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The Universe

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Introducing absolutely everything. The beginning of history starts here. There are 50 billion galaxies in the universe. 95% is still uncharted. This series examines the mysteries of everything, from black holes to how our sun functions. Is our planet as insignificant to the cosmos as a drop of water is to the ocean? This series will investigate the uncharted frontiers of space and explore the possible existence of life-supporting worlds beyond our own.

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AIRED ON 5/19/2012

Season 7 : Episode 4

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  • A quazar of ideas

    No doubt, between all the series I've watch, this is the one which I've learned the most of. Sooooo interesting, big and interesting (both the series and the real universe). The best documentary EVER
  • Just a quandary....

    Another question I have is about the quantum refraction of time with the boson particle. I feel I have a theoretic solution but without doctorate backing I know it will never be taken seriously.
  • I want this show to never end!

    This is an awesome show. I've been very curious about the Universe since I was a little kid. I had so many questions. I used to look up at the sky and ask myself 'what is out there?'

    As I grew up and started studying Science, I found answer to some of those questions. But when I started watching this show, it opened a new window of knowledge for me. So many things that I didn't know before, I got to know from this show.

    I learned about galaxies,black-holes, time travel, big bang, multiverses, supernovas and a whole bunch of things. You just name one thing that you want to know about the universe, and the chances are they've explored that topic.

    Everyday we're solving big mysteries that the Universe has presented before us. That's why I want this show to never end! Love this show!!!moreless
  • The Universe, while not going into a great deal of depth, does a good job of getting the viewer interested about physics, astronomy, and the universe as a whole.

    In some of the other reviews here, this show has been taking fire for not going deep enough into concepts, or for appealing only to those with double-digit IQs.

    It is true that this show does not, for the most part, go very in-depth into any individual concept. However, one has to remember that this show is intended for a very general category of viewers, many of whom will likely have little-to-no experience in physics. Really, if one is looking for a program which will go as in-depth as a course in physics, or even many books, then this is not that show. However, if one is just looking for a very general, but still interesting primer in the subject, then this is a great show, which manages to entertain while still giving the basics behind the concepts, so that interested people can later continue study into the topics on their own. The reason I like this show so much is not because it teaches absolutely everything there is to know about the universe, but because it gets people interested in the topic, and is accessible for the average viewer. Whenever a show manages to genuinely interest people in learning, as The Universe does, it goes down as a good thing in my book.moreless
  • Informative in an introductory level with amazing graphics to complement the facts that go with it.

    I come from a completely literary background, which basically means I know much about literature, poetry, history, comparative religious studies, linguistics... you get the picture. Physics and mathematics have never constituted a part of my daily curriculum until recently, when I began to take interest in them and bought a bunch of books. I've made enough progress since then to be able to discern that this show doesn't go very deep into the specifics of things. It won't explain to you how formulas and equations work and help scientists come to specific conclusions, nor will it go through the endless debates regarding this theory or that. It will give you the most generally aknowledged theories out there in the most up-to-date way possible, and if you wish to delve deeper into the subject you will simply have to read some books!

    That said, in my opinion this is a wonderful series and is being unjustly attacked by mathematical people. Sure, you understand math and that's wonderful, but let's face it, most people don't and will never find the time to sit and actually learn it. On the other hand the earth, the solar system, the galaxy and the universe are where we all live in, and it's sad that so many people exist in it that don't have the slightest clue of how it works or what's in it. Look at global warming for instance. If everyone understood a little more about that perhaps the planet wouldn't be in such a dire condition right now.

    So this is where this show comes in, it grasps the interest of the viewer with enthusiastic scientists explaining things in a simple language, breathtaking photographs and amazing graphics, so that it makes scientific knowledge exciting and fun. Constant repetition may be tiresome at times, but on an introductory level it's a good method to solidly plant ideas in someone's head and makes it more easier to link one subject to another. We can't really expect a television show to do more than that when debating modern physics and astronomy. Anything that gets people so interested in science and makes it comprehensible to them can only be a good thing in my book.moreless

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