The Untouchables

ABC (ended 1963)




Episode Guide

  • Season 4
    • A Taste For Pineapple

      Elliot Ness and his agents start to notice that all the big mob bosses are leaving town, which traditionally means that a big hit is about to take place. But Ness has no idea that he is the target.

    • Line Of Fire
      Line Of Fire
      Episode 29

      Mob boss Jake Szabo is not happy with a young crook by the name of Pulaski. Even though he's been of use, the young man has the nasty habit of killing whoever he wants to, even Szabo's friends, and that has made the ganglord angry.

    • The Torpedo
      The Torpedo
      Episode 28
      During a truce between two mobsters, enforcer Holly Kester has been able to retire his gun and settle down to a life of relative peace with his wife. But after Ness steps in and stirs the pot, the bosses are at each other's throats, meaning Kester has to pack the gun again, which he is reluctant to do.moreless
    • The Jazz Man
      The Jazz Man
      Episode 27

      Narcotics are flooding into Chicago from the south so Eliot Ness decides to impersonate a recently killed jazz musician in order to find the source of the drugs in New Orleans.

    • The Charlie Argos Story

      As mob boss Frank Argos lays dying, a massive search is started for his long lost and estranged son to take over the business and inherit millions. Only it seems that the son apparently was killed in WWII.

    • The Giant Killer
      The Giant Killer
      Episode 25

      Mob boss Ed Monte orders the death of his own son-in-law, only to find out too late that the threat to his life wasn't that simple.

    • One Last Killing
      One Last Killing
      Episode 24

      When rival gangs go after the same bootleg alcohol, Ness attempts to use one gang against the other to grab the booze and the hoods, discovering that there is honor among thieves...sometimes.

    • The Spoiler
      The Spoiler
      Episode 23

      Small time crook Johnny Mizo is wanted by everyone: his former crime boss from whom he embezzled $200,000; the Brazilian mob who wants the $200,000 or they'll kill him; his nephew who thinks half the money is his...and Eliot Ness.

    • The Butcher's Boy
      The Butcher's Boy
      Episode 22

      A World War I hero organizes a sadistic ring of thugs to offer "protection" to the city's butchers from the mob.

    • The Man In The Cooler

      One of Ness's men, a former criminal turned legit, is having trouble resisting the call of several million dollars, which would burn the man who gave him another chance.

    • Junk Man
      Junk Man
      Episode 20

      It looks like Victor Salazar's time as a top hood is running out, especially since one of his boys is planning a double-cross and another of his henchmen is actually an undercover agent.

    • An Eye For An Eye
      An Eye For An Eye
      Episode 19
      You never know when a turn of events will go in your favor, and Eliot Ness is about to get his when Sol Girsh gets on the wrong side of his suppliers of hootch.
    • Globe Of Death
      Globe Of Death
      Episode 18

      With alcohol legal again, the syndicate concentrates on illegal drugs and Ness and team take on the task of stopping the flow of the much wanted narcotics.

    • Blues For A Gone Goose

      When a jazz club that only sells coffee gets pressure to sell illegal booze, then shot up when the owner refuses, Ness captures the shooter and goes after his boss.

    • Jake Dance
      Jake Dance
      Episode 16

      Ginger Jake poisoning is at an all time high, with thousands afflicted from drinking the rotten alcohol. Ness sets out to break the back of the organization that is causing this disaster.

    • The Snowball
      The Snowball
      Episode 15

      It was not always the big mobsters that sold hootch on the streets. Sometimes it was a one-bottle-at-a-time bootlegger like Jackson Parker who sold his wood alcohol on school campuses. But after many students got terribly ill or died, Eliot Ness must go after Parker and his new "partner" Nitti.

    • The Speculator
      The Speculator
      Episode 14

      At a big meeting of the syndicate, Nitti tells the organization that because books brought Capone down, that they would no longer be writing anything down. But someone is not happy about this set up and tips Eliot Ness to the meeting, a chance to find all the top hoods in one place.

    • Search For A Dead Man

      The case of a body found in Lake Michigan being investigated by police Lt. Stewart and a million dollar shipment of illegal booze coming in from Canada begin to weave together for Eliot Ness and the local cop.

    • Double Cross
      Double Cross
      Episode 12

      In order to put a crimp in Jake Guzik's monopoly of being the top booze supplier in Chicago, Eliot Ness goes into the supply business himself only to run afoul with District Attorney Beecher Asbury who reads Ness the riot act for "subverting the law to uphold it."

    • The Floyd Gibbons Story

      A gunfight in the street apparently was in reality a murder attempt on a passing Chicago newspaper reporter who tells Eliot Ness he was about to reveal things in an article that "would tear this town wide open."

    • A Fist Of Five
      A Fist Of Five
      Episode 10

      After a career police officer is suspended for roughing up a mobster, he and his brothers decide to strike back at the mob and make a lot of money at the same time by kidnapping hood Tony Lamberto and holding him for ransom.

    • Come And Kill Me
      Come And Kill Me
      Episode 9

      Eliot Ness and his men have Arnold "Spats" Vincent under surveillance at a horse race. They hope to close in on him as soon as he gets a piece of paper in hand which is a list with the names of officials in high places who are ready to do business with the crime cartel. But there are others who don't want that paper to fall into wrong hands.

    • Elegy
      Episode 8

      Eliot Ness never makes deals with hoods. But when a dying gangster makes a last request for Ness to find his missing daughter in exchange for all the information on his organization, Ness starts the search for the girl.

    • The Eddie O'Gara Story

      Right after the St. Valentine's Day Massacre, Eliot Ness and his men are scouring Chicago, looking for Bugs Moran. If Ness can get to Moran first, maybe he'll talk and he might just be mad enough to give them the information they need.

    • Bird In The Hand
      Bird In The Hand
      Episode 6

      Unknown to him, the pets of a mobster's wife have infected both her and him, and are threatening all of Chicago unless Eliot Ness can find the mobster and arrest him for a drive-by shooting he ordered.

    • The Pea
      The Pea
      Episode 5

      The rumor of an incriminating "book" causes a mob wanna-be to play a dangerous game with the syndicate and Eliot Ness.

    • The Economist
      The Economist
      Episode 4

      It's 1932 and with 12 million people out of work, there's not much money to spend on booze which is causing the syndicate to come up with creative ways to make more money, like creating an artificial shortage of liquor to drive the prices even higher.

    • The Chess Game
      The Chess Game
      Episode 3

      By mid-June 1932, Eliot Ness and the Untouchables have uncovered and shut down every champagne producing operation in the city. But now, four months later, champagne has appeared again in the fashionable Westside nightclubs, forcing Ness into raids again.

    • The Cooker In The Sky

      Joe Lassiter is known as the greatest inside man in the bootlegging racket. He and his sidekick, Nick Karabinos, have just arrived in Chicago by train, traveling 1,000 miles with one mission: build an Eliot Ness-proof brewery.

    • The Night They Shot Santa Claus

      An old acquaintance of Eliot Ness is shot dead while performing as Santa Claus for children. Ness won't stop until Hap Levinson's killer is found, even if it means calling in the team on Christmas Eve.

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