The United States Steel Hour - Season 7

ABC (ended 1963)




Episode Guide

  • Bride of the Fox
    Bride of the Fox
    Episode 23
    This episode is based on a true event from the life of Tom Hines whose success at spying and sabotage during the Civil War made him a Confederate hero.
  • The Case of the Missing Wife
    In Malaysia, Inspector Henry Plover is assigned the case of a missing woman. Edmund Hobart says that his wife disappeared, no doubt killed by local rebels. Inspector Plover, however, believes the man killed his wife because he's having an affair with a widowed neighbor. Additionally, Hobart had filed for divorce not long before the vanishing.moreless
  • Shadow of a Pale Horse
    Jack Rigger, a blacksmith in the Australian frontier town of Cobar Springs, wants to lynch the man he thinks killed his son. The man, an ex-con who recently showed up in town, is brought to trial. In an odd twist, it's Rigger who must serve as the man's defense counsel.
  • The Great Gold Mountain
    In a small Midwestern town during the 1920s, a young reporter takes the slightly-injured diver of a car accident to the local hotel. He's convinced she's a famous, wealthy socialite and writes an exaggerated article about her adventures for the local paper. His editor eventually exposes her as a swindler.
  • The Imposter
    The Imposter
    Episode 18
    After waiting six years for her husband who went missing during a war, she accepts a bearded man from a hospital and brings him home. Many people question whether he's the real husband or an impostor, including his childhood friends.
  • Game of Hearts
    Game of Hearts
    Episode 17
    Gerry and her popular roommate Nancy share a tiny New York apartment. Gerry is sad over having recently lost her boyfriend while Nancy is excited about her upcoming marriage to Philip. Nancy convinces Gerry to go out with a shy art lover and soon wedding bells are ringing for them as well. The question is: are they really in love or is Gerry just caught up in the matrimony frenzy.moreless
  • Girl in the Gold Bathtub
    Two advertising men are trying to get a supposed 16th century bathtub out of Italy to use in an American soap commercial. The obstacles they encounter include a woman taking a bath in the tub and a Milwaukee, Wisconsin countess.
  • The Girl Who Knew Too Much
    Loretta Palmer is a woman who claims to make contact with the spirit world. In turn of the century New York, she announces to a reporter and his editor that she can identify the jewel thief police are looking for. Their skepticism turns to amazement when her information leads to the arrest of the thief and recovery of the loot. A psychic researcher enters the scene and romance soon follows.moreless
  • How to Make a Killing
    This spoof of mysteries is set in 19th century Paris. Femme fatale Madeline is set to marry Jacques, who's third in line to inherit the family fortune. When the two uncles who stand between him and the cache are neatly killed, a police inspector investigates. Madeline's locket is suspiciously found at one of the murder scenes, but Jacques provides her with an alibi.moreless
  • Charlie and the Kid
    Charlie and the Kid
    Episode 13
    A hobo circus clown, known in the business as a "Charlie", works hard to educate a 10-year-old boy so he won't live his life under the big top.
  • Revolt in Hadley
    Revolt in Hadley
    Episode 12
    The second of two episodes based on the same character. Lydia and Lowell Chalmers, head of the Hadley firm, are against all modern ideas to boost the declining family knife business. A flash flood wipes out the factory, forcing a decision on the company's future. Most want to sell but Charlie stands up to his tyrannical mother-in-law because he wants to save the business.moreless
  • The Women of Hadley Act
    The old and new collide in a traditional New England dynasty when a modern but poor young man marries into the family. The clan is ruled by his mother-in-law with an iron hand.
  • The American Cowboy
    The American Cowboy
    Episode 10
    Max Liebman presents a series of sketches and musical numbers satirizing the Old West. Sketches include: Fred MacMurray playing a New York "method" actor taking on the role of a cowboy; a cowboy buying a new gun takes on the air of a woman dress shopping; and Wally Cox plays a feared gunman who uses a five-shooter and dances "The Billy the Kid Ballet". Charles Sanford conducts the orchestra.moreless
  • You Can't Have Everything
    Edna and Joe Cartey are facing a dim future. Edna is carrying their child, the couple is very poor, and prospects are not good. Her weak-willed husband, Joe, is mother-obsessed. The death of the ailing old lady further dims all hope for the family.
  • Queen of the Orange Bowl
    A former kindergarten teacher has turned Greenwich Village beatnik in this comedy. Her boyfriend, who has no intention of getting married to her, is heading home to Rochester for vacation. She's so irked that she invites herself on the trip, determined to prove that she's really a square at heart. Some family members find her charming while others are uneasy because of her groovy look and outlook.moreless
  • Act of Terror
    Act of Terror
    Episode 7
    In this allegory about events in Cuba, a student aligns himself with his country's revolutionary movement. As part of his duty, he is expected to kill a harmless professor because the man's brother is part of the government in charge.
  • One Red Rose for Christmas
    Due to popular response, Helen Hayes and Patty Duke reprise their roles in a re-staging of an episode from last December. The head of an orphanage, Mother Seraphim, is looking forward to spending a Christmas with her sister, also a "sister", who's just arrived at her facility. A young girl starts a fire, burning down part of the building and forcing the nuns and orphans to spend the cold night outside. As a result, Mother Seraphim's sister catches pneumonia and dies. The Mother Superior blames the child and makes the girl's life miserable.moreless
  • Marriage--Handle with Care
    In Sid Caesar's second comedy special of the season, he satarizes romance and marriage through the ages. His guests are Audrey Meadows, Jose Ferrer, Connie Francis and Marge and Gower Champion. In the first sketch, Caesar is a modern-day husband with a wife who plays golf. To contrast, the Champions play an old fashioned couple. In the sketch Surprise Wedding, Ferrer is the excitable host of a TV game show that marries couples. Meadows is the overzealous bride and Caesar is the reluctant groom. In Marriage de Fausto, grand opera and courtship are put through the wringer as Caesar plays Faust, Ferrer as Mephistopheles, and Meadows as Marguerite.moreless
  • The Last Autumn
    The Last Autumn
    Episode 4
    A widowed father goes to visit his son at a prep school and learns that his son has just died. The young man either fell or was pushed off a ledge while on a school field trip. The father relentlessly pursues the matter until he learns that the teacher supervising the trip was asleep when the tragic event occurred.moreless
  • Big Doc's Girl
    Big Doc's Girl
    Episode 3
    A young woman with musical ambitions has grown weary of being a country farmer's daughter. Old man John Morton, a gnarled patient who saps the energies of her and her father, symbolizes why she wants to get away to the city.
  • Holiday on Wheels
    Holiday on Wheels
    Episode 2
    In the first of his comedy specials this season, Sid Ceasar pokes fun at American transportation. His guests include Tony Randall, Gizele MacKenzie, and Audrey Meadows. In sketches: two couples and two kids take a cross-country trip; how to get rid of leftovers after a vacation; and in a 30-minute segment, Anton Polka, a pioneer car manufacturer from Alaska, still builds cars by hand (five a year is all he can do). Choreographer Peter Gennaro stages a jazz ballet about automobiles. Music is provided by Paul Weston and orchestra.moreless
  • Rachel's Summer
    Rachel's Summer
    Episode 1
    In the seventh season opener, a teen-aged girl has saved up to take a summer trip to visit a friend. A jealous classmate starts the rumor that the girl is actually pregnant and the story quickly makes it back to the teen's mother. Despite repeatedly denying the gossip, the mother cancels the trip. The teen, hurt that her mother doesn't believe her, takes desperate measures.moreless
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