The United States Steel Hour - Season 6

ABC (ended 1963)




Episode Guide

  • The Hours Before Dawn
    The nighttime crying of a couple's infant daughter bothers all the neighbors. Their mysterious boarder, a schoolteacher, is the only one who seems not to notice. This person's odd behavior sets off rumors around the neighborhood.
  • The Case of Julia Walton
    A woman in the process of divorcing her alcoholic husband is having problems with their young son. She invites her future-ex over to discuss the child and announces her plans to remarry. Before it's all over, she has shot him dead. The boy, however, claims he heard none of the scuffle or fight over the weapon.moreless
  • A Taste of Champagne
    In this comedy, a bookkeeper retires from the company after 25 years, and takes the $85,000 payroll with him as he heads to Paris. He takes up with a glamorous gold digger and the two have a huge time living the high life until the insurance inspector catches up to them.moreless
  • Seed of Guilt
    Seed of Guilt
    Episode 26
    After an eight year absence, a snobbish mother is determined to spread unhappiness when she visits her married daughter, son-in-law, and their adopted daughter. Mrs. Granet disapproved of the marriage from the start because of the husband's lack of social standing.
  • Wish on the Moon
    Wish on the Moon
    Episode 25
    In this light-hearted romp, two roommate friends in New York have different goals: Olivia wants to get married and Frances wants to be an actress. Things take an ironic turn when Olivia tags along with Frances to a modeling agency; they ignore Frances but instead sign Olivia to a contract. While concentrating on her new modeling career, Olivia doesn't have time for Gil, the handsome doctor she had been seeing. He soon begins dating Frances and the two fall in love.moreless
  • The Pink Burro
    The Pink Burro
    Episode 24
    Former vaudeville singer Lil Andrews ambitiously makes preparations for her daughter's professional singing debut. She is unaware that the girl, who is living out of town with an aunt while taking singing lessons, has secretly married and given up plans for a singing career.
  • Apple of His Eye
    Apple of His Eye
    Episode 23
    A middle-aged widower, a highly-respected Midwestern farmer, needs help when his housekeeper goes to the hospital. He hires a local girl, some thirty years his junior, to help out. By the time the housekeeper returns, the two have fallen madly in love, leading tongues to begin wagging throughout the town.
  • No Leave for the Captain
    Off the coast of England during World War II, a father and son happen to be serving together in a mine disposal unit. There is much tension between the pair due to the father's continued drunkeness (he shows up at his grandchild's christening smuggling a flask of cognac) and past court-martial.moreless
  • Whisper of Evil
    Whisper of Evil
    Episode 21
    A high school Latin teacher offers extra help to a female student. When the young woman disappears, people gossip that the teacher was having an affair with girl and has killed her.
  • Call It a Day
    Call It a Day
    Episode 20
    Dorothy and Roger Hilton are the long-married parents of two teenagers. Roger, an accountant, has a beautiful young actress as a new client who wants to discuss taxes after her evening performance. At the same time, Dorothy meets the bachelor brother of a friend who confesses his interested in her. In fact, he invites himself to her home to meet Roger and see if they actually have a happy marriage.moreless
  • The Wayward Widow
    The Wayward Widow
    Episode 19
    In a British seacoast town of the 1800s, beautiful Lizzy Newberry takes over for her recently deceased husband in the local brandy smuggling business. The illegal beverage is cleverly hidden from revenuers in the widow's home. Lizzy and her cohorts become nervous when the Rev. Mr. Stockdale becomes a lodger at her home.moreless
  • Little Tin God
    Little Tin God
    Episode 18
    Stan Kowski, a patient at a tuberculosis sanitarium, is the man the others look to for encouragement, games, stories and general distraction. He considers it his job to keep up the spirits of the other patients. Learning that his time is short, he asks to be moved to another hospital to spare his friends the depressing news. Before he goes, he chooses another to be in charge of morale. Stan chooses Carl Schard, a man who has, so far, been aloof and bitter.moreless
  • Trouble-in-Law
