The Untouchables

Season 2 Episode 8

Kiss Of Death Girl

Aired Thursday 9:30 PM Dec 08, 1960 on ABC

Episode Recap

Chicago, September 8, 1932. That night, a convoy of 4 trucks, which had crossed the Canadian border, are driving towards Chicago; they are hauling 1,000 cases of Canadian scotch, valued at over $100,000. Ness and his Untouchables have set up a roadblock just outside of town. 7-8 miles up ahead of Ness there is another roadblock, set up by gangster Phil Corbin, owner of Chicago's Club Continental; he's waiting with his boys to hijack the convoy. Riding along in the lead truck of the convoy is Whitey Barrows-- ostensibly he's running the whiskey in for his boss, Lou "The Rooster" Scalese, but he's actually double-crossing him, Whitey tipped Corbin. Corbin's boys stop the trucks. Whitey tells Corbin they make a good team, and Scalese will blame the feds for the heist. But Corbin doesn't trust double-crossers-- he lines Whitey up with the 4 truck drivers, and then Corbin's boys mow them down with choppers. Corbin and his boys drive the convoy into town via a different route, bypassing Ness.

Ness and his men investigate. Beautiful Francie McKay works at Corbin's club, running a blackjack table; for the past 3 months, she had been dating Whitey. Francie is known as the Kiss of Death Girl; Enrico says, "3 boyfriends killed in the past 18 months." (and Whitey makes 4.) Phil Corbin is a rich gangster, just like all of Francie's boyfriends; but when Corbin makes a pass at Francie, she gives him the brush off. Corbin stashes the 4 trucks in a warehouse in a junkyard, where Murray the one-legged junkman works. Meanwhile Vito, Lou Scalese's top boy, decides to double-cross his boss; Vito tells Corbin he knows he hijacked the whiskey, and demands 5 grand for not telling Scalese. Corbin gives him 5 grand-- then Corbin double-crosses Vito by telling Scalese that Vito took a 5 grand payoff (without giving details). Scalese gives Vito 5 slugs of hot lead.

Walter Winchell: "At 1 p.m. on the night" (doesn't he means 1 a.m.) "of September 13," the police drag Vito's body out of the water by an isolated pier on the lakefront. Ness visits Scalese, and tells him that Corbin (who needs booze for his nightclub, but doesn't supply it) is working both ends. When Scalese confronts Corbin, he admits he hijacked the trucks, and brazenly demands 25 grand for them. Meanwhile, 2 kids playing ball by the junkyard accidentally find the body of Murray, strung up by the neck; the cops are called and then Ness and Lee Hobson find the trucks with scotch. They decide to leave the trucks there, and have the place watched to see who comes for them.

Meanwhile Henny Combs, a big, simple, likeable guy who works at Corbin's club, talks to Francie; he takes her on a date down by the lake. Under the moonlight, he tells Francie he's always liked her. He'd won a football scholarship to Michigan, but dropped out of college after 2 months. Henny's in love with Francie, even though he figures he's not in her league. Francie tells him that all her boyfriends have wound up dead: Corky Farrell, Marty Schaeffer, Buzz Colino, Whitey Barrows. Henny says they all would have died anyway, because they were in the rackets; he wants out, and just wants to buy his own Cleaner and Dime Store. Henny tells her, "I'd take good care of ya, Francie. I'd be nice to ya." Francie falls in love with the big lug. But the next day, Henny tells her that he is going to pull one last job for Corbin-- he's getting a grand for driving a truck, then he can buy his store. Fearing for his life, Francie arranges to meet Ness at a movie theatre where they can talk.

Walter Winchell: "Ness was waiting at the all-night movies when Francie arrived. The picture was entitled 'Frisco Waterfront' starring Ben Lyon, Helen Twelvetrees and Rod La Rocque."* Francie wants to make a deal with Ness. She says Henny is a big, dumb ox, but she doesn't want him to die; she tells Ness that Corbin killed Whitey and the 4 truckers. Later that night, Corbin tells Scalese he can pick up the trucks at 2:30 a.m., but doesn't tell him the location. After Corbin leaves, Ness (who identifies himself) calls Scalese, he asks to speak to Corbin because he has a message for him. Figuring it's a set-up, Scalese later goes to Corbin, and insists he take him to the trucks personally. Inside the junkyard warehouse, when Corbin pulls a gun, Ness yells, "Drop it!" Corbin figures Henny crossed him, so he pumps 3 slugs into Henny. Ness and Lee Hobson shoot Corbin dead. The police arrest Scalese and his gang outside. Henny recovered, and 2 months later opened his cleaning shop, with his girlfriend Francie.

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