episode 5
    In this courtroom drama, a man is accused of tossing a dozen sailors from a lifeboat following a shipwreck. His dedicated defense attorney wants to prove it was necessary to save most of the ships passengers after the ship stuck an iceberg.
  • Wetback Run
    Wetback Run
    Episode 4
    A Mexican desperate to enter the United States asks for help from a mysterious figure who, for a price, can get him across the border.
  • Sauce for the Goose
    A young husband who works as a copywriter at a publishing house takes to heart the marriage counseling book he's editing. All of its unneeded advice soon begins to wreck his marriage.
  • Bang the Drum Slowly
    The strong bond of friendship develops between Henry Wiggins, the star pitcher of a baseball team, and Bruce Pearson, a catcher he's assigned to room with. Bruce confides that he's fighting Hodgkin's Disease and two conspire to keep it from the coach, even when Bruce's skills start to diminish.
  • We Must Kill Toni
    We Must Kill Toni
    Episode 1
    Two brothers will inherit a sizable sum left by an American cousin, but only if no female family members are living. Since the family's women have a history of unexpected deaths, they decide to help events along by bumping off Toni.