The Unusuals

Season 1 Episode 3

One Man Band

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Apr 21, 2009 on ABC

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  • best episode yet. theme-doing favors can come back to bite you...

    doing favors to get a favor is the way of the world, but it is also a double-edged sword as Casey discovers on a particularly difficult, sleep deprived day. When asked to help out a young (rich) guy put in jail for offending a cop, she gets an education in the quid pro quo mechanics of exchanging favors with other cops to get the thing done. Walsh supports her out but also warns her that helping out a civilian caught up in the police system always comes back to bite you in the... and so it does and she did not have long to wait for that! There are other subplots that pick up on this theme - & it all ties together really well. love this show. sad that it is likely doomed.
  • This was a great show this week the murder shop scenes were hilarious. Eddy Alvarez scene's priceless.

    Fun Entertaining Original its starting to come together with the characters. its been a slow burn in terms of the show getting off the ground.

    but i can see the potential of a classic show in the making. I think all the characters are strong and likable and intriguing at the same time.

    I hope this show is not cut because of low initial viewing figures at least its trying to be a bit different.
    for me its like an up to date Hill Street Blues.

    I think this show is fantastic...

    so please keep it going ABC..

    its because we are spoiled with so many shows i think this ones being over looked...maybe it will just have a cult following which would be fine by me....
  • Shraeger gets asked by her money adviser to give a kid he knows a break. She jumps thru hoops to make it happen and then finds out he is wanted in connection with a hit and run assault. Delahoy and Banks find a "murder shop" and take over running it.

    Never ever ask for a favor from another NYPD member. I think that was the main message learned in tonight's episode. Seriously Schraeger really had to go thru a ridiculous amount of "stuff" to get something which seemed innocuous at the time done. Seriously, who knew this guy was involved in a hit and run! It was great how they caught him in the end though. What a smarmy entitled kid! The "murder store" plot was great. I really enjoy Delahoy and Banks as characters. They are as much and maybe more fun than Shraeger and Walsh. How they handled the unsavory situation with the Parole Officer who was abusing his wife was excellent.

    Eddie Alvarez is going to solve this for you was getting to be a little lame at this point, but his wife the Assistant DA is an interesting character and how she manipulates her husband is classic.

    The Maven/Naven(not sure which)=Henry stuff has got to end. There is nothing but bad results written all over it and guys like that "friend" never go away. You have to think it is going to come to a head pretty quick. Just how will be the answer. Sorry but unfortunately I don't care. The character of Henry Cole has no sympathy and his pal is even worse. Especially as we know they were involved in Walsh's partners murder.

    So in scoring this episode I give a 9+ to the two plots involving Shraeger/Walsh and Delahoy/Cole and a 6-7 to the Henry Cole plot. This week gets an 8 overall. See you tomorrow for another episode.

    Thanks for reading...