The Unusuals

Season 1 Episode 10


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jun 17, 2009 on ABC

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  • Beaumont and Cole discover apartments around town are being used to make porn videos unbekownst to there tenants. Delahoy and Banks are brought in to help. Schraeger and Walsh help a women who has been assaulted and Schraeger becomes an E.I.D..

    The final episode of ten for a short lived series that never got a chance on ABC. This show had consistently high marks from people that watched it. It seems that the show had a number of people rating it poorly before they even saw it. Therefore stacking it with a low median score early on. This final episode follows in the steps of the last three as an excellent example of good ensemble acting and a show with very high production values.

    E.I.D. stands for Emotionally Invested Detective. All detectives are allowed one of these incidents a year. Schraeger gets one of these with a victim of an assault who continues to believe she is being attacked one way or another constantly. She has changed her name and changes her looks on a daily basis. Schraeger with Walsh's help brings in the perpetrators that did the original crime ten years before.

    The major story this week was handled by Beaumont, Cole, Delahoy, and Banks. Apartments around the city are being used to shoot porn videos and the occupants are not aware of this. It turns out with a little detective work that all of the couples go to the same counselor who is making copies of their keys and then another man who was originally a patient is making the movies.

    Both parts of the episode were done with the same humor and quirky behavior the show has exhibited all season. Quite charming in general. We missed the Sergeant and Alvarez this week in this last episode. I am sure when they shot it they had no idea this was the end. Delahoy has a final scene with the Medical Examiner who got fired for helping him with the MRI. She leaves and we don't really know any more other than Delahoy does have a tumor in his brain.

    One thought. I think they could have done without the Cole/Lutz story the first half of the ten episode season. That by itself might have doomed the show for some people. The premise of killing a cop and then just hiding it may have been too much. Just a thought.

    So that's the end of the show The Unusuals. Great characters, terrific dialog, well produced, and entertaining. What went wrong? I guess maybe it was a little too high brow for the general viewer? I gave the show a 9 overall as I rated four episodes a 9.5, four a 9, and one an 8.5, and one a 8. I will be doing an overall show review when I get the time. Thanks for reading...