The Universe

Tuesday 9:00 PM on The History Channel Premiered May 29, 2007 In Season


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  • The Universe, while not going into a great deal of depth, does a good job of getting the viewer interested about physics, astronomy, and the universe as a whole.

    In some of the other reviews here, this show has been taking fire for not going deep enough into concepts, or for appealing only to those with double-digit IQs.
    It is true that this show does not, for the most part, go very in-depth into any individual concept. However, one has to remember that this show is intended for a very general category of viewers, many of whom will likely have little-to-no experience in physics. Really, if one is looking for a program which will go as in-depth as a course in physics, or even many books, then this is not that show. However, if one is just looking for a very general, but still interesting primer in the subject, then this is a great show, which manages to entertain while still giving the basics behind the concepts, so that interested people can later continue study into the topics on their own. The reason I like this show so much is not because it teaches absolutely everything there is to know about the universe, but because it gets people interested in the topic, and is accessible for the average viewer. Whenever a show manages to genuinely interest people in learning, as The Universe does, it goes down as a good thing in my book.