    Episode 17
    For years May Golden has ended every argument with her husband by threatening to get a job. When Mimi, her youngest married daughter, becomes exasperated with her mother's daily visits and free advice, May decides it's time to prove her value by making good her threat.
  • Night of Betrayal
    Night of Betrayal
    Episode 16
    Set in World War II Paris, the son of a wealthy French collaborator, secretly a member of the underground, falls in love with and marries a young Jewish woman he's helping escape to Spain.
  • The Square Egghead
    The Square Egghead
    Episode 15
    New York businessmen become college students for ten weeks as they take a summer refresher course. The single man of the group isn't happy about being away from Gladys, an exotic nightclub dancer, but soon finds himself attracted to a teacher. When Gladys' show is cancelled (for "overexposure"), she goes to visit her wandering boyfriend.moreless
  • Trap for a Stranger
    Trap for a Stranger
    Episode 14
    A crooked small town marshall arrests a speeding television star who passes through his berg. When a hit-and-run is committed, he decides to pin the rap on the celebrity and use the publicity for his re-election. The marshall's wife realizes what her husband is up to and begins to plot against him.moreless
  • Family Happiness
    Family Happiness
    Episode 13
    The 17-year-old ward of a middle-aged nobelman has fallen in love with him. He warns that if they marry, they will have major problems; he had married early and knows of the problems in store. Nevertheless, they do marry and his predictions are proven accurate.
  • Dangerous Interlude
    Dangerous Interlude
    Episode 11
    A woman tries to keep an event in her past secret from her intended spouse. Years earlier, she had been tried and acquitted for the murder of her first husband. Thinking her past is unknown in Africa, she's horrified when the attorney who prosecuted her unexpectedly shows up.
  • Goodbye...But It Doesn't Go Away
    A blustery, egotistical salesman, motived by insecurity, dominates the lives of his family. Even though his sister-in-law helps pay rent on his swanky apartment, he tries to break up her romance.
  • One Red Rose for Christmas
    The head of an orphanage, Mother Seraphim, is looking forward to spending Christmas with her sister, also a "sister" who's just arrived at her facility. A young girl starts a fire, burning down the building and forcing the nuns and orphans to spend the cold night outside. As a result, Mother Seraphim's sister catches pneumonia and dies. The Mother Superior blames the child and makes the girl's life miserable.moreless
  • The Enemies
    The Enemies
    Episode 8
    Two long time political enemies renew their battle upon learing that one's daughter is engaged to the other's son.
  • This Day in Fear
    This Day in Fear
    Episode 7
    A one-time fighter for the Irish rebellion moves to London and a quiet life after getting out of prision. While he's living there, his former associates decide he must have turned informant and send a group of killers to England to hunt down and kill him.
  • Second Chance
    Second Chance
    Episode 6
    Dr. Victor Payson, a widower of just six months and father of a teenage daughter, is in line to become Chief of Surgeons of Collins General Hospital. The wife of the hospital's director plants doubt among Payson's colleagues regarding his suitability for the job because of his romance with a young divorcee.moreless
  • Secret in the Family
    After writing a sucessful book, the wife of a small town dentist lives it up with the society crowd at New York parties.
  • Mid-Summer
    Episode 4
    A husband and wife disagree over his chosen career. He wants to be a vaudeville performer and she wants him to go into teaching. The issue comes to a head when he simultaneously wins an amateur contest and is offered a teaching job.
  • Death Minus One
    Death Minus One
    Episode 2
    A young woman is trapped in the debris when a London building collapses. While trying to free her, the rescuers discover an unexploded World War II V-2 rocket that must be defused for further collapses set it off.
  • The Wound Within
    The Wound Within
    Episode 1
    Young Dr. Sigmund Freud, fresh from studies in Paris, joins the Vienna General Hospital. He tries to convince his colleagues that all illnesses aren't physical, but some are caused by psychological injuries. His theories and experiments are met with derision.