The Untouchables

Season 4 Episode 2

The Cooker In The Sky

Aired Thursday 9:30 PM Oct 02, 1962 on ABC

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  • A rare episode with no violence or gunshots

    I actually found this episode to be quite interesting and it was a nice change to have no violence in it. Probably Milton Selzer's strongest performance amongst many in the series.

    Such a wonderful series overall and I used to enjoy watching each episode with my father, who introduced me to the series. Thanks for the reviews people have done on the episodes too, much appreciated!
  • Great story line but not one single gunshot in the entire show.

    Very interesting story about Joey Lassiter coming in from New York to build a Ness-proof brewery for the Tully gang at a cost of $250Gs. Not just any brewery but the biggest since Prohibition started. No dummy, Lassiter rents the 6th floor of an out of the way warehouse on a rail spur, hence the name of the episode "Cooker in the Sky." Ness, under pressure after learning via a tip that the brewery is being constructed to raid it immediately, waits until it is completed to shut it down after the gang has expended hundreds of thousands of dollars. While the raid is carried out by the Untouchables and a few local policemen, all heavily armed with either Thompsons or shotguns, the bigwigs caught in the snare do not try to run or resist. They go peaceably without firing a shot. Frankly, I like the gunplay that the show came to be known for and was disappointed with this episode for that reason. Almost all brewery raids on previous episodes end fittingly with the illegal beer squirting out of the bullet holes in the brewing vats and spraying onto the dead gangsters lying on the floor. This one does not.
  • Not one of the more exciting episodes, but then this is Season 4 of the series.

    The brewing of illegal full-strength beer is thought to be easy and undetectable if done on the "top floor."

    I have to admit that I like this episode because I'm a big fan of brewing history and because this story was based on a real case (actually fairly rare for the series).

    The main ideas for the episode are solid -- brewing high in the air to avoid detection (though the smell of wort cooking would be a fairly pervasive bread smell that's hard to miss somewhere in the neighborhood) and Ness' decision to allow the brewery to be completed, thus busting the criminal element when it is feeling the most secure. The concluding lines of being a "most expensive beer" are nicely done. Still, this is not a very dramatic or suspenseful entry in the series. I do like how they mention the use of barley and corn for the malt base, fairly accurate for the timeline of American lager brewing.
  • Based on a real life Untouchables case.

    Cooker in the Sky is based on a real life case of the Untouchables. The Capone mob built a brewery on the top floor of a building and Ness and the boys knocked it over. Based upon this episode the jobs of the real Untouchables must have been pretty boring most of the time. Nothing much at all happens in this episode. It's a borefest despite decent performances from Anne Jackson and Milton Selzer. Watch Cooker in the Sky only if you suffer from insomnia and need a cure.
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