The United States Steel Hour - Season 9

ABC (ended 1963)




Episode Guide

  • Murder on the Agenda
    Jason Davies, Richard Dukes and Al Stopes were three soldiers held together as Korean prisoners-of-war. A fourth friend was beaten and tortured by guards when he was betrayed by another soldier. Five years later, the three men go hunting for the stool pigeon to exact their revenge, but find that the man has already been shot.moreless
  • Male Call
    Male Call
    Episode 25
    This comedy, set on a peaceful island during World War II, concerns a mess officer who's a gourmet cook. The soldier wants to serve at the front but his commanding officer will do anything to keep him there and in his kitchen. The officer even tries to fix him up with a local woman.moreless
  • Honor in Love
    Honor in Love
    Episode 24
    A straight-laced Boston lawyer has been carrying the torch for a Greenwich Village model for many years. She has been brushing aside his obvious interest, sure that they couldn't overcome the difference in their backgrounds. The two team to track down some now-valuable paintings made by her late employer.
  • Night of the Fourth
    Night of the Fourth
    Episode 23
    A Scotland Yard detective fears that he may be the man he's looking for in a murder investigation. Fearing he may have committed the crime during a bot of amnesia, he consults a psychiatrist for help.
  • Scene of the Crime
    Scene of the Crime
    Episode 22
    After 20 years in jail for bludgeoning a woman to death with a fireplace poker, the convicted murderer returns to the scene of the crime: a quiet boarding house. Drunk at the time with no memory of the deadly beating, he's seeking the one eyewitness to the crime to get details about his behavior that fateful evening.moreless
  • You Can't Escape
    You Can't Escape
    Episode 21
    Three strangers desperately needing money are hired by a rich man to plan and execute the prison escape of his brother. When their scheme fails, two of them plan a new life together.
  • The Other Woman
    The Other Woman
    Episode 19
    When listening to a tape of Bach's music, a schizophernic woman hears another woman's voice interrupt and suggest the two of them kill a man. She begins receiving a stream of letters saying the same thing before finally sending her a pistol to use in the act.
  • A Man for Oona
    A Man for Oona
    Episode 18
    With one of her daughters set to be married, a mother focuses her time on getting a husband for the other anti-social girl. Her efforts are fruitless. Another mother who had no problem getting her daughter hitched adds salt in the wound by gloating about it.
  • The Go-Between
    The Go-Between
    Episode 17
    In this romantic comedy, Jean Stanley is an American secretary who's hired as a civilian for the U. S. Army in Japan. She's given her orientation by a major who's known as a wolf. Things are further complicated when her housekeeper decides to find her a husband.
  • The Loves of Claire Ambler
    Shortly after WWI, a young woman, Claire, and her mother visit an Italian resort where single men compete for her attention. Also staying there is Charles Orbison, a much older invalid war veteran. The old soldier is enchanted with the youthful woman and she begins to fall for him, disregarding the great difference in their ages.moreless
  • Two Black Kings
    Two Black Kings
    Episode 15
    A movie diva wants to show off her newly redecorated home with a lavish party. The icing on the cake is to be two black king parrots she plans to have smuggled in from Mexico and displayed on her patio. Her party goes bust when the birds bring with them an odd disease.moreless
  • Who Is This Woman?
    Who Is This Woman?
    Episode 14
    In this mystery, a man dealing the the recent death of his wife gets a call saying that his wife is being held for murder. He's asked to identify the woman and, though he's sure she is an imposter, she's a dead ringer for his late spouse.
  • The Perfect Accident
    An insurance investigator sifts through the evidence of a car accident that killed a sucessful lawyer. His widow pushes manslaughter charges against the young woman who was involved in the accident, prompting the investigator to become suspicious. He comes to the defense of the young woman and uncovers a nasty scheme.moreless
  • A Nightmare at Bleak Hill
    A young boy lives in a secluded mansion with his aunt and his distant father who's preoccupied with his own thoughts and harboring a sad secret. A new tutor arrives and tries to determine why little Harry is so afraid of being taken away by the cops.
  • The Big Laugh
    The Big Laugh
    Episode 11
    A boring bookkeeper who realizes that he's dull still wants to be loved. He becomes the victim of a couple of office practical jokers who tell him he's won a $25,000 raffle.
  • Far from the Shade Tree
    A trucker driver has worked his way up to owning his own company and substantial wealth. While he has remained unaffected by their accumulation of wealth, his wife and oldest son have beeme unbearable sophisticates. The developing strain threatens to destroy the family.
  • The Bitter Sex
    The Bitter Sex
    Episode 9
    Lily Forrester is a bitter woman who intends to put an end to the marital bliss of her ex-husband and his new wife. She goes to a lawyer seeing alimony, claiming that she can no longer work and wants income from her former spouce. Behind her lawyer's back, she puts into action her own plan to make the couple miserable.moreless
  • My Wife's Best Friend
    Coming home after his first day back at work, newlywed Roger finds his wife teaching three of her former dance students in their home. He is not pleased. He takes his boss' wife to lunch, hoping to convince her to befriend his bride so she'll stop teaching. The woman misunderstands his intentions and confusion follows.moreless
  • Tangle of Truth
    Tangle of Truth
    Episode 7
    Sue Dulaney and Gordon Killman go out for a drink, and on the way home, Gordon runs another car off the road. He calls the police but refuses to give his name.
  • Man on the Mountaintop
    Horace Mann Borden lives in a tiny apartment without hot water and works in a cafeteria. He is a former child prodigy who grew up without a mother and is considered one of the greatest minds in the country. Questioning the motives as to why his father pushed him so hard, he becomes suspicious of all people in adulthood.moreless
  • Little Lost Sheep
    Little Lost Sheep
    Episode 5
    Phyllis and Arthur Bannister, teachers at Thoreau College, receive a real shock at the faculty meeting. It's been decided that the school 'image' has got to be modernized and a Madison Avenue expert is hired to do the job.
  • Bury Me Twice
    Bury Me Twice
    Episode 4
    Plot twists abound when the wife of a nursery owner in a small British town, George Morris, evades questions about his missing wife. His blood stained hands led to the belief that he has murdered her. When the wife, Ruth, reappears, she has a startling revelation.
  • Brandenburg Gate
    Brandenburg Gate
    Episode 3
    On the eve of the closing of the Brandenburg Gate between East and West Germany, an East German underground leader escapes, masquerading as an American newspaperman whom he resembles. Richard Kiley portrys both characters.
  • Street of Love
    Street of Love
    Episode 2
    Romance blossoms between a lovely Soviet guide and an American Senator's son, despite objections from their families.
  • Delayed Honeymoon
    Delayed Honeymoon
    Episode 1
    Miles and Fran Miller, newlyweds, are forced to spend their honeymoon night in a local hotel when storms turn the roads impassable. The hotel is managed by the bride's former fiance. In this romantic farce, she accidentally locks herself into the bathroom and can't get out.
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