The Untouchables

Season 2 Episode 18

The Underground Court

Aired Thursday 9:30 PM Feb 16, 1961 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • Val Ferrar is said to have had one million dollars in a money belt around his waist at the time he died. One million dollars, even in the largest bills available at the time, would not fit into a waist-worn money belt.

  • Quotes

    • Ferrar: We're gonna live the life, Inky. A couple of kings runnin' wild.

    • Inky: I'm here alone.
      Pedro: (notices two glasses) You been drinkin' with two hands?

    • Narins: (to Inky) We're just gonna have to cut you up into little filets.

    • Ferrar: (to Inky) You almost caused my funeral and I'm too rich to die.

    • Ness: (identifying one of the dead bodies) Inky Beggs. That's one way of saving a cut of that money Ferrar collected in Cuba.

    • Cooley: It ain't any of my business what goes on inside the cabins.
      Ness: You just sweep out the bodies and forget 'em?

    • Narins: (to Ness) You tricked me into that! That ain't legal! I'll have you impeached!

    • Narins: You lousy Fed! You don't care about my skin!
      Ness: That's right, punk, I've got more feeling about the skin on a sausage!

    • Mrs. Wagnahl: (to Ferrar) I never forget anything. It's my only talent.

    • Ferrar: (to Mrs. Wagnahl) Angels don't ask questions. That's what makes them angels.

    • Berrigan: (to his caller) I don't mind doin' you guy's work for ya, but when ya make me lose a customer, that's carryin' this citizenship thing too far.

    • Mrs. Wagnahl: You ever been married, Gordon?
      Ferrar: No...not officially.

    • Mrs. Wagnahl: (to Ferrar) A good meal would make a man forget anything.

    • Mrs. Wagnahl: (to Ness) You're such a nice man to be in such a terrible profession.

    • Mrs. Wagnahl: (to the court) I do not talk in rooms with flashlights blinding me.

    • Foley: We're big business, you know, and we can't afford to get stuck with some loaded hairpin.
      Mrs. Wagnahl: I'll give you my word in writing if you want.
      Foley: No, there has to be a simpler way than that to make sure you don't break out in a case of wag jaw.

    • Foley: I'm Judge Foley. Ever hear of me?
      Inky: Yeah.
      Foley: What did you hear?
      Inky: That you're psycho.
      Foley: The word is psychic, Inky. It means I got extrasensory perception. You don't have to know what it means just so's you're impressed.

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