The Universe

Tuesday 9:00 PM on The History Channel Premiered May 29, 2007 In Season


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  • Uninformative, possibly of interest to someone who is mildly interested in the topic, but has never done any research for themselves.

    I have always had a very strong interest in Astronomy, Cosmology, Particle Physics, String Theory and Relativity. As a result I am always looking for more information.

    I think this show really misses the boat. I can't imagine someone who is not interested in this type of information watching all of the episodes that are out now. On the other hand, for those that are interested enough to follow the series, the information presented is very juvenile. Instead of going deeper into concepts, it aims to entertain at the sensational, or as another reviewer aptly said, at the double digit IQ. The episode on Cosmic Apocalypse could easily have gone far deeper into the physics of the concepts underlying them. A brief 5 minutes mention of M-Theory and its 11 dimensions is something an interested viewer would have already known. Why not go deeper, show some of the math involved (very complicated), discuss the other string theories and the reasons for them. More importantly, explain why the theory itself is so elegant.

    I do enjoy Michio Kaku however, so I end up watching just to hear him. I record the show, so that my 5 year old girl can watch. She already knows most of the concepts this show covers.

    On the plus side, the graphics are beautiful, and as eye candy are well worth it for watching. Otherwise, buy some good books on the subjects covered, you will be far more satisfied in the end.