The Untouchables

Season 2 Episode 21

The Lily Dallas Story

Aired Thursday 9:30 PM Mar 16, 1961 on ABC

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  • Some great moments but also some flaws.

    Lily Dallas Story is a veiled version of the story of George "Machine Gun" Kelly and his wife, Kathryn, who were well-known public enemies of the 1930's. Kelly got life for the kidnapping of Oklahoma City oil man Charles Urschel in 1933. He served the majority of his sentence on Alcatraz where he became friends with the likes of Al Capone and Alvin Karpis before dying of a heart attack in Leavenworth in 1956. Kathryn Kelly would be paroled a few years later and live out her life in obscurity.

    In this episode Larry Parks gives one of the best guest performances of the series. Parks is brilliant and multi-faceted as Blackie Dallas, an easy going former bootlegger, who's driven to commit bigger crimes by his ambitious and domineering wife, Lily. Unfortunately, though Lily Dallas is one of the nastiest female villains of the series, Norma Crane's performance is way too over the top to suit me. The same goes for Ed Nelson's as Marty Stokes. Nelson looked like he was trying out for the role of the Joker on Batman what with that stupid grin etched on his face most of the episode.
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