The United States Steel Hour - Season 8

ABC (ended 1963)




Episode Guide

  • Woman Across the Hall
    Edna Huntington lives in a New York City apartment with her husband, George. She's used to being neighborly, like in a small town, so she tries to be friendly to Stella, who just moved in across the hall. Stella remains unfriendly until her son, a soldier, comes to call. The Huntington's entertain the young man at their apartment until his mother arrives, showing the value of having a good neighbor.moreless
  • The Golden Thirty
    The Golden Thirty
    Episode 27
    Henny Youngman, making his dramatic debut, plays a bitter comedian who's on the downward slide and can only get a booking playing a third-rate resort hotel. A college boy who works there tells the old vet that he aspires to be a comedian. This young man leads to a comeback for the former star.moreless
  • Double-Edged Sword
    Double-Edged Sword
    Episode 26
    Colonel and Lady Morrigan were very nicely provided for in their brother's will. Now Muriel no longer need fear a poverty-stricken old age and the Colonel can pay his debts and renew membership in his beloved club. But then the Colonel studies the will and discovers that, in order to get the money, he'll have to tell a lie so he refuses it.moreless
  • Watching Out for Dulie
    Dulie Hudson, an experienced young reporter for a Texas newspaper, goes on a press junket to England to preview a TV series being shot there. Sam Spaulding, who works at another paper, has secretly been asked by Dulie's mother to keep an eye on the young woman. Sam is a little miffed about the responsibility because it gets in the way of his courtship of the actress who stars in the TV program.moreless
  • The Haven
    The Haven
    Episode 24
    Although it disappoints his wife and kids, Howard can't bear to spend another summer in their cottage by the lake so he decides to sell the house and use the money for a long trip. Unable to find a buyer, he reluctantly agrees to one more visit. At first, wife Eunice thinks her husband's edgy behavior is caused by the relaxed atmosphere of the lake. A startling discovery reveals a much darker secret behind his moodiness.moreless
  • Trial Without Jury
    Trial Without Jury
    Episode 23
    Mr. and Mrs. Pollard feel that their son-in-law, novelist Mark Davis, isn't a fit parent for their grandchild. Lawyer Ellen Reed is convinced the Pollards' charge is based on their disapproval of Mark's latest book.
  • Famous
    Episode 22
    Jordan Blake is a widowed Broadway composer who's determined to keep his two children out of show business. He entrusts his sister-in-law, Susan, with their upbringing. Musical star Carolina is dating Jordan and suspects that Susan would love to romance Jordan as well. The two women tangle when Carolina stands up for son Jerry who, against his father's wishes, wants to become a songwriter.moreless
  • The Leonardi Code
    The Leonardi Code
    Episode 21
    Jordan and Vera are a husband-wife mind-reading team that performs in British music halls. While waiting to go on stage, a former boyfriend appears and informs Vera that her husband is a murderer. He claims that her spouse is famed Italian mind-reader Dino Leonardi who had killed the lover of his cheating spouse. Vera dismisses the story but mentions it to Jordan, who admits that he is truly is Leonardi--but didn't kill anyone.moreless
  • Summer Rhapsody
    Summer Rhapsody
    Episode 20
    A plain-looking 17-year-old wallflower finds her first love. At a dance, Sarah meets a young boy, Paul, the son of her father's boss, who tells her that he'd just broken up with his girlfriend. A romance begins between the pair, surprising Sarah's watchful father and aunt. Paul's ex returns to town from a Mexican trip and is determined to reignite the former romance.moreless
  • The Shame of Paula Marsten
    Paula Marsten, who has attempted suicide and been brought to a mental hospital in a state of nervous collapse, is recognized by the head physician, Dr. King, who refuses to become involved in the case.
  • The Oddball
    The Oddball
    Episode 18
    In this comedy, a husband finds that he is better at homemaking and dealing with the children. His wife is a television personality who gives out marital and homemaking advice. The two agree to reverse traditional marriage duties.
  • Welcome Home
    Welcome Home
    Episode 17
    An ecentric housekeeper has served a family for 25 years, but once all the children have been raised, she is without a job.
  • Private Eye, Private Eye
