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Not a calm and peaceful place...

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    Hi there,

    The one thing I like in the show is that they are the very people who is unleashing this science that are talking to us mere mortals about it. Not a smart reporter translating it, ever clumsy, but themselves, the dirty hands people. This show honors the tradition of Sagan, Kaku himself, and other scientists that understood the importance of showing the wonders of science to the average person.

    Showing the dangers of the Universe, whatever slim, emphasizes the idea all the scientists repeatedly say: we MUST go there, have spaceship will travel. We MUST spread our seeds, not because of a funny dictator from the East, but because of the are REAL KILLERS over there that can statistically come and end our party in this tiny rock in a single blow, just like that.

    The armagedom style is funny, it seems to be kind of a trademark of the History Channel, but it is ok in this case. Space exploration phased to a sort of fashion thing in the mind of the public, but October 8th a 10m wide asteroid exploded over Indonesia with a 50 kiloton power. A couple of years ago another one exploded over the Mediterran Sea. Think of Tunguska over L.A. ou N.Y. These things are REAL, and they are NOT as remote as the numbers might imply. People must understand the effort behind the Space Program is not fashion, and it is not egotrip, it is survival. And the show exposes this concept fairly well. Over religous governments and churches tend to turn the skies into heavens. Not at all.
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