The United States Steel Hour - Season 5

ABC (ended 1963)




Episode Guide

  • Be My Guest
    Be My Guest
    Episode 26
    In this comedy, a man moves with his wife to the suburbia of Greenwich, Connecticut where they convert their garage into a guest room. The husband meets a couple at a cocktail party and feels pressured to invite them over for the weekend. The "professional guests" arrive and proceed to drink all his liquor, monopolize the phone and generally disrupt the household.moreless
  • Old Marshals Never Die
    Bat Bethune, former marshal of a New Mexico town, has become a legendary figure as a result of his boldness during the wild early days of the town's history. But, in his old age, he is given to shooting at imaginary badmen, endangering the inhabitants. Finally, the mayor decides Bethune must leave town.moreless
  • The Climate of Marriage
    A businessman has grown restless and bored with his home life after 20 years of marriage. He begins a relationship with his "office wife", his secretary, and soon asks his wife for a divorce. The wife will not give up quietly and decides to fight for her marriage, a move that only alienates the man more.moreless
  • Flint and Fire
    Flint and Fire
    Episode 23
    Niram is not able to marry Evleen because of his obligation to his invalid mother. A neighbor couple learns of their dilemma and discovers that the old lady has a sister who could care be her caretaker. The mother, however, is too proud to ask for her assistance. The neighbors arrange a meeting between the sisters which turns unpleasant.moreless
  • The Hidden River
    The Hidden River
    Episode 22
    In post-war France, two brothers are implicated in the disappearance of a cousin who was a Resistance fighter during World War II.
  • The Littlest Enemy
    The Littlest Enemy
    Episode 21
    An American family wants to take a little French boy back to the U.S. to live with them. Before they do, they learn shocking facts: the kid's father was a German solider and his mother was a collaborator with the enemy.
  • A Family Alliance
    A Family Alliance
    Episode 20
    This comedy follows two lovely young ladies who are roomates in a Greenwich Village apartment. One of the girls falls for a sophisticated society type and is afraid to tell him that her father is a farmer.
  • Hour of the Rat
    Hour of the Rat
    Episode 19
    John Woodruffe is tormented by memories of the horrors he suffered in a Japanese prison camp during World War II. He recalls his vow to avenge the death of a chaplain executed by Sakamura, the brutal camp adjutant. Years later, Woodruffe finds himself face to face with the object of his bitter hate, Sakamura.moreless
  • A Man in Hiding
    A Man in Hiding
    Episode 18
    A British priest is assigned to a parish on an island off the Irish coast. Anti-British sentiment runs exteremely high there, with the people practically demanding the priest to take a side on the conflict.
  • The Public Prosecutor
    In the time following the French revolution, the ruthless public prosecutor who conducted the inquisitions conducts a reign of terror. Everyone is out to protect their own head, leading to much plotting and counter-plotting.
  • Beaver Patrol
    Beaver Patrol
    Episode 16
    Having been a furrier in the Big Apple, an old man retires to California and moves in with his daughter's family. Since he has time on his hands, he volunteers as a pack leader for a boy ranger's group. Being a life-long city dweller, he knows nothing about outdoor life or survival techniques. Instead, he teaches the kids about New York's subway system.moreless
  • Top Secret Mission
    Top Secret Mission
    Episode 15
    In post-war Europe, Russian and British agents are both searching for a German nuclear scientist. Each wants the genius to work for their side.
  • Give Me My Son
    Give Me My Son
    Episode 14
    An Army captain returns to America after being held in a Chinese prison camp. Long presumed dead, he finds that his son has since been legally adopted by an unknown couple. Though the child is living happily with the new family, the father wants his boy back.
  • Walk with a Stranger
    A bitter young man with a physical handicap arrives at a farm looking for work. It's unfortunate for him that he fits the description of an escaped criminal.
  • The Reward
    The Reward
    Episode 12
    A bitter old cheapskate with an obsession for quiet is forced to take in a couple of boarders. Her peace and solitude are disrupted by the mother and her delightful, energetic little girl. Eventually, the cold heart of the elderly curmudgeon is warmed.
  • Never Know the End
    Never Know the End
    Episode 11
    Harry is the philosophical loafer in the small town of Emsen's Ford. He's got more than folksy sayings on his mind. He's thinking about murdering Ralph Tugwell, a slippery local character he believes killed his fiance.
  • The Bromley Touch
    The Bromley Touch
    Episode 10
    A hard-driving, brilliant New York publicity man is a huge success in his work, though he sacrifices his family and his integrity in the process.
  • The Charmer
    The Charmer
    Episode 9
    A successful theatrical agent, though in her mid-thirties, continues postponing her wedding date. In the meantime, she makes the mistake of becoming involved with an ambitious younger actor who's using her for his professional gain.
  • Little Charlie Don't Want a Saddle
    A mute spinster becomes a mail-order bride to a widower farmer. She wins over the man and his younger son, but the older son feels that his father is not honoring the memory of his mother.
  • You Can't Win
    You Can't Win
    Episode 7
    In this comedy, Frank Mooner is a dishwasher who actually loves his restaurant job. He does however wish for a chunk of money for a special reason. When he amazingly wins the Irish Sweepstakes, he finds he needs a business manager to keep his riches in order.
  • Huck Finn
    Huck Finn
    Episode 6
    In this musical version of the classic Twain story, Huck, Duke and Dauphin ride a raft down the Mississippi. Also, Huck becomes involved with a couple of confidence men trying to cheat a couple of women out of their inheritance.
  • The Locked Door
    The Locked Door
    Episode 5
    A teenaged boy doesn't understand the gravity of his stepfather's money woes.
  • Crisis in Corona
    Crisis in Corona
    Episode 4
    In this drama about the Bill of Rights and freedom of speech, a sixteen-year-old student chooses Aaron Burr as the topic of a speech. Since Burr is regarded as a murderer and traitor by many, the school principal forbids her to speak of him. She refuses to back down and is expelled.moreless
  • Who's Earnest?
    Who's Earnest?
    Episode 3
    This musical adaptation of Oscar Wilde's The Importance of Being Earnest follows a pair of friends who lead exciting secret lives to escape their boring families. A couple of women enter the story and the mix-ups begin.
  • Haunted Harbor
    Haunted Harbor
    Episode 2
    A century earlier, a small Quebec fishing village was practically destroyed by a horrific storm followed by an epidemic. The superstitious locals believe it was payback for a murder. After a movie producer and writer arrive in the town to do research for a film, there's a murder followed by a storm. The villagers fear that they are cursed as their ancestors were.moreless
  • Windfall
    Episode 1
    A man is willed his father's old, run-down Midwestern farm. As his children gather to attend the elder man's funeral, bickering breaks out among the kids who think their father should sell the property and divide the money.