The Unusuals

Season 1 Episode 5


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Apr 29, 2009 on ABC

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  • Is it just me or does this thing just keep getting better every episode?

    As I watch these characters save each others asses from week to week and deal with life and death, betrayal, fate ... all with this subtext of humor, I am roped into this feeling of Life about them. Of them feeling alive to me. I didn't know this stuff happened to people. I always even felt a distance between me and the characters in Hill Street Blues. I saw them as actors. But this thing, it's getting under my skin! Gosh, I know they're acting, but I'm starting to Feel for the characters and their relationships. I Want them to keep it together somehow. I Wish families and jobs were close like this. It's a lived out fantasy of people supporting each other, and growing and overcoming together. And laughing while they're crying.
  • Lutz tries to kill Walsh in his diner but is unsuccessful. Beaumont gets hit and ends up in the hospital. Shraeger and Walsh investigate and find that Cole is involved. Alvarez, Delahoy, and Banks work some bus robberies. Banks discovers it personal.

    Very interesting and unique show and episode. Rarely do you see such strong story lines and emotional performances touched with a unique feeling of dark humor. It is really a shame that this program has not caught on.

    Walsh and Shraeger each do some detective work and tie Lutz to Cole. Walsh takes it a step further and finds out that Lutz use to be Cole's partner in crime. In the end Cole ends up gunning down Lutz in a confrontation that you knew was going to happen eventually. Walsh and Shraeger were there and Cole shoots Lutz to protect them as well as himself. Walsh is in love with Beaumont and because of her feelings for Cole he and Shraeger let Cole go on the assumption that he was forced into doing what he did the last few episodes and was not directly involved in Walsh's partners death. Walsh does tell Cole that he will be watching him!

    Banks has a weird meeting with a psychic who was a witness to the first bus robbery. He is seeing the number 42 everywhere he goes and the psychic tells him that he will be the hero when the robber is caught but she will die. He is the hero in the end but she does not die and he believes he has overcome his fears. Unfortunately Delahoy comes in and tells him the psychic was killed in a bus accident on the way home from the scene and he's right back to where he started. Two great stories filled with phobias of everyday life (fear of hospitals, etc.) as well as great heroic deeds and true emotions. I have come to really enjoy and like these quirky characters. A great cast performance from eveyone and great writing. It is a shame that this program has not found an audience.

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