    Producer Max Liebman presents this hour of sketch comedy starring Ernie Kovacs and his regular cast of characters. Sketches include: "Nairobi Safe Robbery"--Kovacs' gorillas break into a safe; "The Good Old Days"--A widow asks fussy poet Percy Dovetonsils to catch her husband's killer; "Private Life of a Private Eye"--Detective Mike Mallet tries to catch a thug but his loving wife gets in his way; "More Gore"--A sponsor expresses doubts over a TV series; "Peter Legato"; and "Silent Movie" with Nick Carter. Music includes "Chase" Ballet ("Son of Drum Suite") with dancer Buzz Miller; Vocalise: Debussy Preludes from Edie Adams; and "Girl Friday" by Pat Carroll.moreless
  • The Two Worlds of Charlie Gordon
    Charlie Gordon is a sensitive man who works in a bakery. Though he has a very low IQ, he is eager to learn. A teacher encourages him to undergo a surgery, untried on humans, that raised the brain power of mice.
  • The Big Splash
    The Big Splash
    Episode 12
    The Gormans and their daughter, Jeanne, are vacationing in South Florida. When they return from an evening out, they find an armed man who padlocks them in their room and holds them hostage for $10,000. Jeanne holds out hope that the young man she dined with will come to their rescue, but soon learns he's in on the setup. Mr. Gorman is unable to raise the money since his business is almost bankrupt.moreless
  • The Devil Makes Sunday
    A revolt led by a killer is touched off when a prisoner is flogged at an island penal colony near Australia. The leader, Clay, takes out the worst of his anger on Major Childs, a steely man who ran the prison without mercy. Clay is torn between getting vengeance and making his escape.moreless
  • The Mating Machine
    The Mating Machine
    Episode 10
    In this romantic comedy, a high-spirited young woman mistakenly fills out a customer form instead of an employment application at a computer dating service. The brain matches her up with a fussy scientist.
  • Operation Northstar
    At a U. S. Embassy behind the Iron Curtain, a colonel is concerened about a leak of information coming from his office. He calls in a trusted friend, a captain who's experienced in war but not diplomacy.
  • Shame the Devil
    Shame the Devil
    Episode 8
    A small town librarian is petitioned by some locals to remove a book, Shame the Devil, from the public library's shelves. Her fiance expect her to give in to the pressure, but she surprises him by standing up to the library board and city elders by refusing. Seeing a great publicity opportunity, the book's author shows up to boost book sales.moreless
  • The Yum Yum Girl
    The Yum Yum Girl
    Episode 7
    In this romantic comedy, an advertising executive comes up with a campaign for a soft drink and hires a serious drama student to be the "Yum Yum Girl" in his commercials. She agrees because she needs the money to finance a summer theater.
  • A Time to Decide
    A Time to Decide
    Episode 5
    Eccentric Charles Averill runs his weathy family's endowment foundation with help from his nephew Roger, a former school teacher. The night prior to the music auditions, they learn that a violin prodigy has swiped a valuable belonging of Charles' sister, Esther.
  • Step on the Gas
    Step on the Gas
    Episode 4
    This musical-comedy satire takes on American's driving habits and love of cars. Sketches include: a bank robbery and automobile getaway; a road sign dance with Rod Alexander; Shirley Jones sings "I Love Being a Girl" in an evening gown, a swimsuit, and as a grease monkey; Sheri Lewis sings "I'm Crazy About Horns on Automobiles That Go Ta-ta-ta-ta"; and Pat Carroll appears in a sketch titled "Where Did I Park My Car" as a housewife who heads to the city to pick up her husband from work.moreless
  • The Revolt of Judge Lloyd
    A female judges presides over a case of juvenile delinquency. One of the law-breaking youths is son of a politically influential man. The father's support is something her fiance, Earl, desperately needs. Judge Lloyd declares that it will be an open trial and the defendants parents are required to attend. The jurist quickly feel pressure from the political party and her fiance to change her decision.moreless
  • The Man Who Knew Tomorrow
    A mystery writer dreams up outrageous plots that seem to come true. He meets a young woman who's exactly like the one he's writing about. The author quickly becomes suspicious, wondering if she's insane or perhaps a spy. The men following her might be Secret Service agents or, perhaps, doctors.
  • When in Rome
    When in Rome
    Episode 1
    In this comedy, a happily married man has some explaining to do to his suspicious wife. He's willed $50,000 by a recently departed actress for "three happy days in Rome".
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