The Unusuals

Season 1 Episode 3

One Man Band

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Apr 21, 2009 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • Featured Music:
      "Ch-Check It Out (Clean Version)" by Beastie Boys
      scene: (Opening Scenes) Detectives Delahoy & Banks chase a drum-toting perp down the street. Delahoy takes the man down with an apple beaned at his head.

      "Bang! Bang!" by The Knux
      scene: Detectives Delahoy & Banks follow a lead to a murder store, using a password to gain entrance to the private, unobtrusive business.

      "Lord Lord Lord" by The Kahn Brothers
      scene: (CODA - Closing Scenes) Detective Henry Cole sits holding a gun and watching as his felonious friend robs a camera store, with him having helped get the security detail released. / Detectives Delahoy & Banks seal up the murder store as a crime scene and a man arrives wanting to kill his boss. When they point out their NYPD jackets and tell him they're cops, he doesn't believe them. / Walsh finds Casey asleep in his restaurant holding his trophy. He covers her sleeping form with a jacket and pours a cup of coffee as he watches over her while she sleeps and the world goes on outside.

    • "Murder Store" Signs and Reading Materials:
      - "Free Bullets with any GUN purchase over $2.00"
      - "NO Refund or Exchange on SALE Merchandise"
      - "How to Dismember a Body in Under 90 Seconds"
      - "So You Want to Kill Your Boss (12th Edition)"
      - "The Secret (to Murdering People)"
      - "Kill Zones: Make Your Cut Count"
      - "Unleash Your Killing Potential"

    • "Murder Store" Evidence Removal Products:
      - Acetone Nail Polish Removal
      - Guilt Rid-Ex
      - Liquid Brain Cleaner
      - Print Remover
      - T.N. Dickinson's Witch Hazel All-Natural Astringent
      - Blood Be Gone

    • Registration Details of Hit-and-Run Car:
      - 2006 Silver Four-Door Sedan GS400
      - Plate No. B19L662
      - Registered to: Mark Stanwood, 4299 Park Ave. New York, NY 1121

  • Quotes

    • Dispatch: 2nd squad, be advised. Female trapped in porta-potty in the east river park. This perfectly summarizes my last relationship.

    • Nicole Brandt: (to Det. Alvarez as walks off) Love you. (to Det. Shraeger) Hate you.
      Det. Shraeger: You know, that is not what you said in 8th grade when you were going through your little lesbian phase. I'll bet Eddie doesn't know about that, either.
      Nicole Brandt: Hag.
      Det. Shraeger: Trollop.

    • Sgt. Brown: Victim's name is Bruce Moreno. They got him at Saint Vincent's. Go take a statement.
      Det. Alvarez: Got it. Leave the Q&A to the E&A.

    • Det. Alvarez: Mr. Moreno, you have my word. Eddie Alvarez is gonna catch the guy that did this to you.
      Bruce Moreno: Who the hell's Eddie Alvarez?
      Det. Alvarez: M... me.
      Bruce Moreno: Great. My life is ruined, and they send me a cop who talks about himself in the third person.

    • Det. Banks: (to Det. Delahoy) Mm-hmm. In what universe do you think I intend to spend one more minute in a murder store, partner?
      Sgt. Brown: In the universe where I'm God.
      (Det. Delahoy points to their boss, Sgt. Brown.)

    • Dispatch: 2nd squad, possible 10-10 at Mike's Meat warehouse. But more importantly, what is it about me that scares men away?

    • Amy Burch: Can I ask you something? Between us girls.
      Det. Beaumont: Okay.
      Amy Burch: Well, you know Henry and I are saving ourselves for our wedding night.
      Det. Beaumont: Oh?
      Amy Burch: Well, I really want it to be special, and I know from Henry you're an experienced woman. And I was wondering if... if you think he would like it if I... (whispers to Det. Beaumont's ear)
      Det. Beaumont: You're gonna be married for a thousand years. Guaranteed.

    • Det. Alvarez: Your man is solving this case.
      Nicole Brandt: Why isn't my man tearing off my clothes?
      Det. Alvarez: (points to the other room) Uh, 'cause that's two-way glass.
      Nicole Brandt: So I'll do it two ways.

    • (arguing about a case involving the son of Walter's golf buddy)
      Det. Shraeger: Did you know about the hit and run?
      Walter Shraeger: Of course not. What kind of a man do you think I am?
      Det. Shraeger: Honestly? I don't know. I need a name. And I need you to think about what's more important to you -- your golf buddy or your daughter.

  • Notes

    • Original International Airdates:
      Czech Republic: August 29, 2012 on TV Nova
      Slovakia: September 7, 2012 on DAJTO

    • This is the only episode which aired on a Tuesday as opposed to the show's regular airing on Wednesdays.

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