The Universe

Season 2 Episode 2

Cosmic Holes

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Dec 04, 2007 on The History Channel
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Today, we know black holes exist, and now scientists are trying to confirm that other holes lurk in hyperspace. Our infinite cosmos could contain a variety of "holes" such as black, white, "mini" and wormholes. White holes are the reverse of black holes; instead of matter being sucked into it, matter is ejected out. Wormholes are gateways in the fabric of space and time. They are included in Einstein's field equations as possibilities for their existence. Neither white holes nor wormholes have ever been found. Learn about new discoveries including, colliding binary black holes, intermediate black holes and manufacturing mini black holes.moreless

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      • Narrator: Our infinite universe is brimming with strange, violent and potentially life transporting phenomena. Imagine cosmic portals where objects could disappear, be ejected or escape to some other place in space or time. Blast off to the warped side of the universe as scientists search for black holes, white holes and wormholes. Are they frivolous fantasies or science fact?

      • Clifford Johnson: The term "wormhole" came from an analogy with an apple. You want to get from one part of the apple to another part. If you're a worm, you can eat your way down into the body of the apple and make a little tunnel and come out the other way and it's shorter. But unlike a worm moving here on this apple, for a wormhole in our universe, you might not know what dangers lie at the other end of the wormhole.

      • Narrator: The other end of a wormhole could be connected to a very dangerous part of the universe, with all sorts of exotic phenomena. It might even be in the core of a star.

      • Narrator: Physicists will continue to probe into the mysteries still surrounding black holes. They will also remain on high alert for any signs of the elusive wormholes and white holes. The search for the next frontier marches on.

      • Gregory Benford: White holes, wormholes, black holes are tickets to oblivion for the most part. None of these are places that you want to take your summer vacation near, and these tickets will cost a lot to even find. These objects are hard to observe in the universe and only one of them do we really pretty much know is there, the black hole. The others may be entirely hypothetical, they may be the unicorns of astronomy.

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