The Untouchables (1993)

(ended 1994)


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    A brilliant show. Elliot Ness taking on Al Capone through the complex underworld of 1920s Chicago, using the press, raw force and even the unintentional involvement of one's family! A very well written, produced and directed show. Great stories and engaging relationships. Very powerful and provacative. Booze, woman... other well-known gangster having turf wars with Capone over Chicago (based on actual events from the twenties) stepping in here and there. Highly compelling entertainment. Only lasted for two seasons. But what a two seasons they were! Would make for a great two part DVD set. First season ends with Capone getting arrested for possession of a weapon, a sacrifice he willingly makes (a setup) in order to appease the other heads of the criminal family/network across the nation by playing down the heat he has been drawing from the press in Chicago (bodies in the streets - the violentine's day massacre) - what many said was "bad for business" and "too messy." Ness finds out and moves in for the kill by convincing a good judge to claim jurisdiction over Capone's case in place of a soft "bought and paid for" judge who would have only given Capone a month or so in prison. He gets put away for the maximine sentence of one full year. Ness confronts him as he is cuffed and escorted out of the court room which is a really rich and gripping scene in that Capone really has no idea how much of his personal "business troubles" have been orchestrated by Ness... until now.

    Season two sees Capone both in and out of prison. While away other prominent criminal organizations trying to move in on his turf and organization. His loyalists on the outside. His journey on the inside. Eventually Capone is back on the scene. Many interesting plot twists. Just as Capone begins taking an interest in politics, the feds get a hold of his book keeper and are able to arrrest him on charges of tax evasion. A great historic irony for one believed to be responsible for the deaths of so many, an illegal drug trafficing organization, illegal gambling circles, prostitution and much more.

    Great great Show.

    Let's get some DVDs soon.