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The Untouchables

Season 3 Episode 9

City Without A Name

Aired Thursday 9:30 PM Dec 14, 1961 on ABC
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Episode Summary

City Without A Name

Mobster Lou Mungo stages a hit on a federal agent fighting corruption bringing Eliot Ness and the Untouchables onto the case. To bring down Mungo, Ness must tie him to the murder.

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  • The city is Baltimore but who really cares?

    Average episode here. Even Bruce Gordon's presence as Frank Nitti can't lift things above mediocrity. Better casting might have helped. Jack Kelly would have been a great choice to play Sebastian the gambler and he might have been available. During the 1961-62 TV season only 14 new episodes of Maverick were filmed so Kelly would have had some time off from that series. Now if only Desilu and Warner Brothers could have worked it out. Claude Akins would have made a much better choice to play Lou Mungo than the over the top Mike Kellin. The concept of the episode is actually interesting but since they scrimped on casting this episode we get a monument to mediocrity that not even Nitti can uplift.moreless
Paul Richards (I)

Paul Richards (I)


Guest Star

Mike Kellin

Mike Kellin

Lou Mungo

Guest Star

Theodore Marcuse

Theodore Marcuse

Oscar Symes

Guest Star

Bruce Gordon

Bruce Gordon

Frank Nitti

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • The name of the murdered Federal agent is given as Arnold Wainwright in the narration but in the newspaper article being read by one of Nitti's boys his name is given as Arnold Weyrig.

  • QUOTES (10)

    • Symmes: At this moment Mr. Sebastian holds all the cards.
      Mungo: Yeah, let's just see what happens when I cut the deck.

    • Sebastian: I figure I should have this whole thing wrapped up around 11 o'clock tomorrow morning.
      Nitti: Make it noon. I wouldn't wanna rush you.

    • Ness: You got a lotta nerve, Mungo. You got the Federal government on one side and Frank Nitti's boys on the other. You could get squeezed. [squeezes a grape on Mungo's clothes]

    • Sebastian: NIck, it seems that both Mr. Nitti and I underestimated you.
      Nick: That's one advantage to my job. Nobody figures a hatchet man can think.

    • Mungo: Call up Nitti and tell him Mungo talks to the top or he don't talk to nobody.
      Sebastian: Mungo talks to me or he talks to no one. Ever.

    • Mungo: (about Ness) When he keeps comin' up with goose eggs they're gonna ship him right back to Chicago and we're in business.

    • Nick: It's a bluff but if it works we bought this whole stinkin' town for two hundred grand.
      Nitti: Don't let it go to your head, Nick. We bought New York from the Indians for a whole lot less.

    • Mungo: The police in that town, boy did they roust me. I couldn't even blow my nose without gettin' arrested. Somebody lost their dog pick up Lou Mungo.

    • Nitti: (explaining what happened to Nick Vascovitch who double-crossed him) He was takin' a bath, and he touched an electric light switch. It killed him just like that. (snaps his fingers) It could happen to anyone.

    • Symes: There is one trouble with instinct-- it is never quite able to cope with the improbable.
      Mungo: You shaddup!

  • NOTES (1)

    • Rico and Youngfellow do not appear in this episode. Rossman gets a promotion to third banana behind Ness and Hobson for this episode.