The Untouchables

Season 4 Episode 19

An Eye For An Eye

Aired Thursday 9:30 PM Feb 19, 1963 on ABC

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  • A wet noodle of an episode.

    Solly Girsch, played by Jack Klugman, wins the Wet Noodle Award as the least fearsome gangster in show history. The real Solly Girsch was a triggerman for Dutch Schultz in New York and reputedly one tough hombre. He probably rolled over in his grave after seeing how he was portrayed on The Untouchables. Klugman, who was brilliant in Season Three's Loophole, is woefully miscast here. However, despite An Eye for an Eye's numerous deficiencies it does contain a very good performance by George Voskovec as Tarasovich, a witness against Solly Girsch.