The Untouchables

Season 4 Episode 30

A Taste For Pineapple

Aired Thursday 9:30 PM May 21, 1963 on ABC

Episode Recap

May 14, 1931. Eliot Ness and his men notice that the top bosses are leaving Chicago: Frank Nitti has gone to Atlantic City; Bugs Moran and Lou Diamond have left, too. As Ness puts it, "The rats are leaving the ship." Obviously, they want to be out of town when someone important is hit. What Ness doesn't know is that he is the target. The Syndicate has imported Elroy Dahlgren, a veteran of WWI, an expert at lobbing hand grenades, or as the mobsters like to put it, he had "A Taste for Pineapple." In the thirteen years since the war, he has practiced his craft a lot. Syndicate boss Danny Mundt is paying Dahlgren ten grand to rub out Eliot Ness, as soon as Mundt leaves town, that is.

Elroy Dahlgren gets in his car and drives up next to Ness' car. Elroy lobs a gernade into Ness' car. Ness crashes his car and jumps out before the grenade explodes. In the hospital, Eliot Ness can't see anything even though Dr. Samuels says there is nothing physically wrong with his eyes. The stress of almost being blown up by a grenade makes Ness go through a period of psychosomatic blindness. Meanwhile, Lee Hobson and Enrico Rossi and the rest of the Untouchables round up all the known hit-men in Chicago.

With Ness out of the way, bootleg booze comes pouring into the city by the truckloads and the speakeasys flourish. Whereas the mob is happy just to have Ness incapacitated, Elroy Dahlgren is determined to finish the job he started. On May 18, Eliot Ness begins his rehabilitation. Ness' men step up the raids. At the hospital, Lee Hobson and Enrico Rossi tell Eliot that they've hauled in Nitti, Moran, Mundt, etc. for questioning. They even hauled in the out-of-towners and every ex-con in Chicago. For his safety, they move Eliot to an isolated house.

But Dahlgren tails Dr. Samuels to the house where he's treating Ness. Dahlgren explodes a shed with a grenade, drawing Ness' men outside. Inside the house, Dahlgren knifes the cop protecting Ness. Eliot runs outside. Confronted by the armed killer, Eliot overcomes his blindness and beats up Dahlgren, who is hauled off by the cops. Then Ness and his men go after the mobsters more than ever before. Within a few months, Mundt's vast racketeering empire is destroyed. Sent to prison, Mundt would later die in Leavenworth.