The Untouchables

ABC (ended 1963)




Episode Guide

  • Season 1
    • Westinghouse Desilu Playhouse: The Untouchables (pt. 1)

      In the wake of the St. Valentine's Day Massacre the Federal government formed an elite squad of special agents to try and take down the criminal empire of Al Capone. This squad was headed up by Eliot Ness who staffed it full of men with outstanding records; men who refused to be intimidated by force or tempted by bribes. This squad, nicknamed "The Untouchables" by the media, carried the fight right to the criminal empire of Capone.

    • Westinghouse Desilu Playhouse: The Untouchables (pt. 2)

      Ness's team of fearless agents target Capone's number two in the organization, Frank Nitti, and use all the resources the new law enforcement organization has to bring him to justice.

    • The Empty Chair
      The Empty Chair
      Episode 1

      Eliot Ness and his team of federal agents have spent the last 18 months getting Capone behind bars. Now their job turns to figuring out who will take over the empty throne.

    • Ma Barker And Her Boys

      Eliot Ness, along with Bill Youngfellow and Martin Flaherty, are closing in on Ma Barker, who is holed up in a house along with 2 of her sons, Lloyd and Fred. But as Ness yells for Barker to surrender, the notorious criminal is anything but willing to come out peacefully.

    • The Jake Lingle Killing

      After the mob kills a newspaper man, former hood Bill Hagen meets with Eliot Ness and says he'll give Ness information about the booze racket, if Ness will find out who killed Jake Lingle so Hagen can collect the reward.

    • The George "Bugs" Moran Story

      When the son of Lawrence Halloran, president of the United Trucker's Union, is kidnapped to force mob infiltration, Ness gives some surprising advise on how to handle the situation.

    • Ain't We Got Fun?

      As mobsters branch out from liquor into the numbers racket, call girls, gambling and dope, one of the most successful gangsters is "Big" Jim Harrington. As a takeover appears to be ready to happen, Eliot Ness sees his opportunity to turn one against the other, only no one is first.

    • Vincent "Mad Dog" Coll

      Dutch Schultz squares off against enemy mobster Vincent "Mad Dog" Coll in a all-or-nothing no-holds-barred winner-takes-all fight to the finish, all centered around the Kentucky Derby.

    • Mexican Stake-Out

      In the middle of a year-long case against racketeer Theodore Newberry, the owner of gambling parlors, speakeasies and houses of prostitution, Eliot Ness gets framed for bribery which puts the case, and his career, in great jeopardy.

    • The Artichoke King

      As gangsters target the more than twenty-five million pounds of fruits and vegetables that stream into New York, Eliot Ness and his agents go on special assignment to investigate the produce market racket.

    • The Tri-State Gang

      Eliot Ness gets assigned to investigate a rash of truck hijackings in the states of Virginia, Maryland, and Pennsylvania.

    • The Dutch Schultz Story

      "Lucky" Luciano is muscling in on Dutch Schultz' territory and Eliot Ness, on special assignment in New York City, sends an agent into the mob's organization in hopes of nailing Dutch Schultz on income tax evasion, just like he did Al Capone.

    • You Can't Pick The Number

      In the depths of the Great Depression, marked by unemployment and poverty, Eliot Ness tries to put a stop to the numbers rackets that the mob so efficiently market to the public as easy money, even if the only ones getting rich are the crooks.

    • The Underground Railway

      After gangster Frank Halloway escapes from federal prison, Eliot Ness goes after the mobster in hopes of discovering and shutting down the mob's "underground railroad" which stretches across the nation.

    • Syndicate Sanctuary

      With Chicago in the middle of a major crackdown by the Feds, the syndicate has moved into a small town. Judge Leon Zabo is running for mayor to clean up the town but before he can be elected, the mob takes him out, prompting Eliot Ness to follow the mob into the suburbs.

    • The Noise Of Death
      The Noise Of Death
      Episode 14

      Omertà, the Mafia code of silence. Eliot Ness runs up against it over and over again as he tries to put the finger on mob leader Joe Bucco.

    • Star Witness
      Star Witness
      Episode 15

      When Paolo Rienzi, the enforcer for Luigi Renaldo who was the former lieutenant for Al Capone, works over accountant William Norbert, who wanted to retire from the rackets, Eliot Ness goes to work to try and get Norbert to turn over on Renaldo.

    • The St. Louis Story

      Gangland warfare has broken out again with sudden violence in the streets of St. Louis, vying mobsters used to working the old way with gangsters who want to change to a new, "better" system. Blood flows in the streets as Eliot Ness goes after both sides.

    • One-Armed Bandits
      One-Armed Bandits
      Episode 17

      Elliot Ness targets gangster overlord Augie Viale, king of the southside of Chicago who, after bribing half of Chicago, starts to moving slot machines into the city.

    • Little Egypt
      Little Egypt
      Episode 18

      After being elected in Moraine, Illinois, Mayor Marcus Stone and Sheriff Mooney are assassinated when they try to clean up crime, Governor Joseph Stone calls in Eliot Ness to find the killers and continue the crack down.

    • The Big Squeeze
      The Big Squeeze
      Episode 19

      At the moment, bank robberies are not a federal crime. But D.A. Beecher Asbury is going to do what it takes and goes to Washington to get that changed.

    • The Unhired Assassin (Pt 1)

      With Prohibition about to be repealed, Capone starts working his organization into legitimate businesses. Ness and Cermak decide they have to work fast to keep that from happening before the upcoming world's fair.

    • The Unhired Assassin (Pt 2)

      With Mayor Cermak's increased crack down on Nitti's operations, the mobster decides it's time to stop it and put's a contract out on the official.

    • The White Slavers
      The White Slavers
      Episode 22

      It's 1934 and Prohibition is over. Yet Al Capone is still running his syndicate from prison, which includes prostitution and narcotics. Ness and his team now focus to shut down the organization completely.

    • Three Thousand Suspects

      After convicted murderer Nick Segal is killed in prison to keep him from squealing, Ness has another convict transferred to Leavenworth to try and find out who was behind the murder, in exchange for early parole.

    • The Doreen Maney Story

      After a big prize fight brings in a gate of almost a quarter million dollars, one of the Granite Armored Cars, with four armed guards, drives off with the receipts only to be robbed by Doreen Maney and her accomplices.

    • Portrait Of A Thief

      Even with Al Capone's breweries and speakeasies smashed, thousands of gallons of alcohol are still coming into the city from an outside source. Ness heads to New York, and takes Enrico Rossi and Cam Allison with him to stop the leakage.

    • The Underworld Bank

      With Prohibition repealed, the top mobsters are looking for other ways to make money so they decide to create their own bank.

    • Head Of Fire - Feet Of Clay

      After such hard work by Ness on the Fortunato case, their chief witness against the mobster suddenly commits "suicide", sending Ness back to square one.

    • The Frank Nitti Story

      Now that Prohibition had been repealed, the syndicate is looking for new sources of revenue. Frank Nitti decides to expand his empire and goes after small theaters with his extortion racket.

  • Season 2
  • Season 3
  • Season 4