The Untouchables

Season 1 Episode 25

Portrait Of A Thief

Aired Thursday 9:30 PM Apr 07, 1960 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • The dramatic closing scene-- Duncan laying there dead, with dollar bills strewn all around him-- loses its effect because we see some of the dollar bills up close: they are obviously fake, like Monopoly money. Couldn't they have photocopied some real bills? And besides, why are the bills labelled "ONE"? Shouldn't he be taking $100 bills with him?

  • Quotes

    • Warehouse Man: When it comes to booze there is no Depression.

    • Ness: It's not a modest amount when it passes into the hands of the Capone Mob.

    • Torrio: We're gonna sing a birthday song but first I'm gonna blow out those 96 candles.

    • Carvel: You're up against an outfit with powerful political connections.
      Ness: We'll try not to step on any toes that don't deserve stepping on.

    • Ness: The meeting must be pretty urgent to bring Johnny Torrio out in the daylight. It isn't a social call.

    • Torrio: It's your business to pay and my business to collect.

    • Welles: Pigs! Swine! Butchers! Choke on the money!
      Torrio: Well, if we've gotta choke, I can't think of anything better to choke on than money.

    • Rico: Are you Italian too? With a name like Welles?
      Welles: Names can be changed.

    • Narrator: All of Ness's questions had gone down the drain with Brooks Welles' blood.

    • Duncan: I'm going to friends in Washington! You can't get away with an accusation like that. They'll break you, Mr. Ness!

    • Duncan: I've been running this thing for five years and what have I gotten out of it? I haven't got a dime.
      Torrio: You want I should have tears in my eyes? All right, I got tears in my eyes.

    • Duncan: I'll need time to get a hold of the million dollars.
      Torrio: Take all the time you want. You got 24 hours.

    • Duncan: My beloved principals. Between them they've taken nearly 30 million dollars from me.
      Ness: You mean from Brawley Mills.

    • Vince: Torrio says not to miss. We're to get 'em all. Ness, Duncan, all.

    • Torrio: Why, you fool! You stupid fool! If we didn't need you to play bigshot, you'd be fishin' in a concrete boat!

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